Not My Hat’s Fault – #SoCS

Wait, is it Saturday? Oh, yes it is, I see that the Delta Pearl is at the dock. I lost track of the days this week, but there’s plenty of time to get to the bar. I’m going to need David’s help and some adult fuel if I’m going to handle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘hat/het/hit/hot/hut.’ Choose one, choose ’em all, put ’em in your post. Enjoy!”

This isn’t going to be easy, but it will be fun.

If we were having a beer, you’d be helping me with the prompt without knowing it.

“Welcome Dan. I arrived early, so I started without you.”

“Hi Dan, David told me to put a Corona on his tab the moment you walked in.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I thought you were taking this weekend off.”

“I’m covering for the scheduled bartender. She had to go to a wedding, or maybe it was a funeral.”

“Those would be the same in my family.”

“Oh, David. That’s a cruel thing to say about your family.”

“It’s my wife’s family, and I assure you, you couldn’t tell the difference between a wedding, a funeral or a birthday party with those loons.”

“Was that the new girl, Cheryl? Is it Heather?”

“No, no, no, Dan. It’s Het-her.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yep, H E T dash H E R. That’s her name the way she spelled it on her application.”

“I thought the receipt said Hether when I picked up dinner on Tuesday.”

“Our system can’t deal with the hyphen, David. It’s the same with Trish.”

“Trish? Short for Patricia, right?”

“Wrong, just like Dan was. Her name is T R I S H dash A. Trish-A. Anyway, I’m here, Cheryl, no dash. You have your bourbon, Dan, you have your beer. Let me know if you want some food, or another round. I have to check the lounge.”

“Thanks for the beer, David.”

“You’re welcome Dan, can I ask, why you’re wearing that hat?”

“This? Hardly a hat, it’s a baseball cap. I don’t usually wear it indoors, I forgot I had it on.”

“I think it’s bad luck to wear your teams cap during the season.”

“Maybe that explains why they’ve lost ten games in a row. Silly me I thought it was because they haven’t got any good pitchers and their batters can’t get a hit.

“Baseball teams go in streaks, Dan. Sometimes they get down and lose ten or twelve in a row. Then they get hot and win ten in a row.”

“That’s funny. They’re playing a series against Cleveland right now. The last time the Pirates won ten in a row was when they beat Cleveland in twenty-eighteen. Ten wins in a row is a club record, by the way.”

“Enough about baseball, Dan, how’s that garage renovation coming?”

“I started putting the new floor down in the workshop this week. I should be able to finish that next week.”

“Then what?”

“Then I move the machines back in and work on getting things organized.”

“Speaking of getting things organized, you boys look like you need another round.”

“That we do, Cheryl.”

“Are you going to want any food?”

“Um, actually…”

“Dan, did you stop at Skooter’s again today?”

“No, no, not Skooter’s.”

“But you’re not hungry, are you? Where did you stop?”

“Well, you see, I was up in West Springfield, and they recently reopened the White Hut. I had a burger.”

“Ha. That place is a classic, Dan. I can’t blame you for stopping.”


  1. LOL! I just read Judy’s comment! The only Stella D’Oro I ever heard of are the ones I eat! 😂😂

    Garage/ workshop is already shaping up nicely. When you’re finished, the Editor will have a hard time getting you out of there!

    I like the shot of the sprinklers spraying across that building. Squirrels have no shame in begging, do they! Lol. That “foot” is also begging to be touched! How nice that Maddie can find comfort almost anywhere!

    Great job with the prompt.

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    • That was my first thought on Judy’s comment, Ginger :-)

      Hmmmm, I wonder if that’s why the Editor is so supportive?

      MiMi’s foot got rubbed – it’s irresistible. A couple squirrels have figured out that Maddie and I always come back the same way. One waits in the neighbor’s crab apple tree. He jumps down as we approach and gets into position. Modern foraging.

      I hope you have a nice weekend,


  2. I believe I’ve only seen hyphenated last names, so Het-her is a new one on me. I like my four letter first name. ;-)

    Sorry about your baseball team. I see that the Milwaukee Brewers are trying to keep up with the Cubs at the moment. As you know, I’m not one to watch baseball, but I always root for the home team. I hope your guys find a way to win for the fans and themselves.

    Be careful with the MiMi foot and have a wonderful weekend, Dan.

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    • I cheated with ‘Het-Her’ but ‘Trish-A’ is a real person. I’m good with Dan.

      The Pirates barely won last night. They had an 11-1 lead over the Cleveland Indians in the 6th inning. They ended up winning 11-10 – at least they stopped the streak at 10.

      MiMi most gets annoyed when I rub her feet. She doesn’t smack me unless I persist. Have a nice weekend, Mary.

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  3. Balderdash, Dan — “retiracy” means a lot of hard work in your case. You certainly deserve a cold mug of the “oil of gladness.” ;o) (Sorry, I’ve got Victorian slang in my head.)
    Huge thanks for opening with a shout-out to The Delta Pearl. She’s almost home now, after all these many weeks.
    LOL, I am not touching those name-spellings, not with a ten foot pole. But I can imagine the scene of confusion it would cause.
    Thanks for another fun beginning to Saturday. Hugs on the wing!

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  4. Oh, those name spellings….I thought of that movie with Steve Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker. She spelled her name weirdly. Of course, for the life of me, I cannot think of the name of the movie so….never mind. I have those lilies in my backyard. An entire cloud of them and they are so pretty. Maddie and Smokey…their conversations are so cute. Wow–your workshop is coming along great. You adding a mini-fridge for your Coronas? 🍺 Happy Saturday, Dan!

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  5. This line just cracked me up “Anyway, I’m here, Cheryl, no dash.” Loved the gallery as always, the flag picture in particular stands out to me. Makes me want to sing My Country Tis of Thee … maybe I even did
    Oh and I looked up the White Hut menu … I’ll have a hamburg and a mixed basket to share Yummy!!!

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  6. Everyone looks like they’re chillin’, Dan, which is perfect for a Saturday. So your team is playing the now-politically incorrect Cleveland team, eh? Ah, well, haven’t followed baseball for ages but I’m into the Stanley Cup finals even though we have to go to my parents’ to watch as we didn’t get cable here. The bad news is that Montreal and Vegas, my two favorite teams in the playoffs are playing each other in the semifinals. The good news is that one team I like will be playing for the Cup. It’s just as bad seeing two teams you like playing each other as two teams you can’t stand because in either case who do you root for? :-) At least looking at the ice makes me feel momentarily cool.

    Happy weekend!


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  7. Cheers to a great take on the prompt! How much did your floorboards cost? We saw a pile of slightly weathered pieces for sale, probably the top and bottom of stacks at the lumber yard and they were going for $10/each! Your shed is looking great – nice work as always. And those yellow daylilies are so pretty. Ours aren’t that far along yet. The heat we’ve been having isn’t helping the flowers grow!

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    • Het-her was made up, but Trish-A is a real name. I couldn’t figure out what to do with ‘het’ – Lida says to be spontaneous, she didn’t say it has to all be true ;-)


  8. Although I had a good time counting all those prompts as you fit them in, my guffaw came with the line about weddings and funerals all the same. Always a great bar conversation!

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