Saturday Ups and Downs – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, I am at the bar, waiting for David. He’s usually the early one. Oh well, when he get’s here, we will relax with a few adult beverages and some carefree banter as we weave our way around Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘up/down.’ Use one, use them both, but try to put one in your first sentence. Bonus points if you use the other in your last sentence. Have fun!”

Bonus points? Linda knows how to get my attention. I better take care of the introduction up here, above that critical first sentence – if we were having a beer, you’d be late, but you would have a good reason.

“David, what’s up with you? You’re normally here waiting for me.”

“I decided to let you open the tab today, Dan.”

“Come on, you know I was planning to pay today. Why are you late?”

“I had to finish Teagan’s Delta Pearl finale – it was longer than normal, but I couldn’t stop reading – so good!”

“Well then, let’s toast the end of the journey for that wonderful riverboat. Cheryl, give the old man a nice pour of John Howell’s Bourbon, and the cherries are on me.”

“Coming right up Dan.”

“Um, Dan…”

“Yes David?”

“The bourbon is on you, too, right? I mean you’re not just buying me the cherries are you?”

“It’s all on me. And if you want some food later, I’ll spring for that was well.”


“Here you go, one glass of bourbon, three cherries, a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Cheers, Dan.”

“Cheers David.”

“Did you have a nice Father’s Day last week, Dan?”

“I did, but I’m going to have a nice one tomorrow, too.”

“Huh? What country celebrates Father’s Day tomorrow?”

“None that I know of. I was on antibiotics last week – you know, limited or no alcohol – Faith and I are going to celebrate tomorrow.”

“As good a reason as any, plus you miss the crowds.”

“Yeah and avoiding crowds these days still feels like a good thing to do.”

“These days? Dan, avoiding the crowd is why we always meet here at three o’clock.”

“Ok, ok, so we can’t blame everything on the pandemic.”

“What are you going to do to celebrate tomorrow?”

“We’re going to tour Old Newgate Prison.”

“Is that the one that’s in the old copper mine?”

“Yes. They completed renovations on the site two years ago. We were going to go last year for Father’s Day, but…”

“Ha! The ‘we were going to’ file for twenty-twenty is pretty thick. I have a few items in there myself.”

“Well, this should be a good day to take the tour.”

“Speaking of renovations, Dan, how’s your workshop coming?”

“It’s coming along nicely. I’m working on the worst segment.”

“What makes it so bad?”

“My lathe, two cabinets and a sixty-gallon compressor.”

“I take it those aren’t some of the things you have on wheels.”

“The lathe will soon be on wheels; the cabinets can be moved with a hand truck. The compressor – well, that’s a different story.”

“How much does the lathe weigh?”

“About two hundred and fifty pounds.”

“Dan, if I might ask, how do you get it up in order to get the wheels under it?”

“I lift it with my crane, of course.”

“Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Is that how you’ll move the compressor?”

“No, David. I can’t move the compressor very much. It’s wired into a dedicated two-twenty-volt circuit, and it’s plumbed into a steel air line that runs through the shop.”

“How will you get new flooring under it, Dan?”

“It will have to do the north-south-east-west wiggle.”

“That sounds like a dance from the sixties.”

“Almost. I’ll tip it to the north, shove a piece of flooring under it, then repeat to the south. Then, east and west two put a second layer under to get it up to the required height.”

“Sounds intriguing. Good luck with that.”

“You boys need another round?”

“We do, Cheryl.”

“Any food?”

“David looks like he needs some wings.”

“Those will be just the thing to settle the rumble in my stomach.”

“Here you go. Fresh bourbon, a cold Corona and some fresh lime. I’ll get those wings in right away.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“Cheers Dan, and I hope you enjoy your trip down into the mineshaft tomorrow.”


  1. Hi Dan – looks like a good week in general … two Father’s Days – enjoy today’s trip out with Faith … while good luck finishing the work-load – looks like it’s coming along nicely. I’ve popped over to Teagan’s to see the end of her voyage … and may well be back anon to read the excerpts through – I love her images. But Summer a la Maddie et al isn’t bad – happy weekend – Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. This was a good week. I am looking forward to a break from the work, and we’ve been treated to a break from the heat, although that may come in the form of rain today. Maddie and I walked early, in case it does rain – she needs her walk (according to her).

      The final voyage of the Delta Pearl is bittersweet, but it did end well.

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  2. Hope you and Faith have a great tour day. :-) I know it is a lot of work, but when you have most of your equipment on wheels you will never have to do it again. We did that several years ago and smile every time we have to move something. :-) I’m guessing Maddie may do more sitting inside than outside for the next couple of days. 🥵


    • Thanks Judy. I had the lathe bolted down, although it wasn’t like it was going anywhere. That made it impossible to clean behind, and lathe work makes a huge mess. Wheels will let me keep it close to the wall when not in use and pull it out under good light when I am using it. The heavy duty wheels are expensive, but I think well worth it. Maddie and I walked early. We can sit inside. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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      • We spent some time this afternoon cutting pressure treated lattice work to go around the bottom of our shed to hopefully keep critters out. We wheeled our work table out so we could get a breeze, and I was thinking about how much you will enjoy all those wheels/casters to move things around. Now I have to figure out what to put behind the lattice work. I’ve been thinking about screen material. If you have a better suggestion, by all means tell me. :-)


        • I would use a heavy aluminum screen. I put vinyl lattice under our porch, with nothing behind it. Rabbits and squirrels go in and out with ease. My shed is on the ground, but rabbits, I think, dug under the front wall and got into the space between the floor joists. They are determined little creatures.

          Having my tools on wheels is a critical element of this new shop. I’m hoping to store the less frequently used ones against the walls and drag them out when I need them.

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  3. Looks to me as though you earned those bonus points from Linda! The workshop is well named — the term “labor-intensive” comes to mind. Maddie and the cats don’t let the hard work get to them, do they? They are accomplished relaxers!

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    • Hahah – “accomplished relaxers” is a great term for them. They are in no danger of being overworked. I think I’ll be moving machinery back into the shop next week. It will be good to get to a point where I can think about using the space. Thanks for the visit – I hope you have a great weekend.

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  4. Careful in that mine shaft, Dan. I was so sad to read the end to the Delta Pearl. Teagan did such a terrific job on that story!! Enjoy your Father’s Day!

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  5. Ha ha ha! I thought you were going to make a comment about fowl balls since that’s where the birds play. I love the picture of the dead leaf with the water droplets. I’m not quite sure why I am so attracted to them. It’s probably Freudian!

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    • Oooooh, that would have been a good way to describe that ball, dang. The birds did look like they were getting ready to play this week.

      I thought of you when I took that picture. If you’re inclined, feel free to explore its meaning.

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  6. My goodness, you are a busy man, Dan! Seems like you are always working on something! Love the pictures. I bet Maddie’s coat is a daily chore to brush out, I barely manage my two Shorkies! Good use of the prompt, I need to go see what I can do with it now.
    We are doing a second Father’s Day as well because I was out of town for the real one. :)

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  7. Like birthdays and Christmas, Father’s Day is open to a longer-than-one-day celebration. You do what you must and especially if it means enjoying a prison tour and an adult refreshment with your daughter. Happy belated Father’s Day and have a wonderful weekend, Dan!

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  8. I Googled Newgate Prison–you should get some wonderful photos, Dan. There is one picture of a dog standing in front of a wall who looks like he could really use a friend…Maddie? The ‘raindrops on leaf’ photo is a beauty! I’m picturing a wall with these and your pinecones framed and hanging in some cute little cabin… Enjoy your weekend!

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  9. Happy Father’s Day second celebration. You and Faith will have a great time together, as always.

    You’re making shorter work out of garage/workshop project than I thought was possible. I sense another celebration coming up when the final detail is complete!

    Marigolds are beautiful. I love them. Don’t know why, but t I didn’t plant any this year. Our favorite redhead needs those walks to keep her girlish figure! Love the orphaned leaf covered in raindrops.

    Will you look at MiMi!! Has she given up the fight and decided ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’? Too funny.

    Happy tour Dan.

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    • The hardest part of this project, Ginger is moving everything around to get a clear path to the part of the floor I’m working on. I’ll be so happy when I get the last big down. Nothing is where it belongs!

      MiMi decided to sit up and been pretty. Well, I guess she’s always pretty, but…

      We walked early today because it looked like rain. We get that redhead out as best we can.

      I hope you’re having a good weekend.


    • I can appreciate that, Audrey. I really hope to put everything its last home. Even though things are on wheels, I don’t like moving them.

      Enjoy the weekend.


  10. Great job working in both words in the intro and ending for the bonus points!!

    Your marigold image has me wondering if the ones in my old backyard are in bloom or if they pulled them out? I’ll never know so I’ll pretend they’re still there and in bloom. 😀

    I hope you and Faith have a lovely day on your day trip to the prison. I hope you are allowed to make photos and we’ll see some here sometime in the future.

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  11. Mimi doesn’t pose too often — we should feel honored. Congratulations on scoring the bonus points. You make it look so effortless. And I can’t resist saying that I’ve been watching The Office entirely too much. The phrase, “how do you get it up in order to get the wheels under it?” triggered a certain brief comment.

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  12. The older I get, the less I like crowds, so covid just reinforced that avoidance. The marigolds are beautiful and the workshop work is impressive. I actually understood some of what you were talking about with the north-south-east-west wiggle. I know you enjoy figuring out those things. Enjoy your Father’s Day excursion!

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    • Thanks JoAnna. I’ve never been a fan of crowds, do this hasn’t been a bad year for me. I do enjoy solving problems like this. It’s fun to stand in the room and remember building it.


  13. Adult beverages and carefree banter sound good to me, although perhaps I’ll wait until it’s a bit later for the former. Sounds like you have a good Father’s Day outing planned and I’m pretty sure we’ll see some of what you two will see. :-) Enjoy!

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  14. Oh a rare siting up portrait of MiMi. She and MuMu are looking especially lovely today, Dan.
    Huge thanks for this big shout-out to “The Delta Pearl.” I’m so glad you were part of this steampunk riverboat story.
    Balderdash! You’ve been doing some heavy work. You certainly deserve that Father’s Day celebration. I hope you and Faith are having a fabulous time. You’ve mentioned that place before, and it sounds fascinating. Hugs on the wing!

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    • The exterior of the prison provided some of the doors of my Dead of Winter post.

      The heavy work is almost done. A couple more nasty bits to this job, and then I can start thinking about using the shop.

      I really enjoyed the conclusion to The Delta Pearl – masterfully done!

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  15. Thanks for featuring Teagans finale to The Delta Pearl. I have to get over there and read it. Trying to catch up….after being in Seattle for two weeks, we had a wedding to attend at Mammoth Mountain (just South of Yosemite National Park here in California) last weekend. I’m so behind in catching up with blogs after missing a week. P.S. large reception was at the top of Mammoth Mountain 11,000 feet….they have a large multi purpose facility at the top. it was truly awesome!!!

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    • That sounds like a great place to have an event, Kirt. I do hope there are a few pictures in the future at your place. I am behind as well, but only a few days, so forgive me if those pictures are already there.

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  16. Happy belated Father’s Day – I hope the time with Faith goes well. I hope you’re feeling better too – sorry you had to have antibiotics. Good job on the prompt, you earned the bonus points! Way to call out Teagan’s book too. Cheers to another successful SoCS to the bar!

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  17. Hi Dan, so glad you finally got to celebrate properly. This is one of your more lengthy projects isn’t it? Smokey looks like he has a prize there. Have a great week.


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