Thanks to the Writers – #SoCS

It’s Saturday of a three-day weekend here in the states. Monday is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those who have died while in service to our country. This weekend is also the unofficial start of summer in the US. Of course, we’re going to begin at the bar, where we will attempt to deal with Linda G. Hill’s fun Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. According to Linda,

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘collect.’ Use the word ‘collect’ any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you would surprise me with an offer to pay.

“Cheryl, a cold Corona for my young friend, and a John Howell’s Special for me. And, if it’s permitted, pour yourself a drink on me.”

“David? Is that really you? Did you just offer to buy me a drink?”

“It is me, and I did. Can you join us? It’s a holiday weekend.”

“Hang on, David. Let me take care of you as a customer first.”

“David, if I may ask, what on earth is going on?”

“I wanted to help you celebrate, Dan.”

“Memorial Day? It’s not really something I celebrate. I try to treat the day with the respect it’s due. OK, and I am planning to throw some hot sausages on the grill.”

“You’re missing the point.”

“Maybe he’s thirsty. David, here is a glass of bourbon, a snifter of seltzer, a glass of ice and some cherries for the bourbon. Dan, a cold Corona for you.”

“Are you joining us, Cheryl?”

“I asked Jean to come in early, so I’ll be joining you in about ten minutes.”

“Well then, cash us out so I can give you your tip.”

“OK, what have you done with David?”

“Excuse me, David, but I have to agree with Cheryl. This is not like you.”

“I just thought I’d celebrate your success, Dan.”

“My success? In what did I succeed?”

“The first Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. You collected quite a few entries and I thought you deserved a beer on the house, as it were.”

“And what about me?”

“Cheryl, you’re a good person. You know you deserve a drink, and a tip.”

“Then I’ll have Jean take some of that fancy bourbon and mix me an Old Fashioned.”

“Cheryl, throw a pizza on his tab before he snaps out of this.”

“Oh Dan, you’re bad. Pepperoni?”

“Is that OK with you, David?”

“Indeed it is. Now, Dan, I have to ask, did I see a Kelly-Fradet truck leaving your driveway yesterday?”

“You did. They delivered a few sticks of gold and a couple sheets of platinum.”

“Come again?”

“Sorry, I was thinking about the invoice. I bought five two-by-eights, two sheets of plywood, and four pine boards.”

“Ouch. Plywood does seem to be a precious commodity these days. What will you be building?”

“This will allow me to complete the transformation of my garage into a garage-slash-workshop.”

“What’s left to do?”

“You know, you guys are literally talking shop. Is this what you invited me join?”

“Haha – Cheryl you are right. We should not think about work on this weekend. Let’s drink a toast to those brave men and women whose sacrifice we honor this weekend.”

“Cheers, David.”


  1. Holiday or no holiday, Dan, but you need to update the writing challenge link, at least with your poem. :) And I hope on Monday we can remember the Clippers as they once were since they will be 1-3. I know… basketball is not your sport. Just staying away all last night just to see Mavericks lose in an ugly way is getting on my nerves. They started off 2-0 in wins!

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  2. I love your line, “They delivered a few sticks of gold and a couple sheets of platinum.” Who would have thought that plywood would become a precious commodity? I hope you find time to sit back and enjoy the weekend, Dan. It seems Maddie and MiMi have already settled in. 😊

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  3. The price and selection of lumber is unbelievable. We’ve been scrounging in our barn for pieces when we need it. Who knew we’d go from dealing with a shortage of TT to lumber. Love the rhodies, and it’s raining here right now. Hurrah for some moisture because we haven’t had any in a while. Happy DIY and measure three times this year. :-)

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  4. I laughed out loud at the Maddie photo and caption — she looks so comfy! Thanks for the Writing Challenge; I think the Corona was well deserved! I agree that “celebration” isn’t exactly what Memorial Day is about, but I’m old enough to remember when it was “Decoration Day” and the feel of the day was different. Good luck with the DIY!

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    • She waits for us to get up, and then she steals that spot. I remember the old name, too, and I remember going to the parade with my father when I had to watch from on top of his shoulders.

      Thank you for helping to make the writing challenge a success. I plan to bring it back next year, and hopefully we can have a badge contest for it ahead of time.

      Enjoy the weekend!

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    • The guy at the lumber yard said, “if you can wait until October, prices will probably be falling,” but I can’t wait. Fortunately, I bought most everything I needed in 2019 and early last year. This is crazy.

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  5. Your line, “They delivered a few sticks of gold and a couple sheets of platinum” would’ve made a great one-liner for a Wednesday post.

    I think you should be advising Maddie when you leave the couch if you’re coming back! Korean Dogwood looks beautiful m as do the Rhododendrons.

    Glad you’re taking the weekend off before the DIY games begin. Sausage on the grill is making my mouth water, but please make mine sweet sausage!

    Lordy, we certainly are making up for the prolonged dry spell! And it’s not warm here either. I think Mother Nature needs a tune up! Or maybe I do! 🤗

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    • Thanks Ginger. A cold wet weekend is a good one to take off. I don’t think it’s you that needs a tune-up. 44 degrees in May is just wrong. They didn’t have sweet sausage, but this is made in the store and it’s not bad hot.

      I do tell Maddie, “I’ll be right back” but it never helps especially on a cold day when she can steal a hot spot and warm pillows.

      Enjoy the weekend. Stay warm and dry if you can.


  6. I had to wear my winter coat to the farmers market this morning! Taking fresh, local strawberries to Memorial Day. I’ll be the belle of the ball. :) I love that sand cherries close-up, Mr. DeMille. And I know what you mean about the lumber: Charlie didn’t feel up to porch maintenance for the last few years, and now it needs a major overhaul, but who can afford that at today’s prices? I’ll just be stepping over the bad bits until … fall, the guy says? I think “fall” may be the operative word, one way or another.

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    • Yeah, the salesman at the yard said they expected prices to drop in the fall. I need to have the garage/workshop operational well before that, so I had to bite this bullet. Fortunately, I didn’t need much lumber. As Judy says, I’ll be checking my measurements more than twice.

      Enjoy those berries.

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  7. Ooooohhhh….Dogwood blooms. That is a deep violet Rhododendron. Beautiful! Good luck finishing the ‘golden’ workshop. Thank you, David for the perfect Old Fashioned and for inviting me to join you for a moment. I’m sure we will be laying low for the holiday but grilled things sound yummy. Be safe and enjoy Dan. PS. Any time I pass a cat in the personal grooming yoga position I can’t resist pulling it over by the leg in the air. 😂😂😂😜

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  8. I’ve had a few of those Willett old fashions and must say they are delish. Glad Cheryl could join you guys. I’m also glad you got some rain. We received an inch and 3/4 starting about 6:30 last night. High winds caused a split in the neighbor’s Bradford pear. They now have a quarter of a tree across their driveway. I join you in a toast to those who gave their lives for our freedom. Super post, Dan

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    • Thanks John. We had thunderstorms Thursday night, and we’ve had over 2″ of rain since late yesterday afternoon. It’s still raining. We need the water, so I’m not complaining. It was nice of David to share his bourbon with Cheryl. He’s usually protective of that bottle ;-)

      Enjoy the weekend.

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  9. I’m hearing lumber is scarce and really, really expensive when you find it these days. 😭

    I wonder if the American Robin wants to play or just watch the games at the ball field? He sure was interested and seemed fully attentive to the field, didn’t he?

    The Rhodies are gorgeous.

    Cheers to all those who served and gave their all for us.

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    • I’ve paid less for cabinet-grade hardwood plywood than I paid for 1/2″ CDX sheathing, Deborah. You can believe I’ll be doing my best to minimize waste when I cut those sheets. I’ve been seeing the birds gathering at the fields. Public Works sprays the fields, kills the bugs, and the birds lose interest for a few weeks. Then the cycle starts over.

      I like that we have every shape Rhodie, from tight bud to full bloom. It’s a very pretty shrub.

      Enjoy the weekend. I’ll join you in a toast to those who gave us the ability to live free,


  10. Well, darn it all, I wish I had been at the bar when David was buying and Cheryl was having my favorite adult refreshment. Cheers to the Memorial Day weekend and I may be thinking of you tomorrow when I may be having a beer after a bike ride.

    I can only guess how much that lumber cost. Not related, but I went to a couple of furniture stores this past week, looking for a comfy chair, and am always astounded at how much the new stuff costs. I put a deposit down on something, but if I can find cheaper at a resale shop, that order will be cancelled.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Dan, and enjoy rain, sun, beer and barbeque.

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    • Thanks Mary. Sorry you missed out on your favorite adult beverage. But if you were here, your wouldn’t be riding your bike, unless you enjoy getting wet.

      The so-called experts in Washington say “inflation is under control” but everything I need to buy seems to be way more expensive than I remember from last year.

      I’ll lift a glass near the end of your ride tomorrow. I hope you enjoy both the ride and the reward.

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  11. Thanks for remembering the women who sacrificed, too. I like that photo with the puddle reflection AND Maddie’s shadow showing the magic of light. Lovely rhododendrons!

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  12. We’ve purchased a few sticks of gold and a couple sheets of platinum recently also. We’ve thought about putting a few of our projects off to see if the prices come down, but I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed prices coming down to pre-gouge levels after whatever event made them go up. The “law” of supply and demand seems to go in one direction only.

    Congrats on putting together a successful Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. It was so much fun to read what everyone submitted. I made a possible badge for the challenge that I’ll send to you.

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        • I did get the email. I meant to replay, but I got busy. If you can change it to “Writing Challenge” and maybe just add 2021, I think it would serve well since I plan to leave the page up until the next challenge begins. You can use that email address.



  13. Here’s to those who serve! May we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Looking forward to seeing your garage work. Stay warm this freezing, rainy weekend.

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  14. Hi Dan, this is a lovely post. It is nice that you have memorial day to remember all your military’s personnel. I am really pleased that your writing challenge went well and I’m sorry I didn’t manage to participate.

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