Ouch – #1LinerWeds

Look at this, two weeks in a row with only a minimal backstory. I might be getting the hang of this one-liner thing… Don’t count on it.

I noticed this while walking Maddie. We do see people pull into these parking lots at high rates of speed. I didn’t see this happen, but…

Someone had some explaining to do when they got home.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • Maddie is funny. She goes to the door in the morning. She doesn’t have to go out, but we check the weather. If it’s nice, when we come in she sits with me until it’s time to walk. Later, she barks at me to take her out and sit. She knows when it’s time, but she wasn’t prepared for the rain.

      I hope you enjoy a few nice days in the gardens.

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  1. Hi Dan – I’m amazed at where plants can grow … they are survivors, I’m pleased to say. The cactus is delightful …
    Talking about ‘ouch’ a batsman in a local cricket match in Yorkshire hit a six … brilliant – good for his team – b-u-t … it sailed away into the car park – smash xxxx into his own car – very broken window. The nice bit is the chairman said he’d pay for the repair. My ‘good fun thought’ for the day – I will giggle for a few days … cheers Hilary

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  2. Yep, that’s gonna leave a mark! The last little bunny seems to be saying, “Did you see my mommy?” I had a cactus rose for years. It really made itself at home and spread. I loved that plant. Then it just died!

    MuMu needs her brushing. It’s probably been a whole 30 minutes since the last one! Weather must be confusing Maddie. No white stuff out there but she still can’t sit on her deck!

    Couple nice days now so enjoy them.

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    • I had that same thought, Ginger. I guess bunnies are on their own pretty quickly. At least they’re safe in our yard. As Maddie and I/Editor walk around we frequently say “let’s not bother the bunny.”

      I thought this cactus had died this past winter. It looked very bad. But it’s back in bloom.

      MuMu was brushed. I hope you have a nice rest of the week.

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  3. That playground looks wonderful! Ditto the playgrounds around here, and I have to confess that there have been times I’ve joined my grandchildren on some of those things. How can anyone not want to? As for back stories, aren’t they the reason we do this?

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  4. I think we could learn a lot from the plants in your garden. Learn to adapt, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, burst forth with pride because somebody needs to.

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  5. I am not surprised to see day lilies–we had lots when I was growing up in Massachusetts–but a cactus that blooms. Wow! I love seeing all of your critters, Dan, and the two rabbits in a single shot was a nice bonus.

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  6. The photo of the two bunnies is cute. It does look like they are having a conversation…maybe a telepathic one.
    A perennial blooming cactus in the northern hemisphere? I wouldn’t think it possible, so I am intrigued. It is a very cool display.

    Happy Wednesday, Dan. I hope Maddie has her walking and sitting time today and that you attend to MuMu’s brushing and MiMi’s paw like a good cat dad.

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  7. Horsefeathers! It must have really taken a good “punch” to knock that thing sideways…
    It’s an especially wonderful gallery today, Dan. The stalk of grass through the brick-hole cracked me up. Lots of lovely bunnies! And MuMu looks very happy. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Thanks Teagan. Yeah, methinks someone’s car doesn’t look good today. That stalk of grass is even funnier when you look at the bare spots in the yard where I put sod down last year. Nature has a twisted sense of humor.

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  8. Those two little bunnies….!!! So cute. That cactus rose is beautiful. When we used to drive crosstown, this one house always had pink and blue flowers on the tips of their cactus. Every time! My husband finally told me the ‘flowers’ were a deconstructed egg carton that someone had used to make it look like flowers. Thank you for the close up of these flowers…

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  9. Whoa! That person misjudged that move!

    Our Daylilies are blooming now as well. They’re so pretty. The bunnies are adorable! The cactus was a cool surprise. I rarely even see it here in the desert! 😂 Sagebrush we got though.
    I love the framing of the teeter-totter. Nicely done!

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    • Thanks Deborah. I have seven attempts of that photo. Being attached to Maddie doesn’t make it easy. I’m glad you liked that one. How big does sagebrush get? I’m thinking of old western movies.

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  10. Ouch is right! Some months ago someone managed to drive off the right lane of the street with enough force to bring down a tree (a palo verde, so not the enormous, sturdy types you have there but still a tree) and take out a power box, leaving an entire group of businesses without power for 8 hours or so. I can only shake my head.

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  11. You’ve got some especially interesting photos here today! Some suggest stories for our imaginings and encourage mindfulness behind the wheel. The grass growing through the brick looks decorative and purposeful. I like the lines in the playground equipment.

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