Spring Leftovers

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Since this is the last Thursday in spring, I thought it might be a good time to collect the doors that didn’t make the cut when their group was being considered. Some have technical problems, an element was cropped off, the light was bad or the door was obscured by something like a tree.

In looking back on these images, it’s interesting to see bare trees and a cold landscape. In fact, many of the doors on the gallery today would be impossible to capture today, they would be blocked by trees.

The gallery includes a couple houses where the owners seem to have added on and added on and added on. Since I am sympathetic to such endeavors, I decided to give them a showcase.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful spring and I hope you have a fun filled summer.

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  1. I see what you mean by some of these houses have some rather obvious add-ons. My house has been renovated and has add ons but I think they work better in that you would not know unless you consider things like the positioning of airbricks. Happy Thursday, Dan.

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  2. I like the blue buildings the most and the structure above the door of one of the churches. You didn’t have time to go around them to see if the churches hide more doors or just weren’t interested? Or did you do it yet on a previous occasion?

    Today I show Villa Cetinale of three weeks ago from the other, dark side. I don’t know about cookies but they have amazing gardens and a Holy Stair.


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    • I do like the blue buildings, I don’t know why I skipped them before. I was on my way to an appointment, so this was drive-by only. I have been meaning to go back. That’s why I left the churches out, but even if I go back, I’ll have more doors to share.

      You have a rich set of green doors today!

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  3. The first house is just weird looking to me. You’ve shown lots of homes with add-ons before
    Dan, but they all looked nice. This one doesn’t look nice. I kinda like the house that is in dire need of some TLC. I think it has great potential. It has two front doors……two family? Both churches have nice doors as does Annie’s Nail and Spa. This is a great collection today. Anyone reading this post who is thinking of adding on to their home will get a great lesson in “how not to add on”!

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    • Hahaha – yes, here’s what not to do. Sometimes, additions just don’t fit, Ginger. I hope to get back when I can walk around the churches. The most interesting doors on churches are often in the back. The Nail Salon and Spa door is my favorite. The house with the two front doors did make me think it was/could be a two family house.

      Thanks for your continuing support. I hope you have a nice weekend.


  4. I find nothing wrong with any of these pictures, especially when they’re enlarged in the gallery. You KNOW I love all of these, except maybe that one that looks like 2 houses in one.

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  5. It’s amazing how much more of a building you can see when there are no leaves in the way but I’m happy to see lots of foliage as it means it’s a warmer time of year. I really like the last photo as it reminds me of the time I had my own nail salon and lots of good memories. Still, I’m glad to be retired from the nail business now, especially as we’ve been having some really summery days here lately. Hope you and your family have a lovely relaxing summer, Dan.

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    • That’s cool that you have that connection, Jean. I am glad the trees have filled out and summer is on the way, I like the cooler temps we’ve been having for the past week. I hope they stick around. Have a nice weekend.

      I love the photos you shared today. Are they also your grandson’s photos? If so, he has a very good eye.

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  6. I could very happily live in anyone of these houses. That first one, though….which one is the front door? The house with the cropped peak….I see so much potential there. So happy you did these as a separate post, Dan.

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  7. Hi Dan – I like the houses in the Naubuc district … and I especially like the ‘hidden door’ home – could live there!; Annie’s Nail bar … looks like it should have red claws coming out of the windows and round the side … a Halloween horror house?! Your shadow tree home – looks cold, but artistic. Interesting gathering of doors … cheers Hilary

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    • I’m glad you like these, Hilary. I did enjoy the various drives I took through the Naubuc district, they yielded many doors. I’ll have to check Annie’s Nail Bar to see if they “dress up” for Halloween.

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    • We don’t see a lot of blue houses, Natalie, so I think they stand out. But these are very pretty.

      You’re was a wonderful look into three beautiful buildings!


  8. Hi Dan. Wow, this week has flown past. I’ve been about a day and a half behind all week. Last week wasn’t much different either, LOL.
    Add-ons is a fun theme. I love the “find the door” house best — how splendidly beautiful. That first house makes me think of the one on my left. They don’t look alike, but the add-ons make it impossible to tell what the heck is going on with it. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Thanks Teagan. Between the doors and SoCS and the garage project, I’m just catching up to these comments. I think these houses are interesting, and with maybe one exception, I cold live in all of them. The cluster house that ends almost on the road would be a little too much.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

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    • Yes, sometimes. That plus the fact that I try to limit myself to 14-16 photos (I’d like to get down to 12-14, but…) and in some of these neighborhoods, it’s been click, click, click and I find myself with 20-40 images. I have to pick the best ones.

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  9. There’s an appeal to the siding used in your part of the country. It’s been catching on in some new homes here. Finally, some non-cookie cutter construction! Great doors even with your critical eye. :)


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