A Medley for MuMu – #SoCS

Welcome to June, and welcome to the bar at No Facilities. Each week, David and I show up during Cheryl’s shift and try to make sense of Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, while we enjoy an adult beverage and solve the problems most authorities overlook. Today’s prompt is an interesting one,

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘yarn.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

It might be hard to enjoy this one, but we’re up for a challenge.

If we were having a beer, you’d try to save me some embarrassment.

“Hi Cheryl. I guess I’m early.”

“You are a bit early, Dan, but I can still serve you. David is coming, right?”

“Yeah, I’m sure he will be here, it’s my day to buy.”

“Those are wonderful words, Dan, I love hearing that. I’m sorry I am a little behind my time, as Cratchit would say.”

“Would you like your usual collection, David?”

“Yes please, Cheryl, and could you give me a napkin? Dan has something clinging to his shirt.”

“What, what’s clinging to me? Is it alive? Is it moving?”

“Relax my young friend. It’s a rather large heap of, I suspect, cat hair.”

“MuMu hair. I was brushing her before I left. I cleaned the brush and I thought I tossed that in the trash.”

“Perhaps static electricity caused it to attach itself to you.”

“Thanks for removing it, David. I’d buy you a drink, but I already did.”

“That’s a formidable clump of hair, Dan, I mean, you could spin that into yarn – how often do you brush that cat?”

“Not often enough, according to her, but, frankly, I’ve lost count.”

“Here’s your John Howell’s Bourbon, David, and your cherries, seltzer and a glass of ice.”

“Thanks Cheryl. What do you think, does Dan brush MuMu often enough?”

“Some cats can’t get enough. Some don’t like to be brushed. MuMu seems to be a special case. Remember when we had Teagan’s party and MuMu changed the words to Hullaba Lulu?”

“Yes, that was fun – ♫ You can bring Pearl, she’s a darn nice girl. But please brush MuMu.”

“It seemed like a good song for her.”

“Maybe she could create a playlist for you, Dan.”

“Come again, Cheryl.”

“I was just thinking, there must be other songs that could be adapted for MuMu. How about ♫ Brush, brush me do. You know I’d brush you.”

“If you had any hair.”

“Thanks David, I needed that reminder.”

“Sorry, Dan. I couldn’t resist. Maybe there’s a better song we could adapt.”

“Actually, for MuMu, you could go with a different Beatles song. ♫ I want to bite your hand.”

“She bites?”

“Yes, David. If I stop brushing her, she bites my hand. It’s a gentle bite, but it sends a message.”


“Yes Cheryl.”

“You like Joni Mitchell, right?”

“I do.”

“♫Help me, I think I need some brushing again – When I get that crazy feelin’, I know I need brushin’ again.”

“That’s good Cheryl, but I’m not a rambler or a gambler.”

“Maybe not, but from MuMu’s point of view, you disappear for hours on end.”

“I have other things to do, Cheryl. Besides, she sleeps like twenty-two hours a day.”


“Yes David.”

“I think you need to look at this from MuMu’s point of view.”

“How’s that?”

“Remember Linda Ronstadt ♫ I’ve been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be brushed?

“Ok, you guys are very funny. How ‘bout we have another round, Cheryl, and maybe an order of wings.”

“Coming right up, Dan. Ten or twenty wings?”

“Make it twenty, David looks hungry.”

“This was fun, but I worked up an appetite. Thinking of things that rhyme with MuMu is a lot of work.”

“Speaking of things that rhyme, and people who work hard, we’re going to have a special guest next week.”

“Oooh, I like it when we have guests. Who’s coming next week, Dan?”

“Robbie Cheadle, and we’re going to talk about her poetry books.”

“That sounds cool. And, you’ll be buying again, right?”

“Yes, David. I’ll be buying – just like today.”


  1. Thank you: now I have “Don’t Bring Lulu” stuck in my head. Your bar conversations are exactly what Saturdays need! I am still laughing at “Is it alive? Is it moving?”

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  2. Ohh, you have it hot. Over here we haven’t crossed 30 yet and it’s raining today. And – sad to say – I woke up in vain at 3 am. Luckily the last decisive game is an early one on Sunday. Over here it starts at 9.30 pm. No waking up required.

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    • And I know you’re following the melody ;-) I’m sorry for sticking songs in people’s heads today, but I didn’t know where else to go with ‘yard’ – so it’s Linda’s fault.


  3. Sweet MuMu. Have you ever tried a Furminator on her? You could build a robin’s nest or make another cat with the results after brushing with that thing. Gibbs loves his and feels like a new boy when we’re done.

    Here’s my contribution for a MuMu song, thanks to Katy Perry. Awesome post, Dan.

    “I kissed a brush and I liked it
    The taste of its bristly furstick
    I kissed a brush just to try it
    I hope my human don’t mind it
    It felt so wrong, it felt so right
    Don’t mean I’m in love tonight (but I am)
    I kissed a brush and I liked it
    I liked it”

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    • Haha – good job! MuMu appreciates the attention. We’ve only ever used a particular style brush on the dear girl. I’m not sure I want to try to change at this stage, but I appreciate the suggestion. Then again, having MuMu be even more like Gibbs may not be the way I want to go…just sayin’

      I hope you have a great weekend, Mary.


  4. What a fun dialogue and equally fun photos. With the sun reaching through the clouds, this Saturday might be perfect. Thank you, Dan! Have a good one. 😊

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  5. John Denver, please forgive me!

    Cat hair on my shoulders makes me happy
    Cat hair in my eyes can make me cry
    Cat hair on the water looks so lovely
    Cat hair almost always makes me high

    Great conversation today Dan. Fun way to start a day off. Me thinks Maddie will be heading in where no doubt it’s air conditioned, and not lingering on the hot deck!

    Guess what? We’ve had no furnace, no heat source, since April 20th. Furnace was installed yesterday. Today will be in 90’s!! Can’t make this stuff up! 😂😂😂

    Have a great weekend.

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    • Oh my, and we went through a cold snap the week before Memorial Day. I’m glad you got the furnace installed, but I don’t think you’ll be able to take it for a test drive.

      I love your contribution to MuMu’s playlist. I think John Denver would be honored. MuMu says “at least he should be.”

      I think we will be sitting outside early today.
      Have a great weekend, Ginger.


  6. MuMu must be feeling quite the star after this post! Great handling of the prompt. It’s hot and dry here, too. But I am sure it is nothing somewhat I will find when I arrive in Florida.

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  7. That was fun playing with songs. The song I chose for my post today would go, “I can’t see me brushin nobody but you, for all my life. When I brush you, baby the skies’ll be blue, for all my life….” I’m relieved to know that MuMu sleeps like twenty-two hours a day, because I was wondering if Mama Cat sleeps too much, like 15- 20 hours a day. It’s surprising how much cat hair they can share in those waking hours.

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    • That’s a great song, JoAnna. I was thinking that it was interesting that the SoCS prompt ultimately led us to music from the same era. I guess our thoughts follow the current. MuMu and her sister both sleep a lot. They also both make a lot of noise when they’re awake.

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  8. The rhododendrododiedons are GORGEOUS! And, just to be totally cruel, here’s what I thought when I saw what you use to brush MuMu: It’s a small brush, after all….It’s a small, small brush.

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  9. Tee-hee! This was a fun start to a Saturday, Dan. Thanks for the Hullaba Lulu shout-out. I vote for the Linda Ronstadt adaptation. Crystal likes to be sung to when she “gets the meow” — as long as I change the lyrics to kitty cat words. “Wake Me Up Before You GoGo” and “Fever” are her favorites. Happy Caturday to MiMi and MuMu. Hugs on the wing!

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  10. Hi Dan, thank you for the shout out for next week. My dad brushes our cats too. They are very devoted to him. Smudge is a one man cat, but Push-Push gives me a little of her time most mornings. She likes to come and have a cuddle and then go and sleep on my Dad’s bed. Your cat pictures are cute.

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    • You’re welcome Robbie. I’ve learned that people like to know when I have guests. Our first cat wandered into my cabinet shop (as I was closing it). He was so cuddly. My wife is allergic. She said “don’t bring him home!” I brought him home, he jumped into her arms and was her cat for the next 18 years. I was nothing.

      I’m looking forward to next week. I hope you have a good weekend.


  11. I LOVE the Linda Rondstadt song. Good choice, David! I once brought Kitty (RIP) to the vet because she had lumps down one side of her stomach. Vet felt her stomach, looked at me and said, ‘Mats.’ I was so embarrassed. All she needed was a good brushing!! 😸🙀 So sad about that tree. I have major issues with people cutting down trees. I hope that bird was able to find a new home! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Dan.

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    • Gotta brush those kitties. Maddie gets mats around her ears. The Editor combs them out or trims them. They seem to appear overnight. Those people have another big tree, but that bird looked so sad.

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  12. What a cute little brush for MuMu and I thoroughly enjoyed today’s bar conversation and song adaptations. When looking for MuMu rhymes, don’t forget froufrou, pooh pooh, lulu, and too too (as in that’s just too too) and one I forgot, so you can forget it as well. 😉. I’m pretty sure you could adapt “Hair” also but that’s it for me today. Hope it’s been a happy Saturday.


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  13. Hi Dan – lovely post to read … I won’t add to the music or the songs for the day – enough memories in the post and comments. Animals have their own way and seem to understand us better than we do ourselves. But glad the SOCS days was a happy one … cheers Hilary

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  14. LOL! I love the song change-ups to suit the theme of MuMu’s brushing! This was a fun read, Dan!

    It’s been in the 90s here this week, but thankfully the afternoon, westerly winds came by daily to give us a breeze.

    The Rhodies look gorgeous, and I hope it cools off enough for some more sittin out on your deck with or without the cot for Maddie.

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      • Don’t be sorry! I loved it.

        Dan, we’re traveling home, driving north on Route 15, the Merritt Pkwy. Just drove under the bridge that has been under renovation for some time. It’s right before exit 31 if you’re headed north. OMG! It has been restored to full grandeur and beauty. There is detailed wrought iron scrolling and a pattern of gold emblems. Steve thinks this is by far the best of the Merritt Pkwy bridges, and I agree. Absolutely stunning! Well worth a drive to see this. I think you remember how much I love these bridges. Best to you!

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  15. cute songs. My mother brushes my uncle’s cats. One of the cats really needs to be brushed because he sheds too much. She gave me a brush to brush my cat. My cat loves getting brushed too. Now that I live in my uncle’s house. All 4 cats get brushed by my mother.

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