MaddieCabulary – #1LinerWeds

This is one of my shorter one-liner Wednesday posts.

Every morning, after we return from our walk, Maddie and I share some sourdough toast.

Maddie would like to offer her observation on our vocabulary.

“Toast is a very good verb, but toast is the best noun ever!”


This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Buttered toast…Mmmm. Add a little cinnamon or jelly next time, if Maddie approves. Or is she only a bread and butter girl? Either way, I think I’m hungry now.

    I hope the rain goes away, Dan, and stays away for a few days so you can enjoy those morning walks.

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    • Actually, Maddie sees toast as one of (perhaps the best) things that holds butter. You can see her when she looks at a piece of toast, she focuses on the glob of butter – “that’s my bite!”

      Yesterday was dry and warm. Same for today, then the rain returns for a couple days. We need the rain, but… Maddie keeps me walking (and that’s a good thing). I hope you have a great rest of the week. I’/m still thinking about those folks walking into a bar.


  2. I’m with Maddie all the way with buttered sourdough toast. The best! Maddie jumping for joy is just too cute as is her giving in to being a couch potato. Baby bunny is adorable. No one could say no to the little beggar on the deck.

    Your Korean Dogwood is stunning.

    I love the look on the faces of those cats. They seem to be telling you and Maddie that you’re both trespassing!

    Enjoy some dry days coming up and warmer temperatures. Maddie will have some great “sits in the sun”.

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie dragged the Editor out last night to conduct some “business” then, right after they came in, she cried at the door while looking at me. She dragged me to her porch, and we sat. That’s when the little beggar appeared.

      There was actually a third cat, but I couldn’t get their expressions if I included all of them. None of them thought Maddie and I should be there.

      Maddie takes me outside every morning after I get up. She’s already taken care of business, but we think she’s doing a weather check. If it’s not raining, she gets me off the couch for a walk. If it’s raining, I become a pillow. She’s really too smart for her own good.

      We have a couple dry days, then it looks like more rain. Give Murphy a scritch and maybe a bite of toast. Maddie says “Murphy gets the glob of butter!”


  3. Yum! I have been enjoying morning toast with extra crunchy peanut butter lately with my first cuppa tea. I bet Maddie would like the peanut butter too. 😋

    I hope you two are able to get out for your walks without getting wet this week.

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  4. Sourdough toast?! Maddie–you have a most excellent palate! Toast, the smell of toast…I love all things bread. Oh, the two little guys waiting to ‘greet’ Maddie are adorable. Cat expressions are hilarious to me. They just do not appreciate a jubilant redhead who wants to be friends. I don’t get it…..

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  5. There’s nothing quite like good sourdough toast. We’ve found the best baker in our area, but we’ll be moving soon and will have to find another. It’s a specialty all its own. 💗 Beautiful photos, Dan. Loved the walk with Maddie. Have a great day!

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    • Thanks Gwen. This bread comes from one of our local-area supermarkets, but it is really good. I never know if they will have it, or if it will be sliced or just a whole loaf. But I buy it regardless. I only discovered it this year.


  6. Toast!! Sorry to read about the rain. I hit rain on the way out and just missed it yesterday and today thankfully. Unlikely to get into any tomorrow, at least in Arizona. 😉. I’m using my iPad and I haven’t figured out yet how to find the link for tomorrow’s Thursday Doors post. If you come on tomorrow and I haven’t been able to link would you be kind enough to link for me? Thanks. Enjoyed the photos.



  7. Had no idea doggies like bread – sorry, toast! We have our share of the rain. It does not stop there. LOUD rolling thunder:) Good I’m not one who panics when it’s so loud we’re shouting at each other.


  8. Love the pics!! Rain….it had been so long since I experienced rain. It took a trip to Seattle and finally yesterday and today….rain!! What a foreign concept for us Southern California peeps. Loving it up here!!


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