Well, That Makes a Difference – #1LinerWeds

Back in early March, I received a text message from my brother. He had read an article about a recall of some cars like the one I own. He also sent me a link for a website where you can enter your car’s VIN and see if there are any unrepaired recalls for your car. I followed the link, enter the VIN and I created a card in Trello for a one-liner Wednesday post where the one-liner would be”

“0 Unrepaired Recalls associated with this VIN”

However, last week, almost exactly 60 days after my brother texted me, I received a notice. My car might be affected by the issue responsible for the recall. I’ve received recall notices before, I usually ignore them until I need an oil change. This one got my attention:

“Electrical circuit…blah blah…warning lights… blah blah…burning/melting odor…blah blah…fire in engine compartment…” and then, in larger bold print:

“Park your vehicle outdoors and away from any other vehicles or structures until you have the recall repair performed.”

I took my car to the dealer on Friday. Tests were performed, and my car does require the necessary repairs. Parts have been ordered. I will be notified when they have arrived and I will be able to schedule an appointment to have the repair performed.

I’m sure the bold print is to satisfy the lawyers, but…

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Now that’s a one-liner nobody wants to get!! Glad you’ll be getting it repaired soon. I hope it’s safe to drive in the meantime. Or just use the Editor’s car I guess.

    How sweet that you and Maddie let momma squirrel finish her meal in peace and quiet and have a little “me” time away from the brood.

    The photo of MiMi is hysterical. At first look she appears to have her ‘arms’ folded across her chest!

    Love the bunny picture.

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    • Apparently the car is safe to drive, but the fires can start even when it’s not running.

      That poor mom squirrel has been coming out, begging for a peanut and just eating them where she finds them. I think she’ll be playing “Hit the Road Jack” to the brood and perhaps the father pretty soon.

      I tried to get a picture of MiMi in motion, but all I got was a blur.

      I hope the rest of your week goes easy, Ginger.


  2. That WOULD make a difference! Wording like that might be soothing to the lawyers, but it sure isn’t for us! And I was indeed beginning to wonder if your cats moved. I’m sorry to see the Beauty of Moscow is at the end of its bloom; it’s such a beauty.

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  3. Wow, what a one-liner!! I’ve had recalls before, but fortunately, my car has never needed the fix. Thankfully, you’re in the clear now. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your photos, Dan. As for rain, and it may be coming your way. We just returned from travels, and a thunderstorm through Dallas caused delays in all directions.

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  4. Repair recalls used to be a rare occurrence, now it seems like every car has multiple. Of course there’s a lot more that can break down now. The price we pay for convenience…

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  5. My Hyundai would be out in the parking lot, rather than the garage, if I received a notice like that. I’m sure your car will be fine, but what I way to scare the living crap out of you. Maybe you should rent a portable fire extinguisher for the car in the meantime… ;-)

    Have a lovely Wednesday, Dan. I understand the non-moving cat thing. Ziva would have been Mimi’s soul sister in that regard and some days, this human understands that desire to be still.

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    • It seems our cars are sisters, I’m driving a KIA Sportage. It’s in the driveway and I do have a fire extinguisher. But yeah, telling me that, at any point, my car can catch on fire.

      There are days that I try to channel MiMi’s spirit. I hope the second half of your week is easy, Mary.

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  6. You can park by my house, Dan. Waaaaaay down the street there…. 🤣 What a crazy message. I had to laugh about you getting on the bus….My husband will tell me about someone he saw at the doctor’s office and he usually says, “They were an old couple….” We joke that they must be older than us, cause, ya’ know,’ we consider ourselves young-old. Right.😏

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    • I’ll just keep it parked near the hose, Lois. No need to put you at risk. My wife points that out to me every time I make a comment about “old people” – you’re right, we’re young-old.

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  7. Ah the joys of having to wonder if your vehicle might burst into flames… Keep some marshmallows handy. Seriously, I’m sorry you had to deal with that, Dan.
    I loved seeing all the critters today. MiMi and Chippy particularly made me smile. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I guess I’m not going to worry about the car, Teagan. They should be able to replace the parts in a week or so. If it goes wooosh before that, I hope I’m not in it.

      MiMi is glad you’re not picking on her for not moving. She sends you little kitty hugs.

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  8. Well, you called down the vengeance of the car gremlins with your post idea, Dan. 😏 May she hold out for the repairs. Meanwhile, you can always take the bus. 😉🤭 I sure miss Zippy. Wonder if he has any family left in Georgia? I miss the rhododendrons too but the peonies her are magnificent right now!

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  9. I would park that sucker outside. I could see a latent hotspot causing a fire in the engine compartment. No, thank you. Photos are great, and you are so nice to wait for mom,y squirrel to finish eating. 😁

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  10. Oh, I feel your pain. My car (an EV) is part of a huge recall. We received a similar warning about parking near structures so my husband installed a smoke alarm in our garage. Fortunately/unfortunately, my car was “bricked” at the dealership before it could spontaneously combust and I’m awaiting the outcome of a major vehicle buyback effort.

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  11. I got my first recall letter about three months ago, and they’ve finally just gotten the part in. Seems there was something about possible engine fire that I tried not to think about. I’m taking my Hyundai in tomorrow. Glad I didn’t read your warning before now. I think rhododendron buds are even prettier than the flowers. Chippy is adorable!

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  12. awesome Dan! Much better to be prepared and get everything fixed than having something drastic happen on the freeway – and it’s free, right? Wow such a beautiful pink/white floweron the right, you know its name?
    Oh, before I forget, this week I have Thurs. Doors included in my weekly post, because the doors were so much a part of the story line!Jesh

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  13. Hi Dan – so glad they let you know … and that nothing has happened … these things are certainly challenging. Other stories here sound slightly worrying – stay safe everyone … Hilary

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