What Goes Up — #1LinerWeds

I have finished laying down the floor in the workshop!

Since the heat and humidity were so high yesterday, I thought I would just remove the “cabinet” I had built around my compressor in an attempt to mitigate the noise. The structure was overbuilt in the extreme. Metal studs were faced with ½” rigid insulation, a layer of wood paneling and another layer of insulation. The paneling was to give some substance to prevent the screws from tearing through the insulation. The second layer of insulation was stapled onto the paneling and taped with metal foil tape. What was I thinking?

I took the structure down layer by layer, stud by stud, nasty-sharp-little-screw by nasty-sharp-little-screw. Once the compressor was standing free, I noticed something wonderful — the air line and the electrical line were both long enough to let me move the compressor up onto the new floor. That allowed me to work in the corner without having to work around a 100-pound (45.4 kg) top heavy steel obstacle. Rather than use strapping and insulation panels under the new flooring, I decided to put down two layers of subfloor material. I had scrap pieces that fit well, and I think the compressor deserves better support.

I finished the corner and moved the compressor into its new home. I am not going to box it in, as it doesn’t run nearly as often as it did when I first bought it (and was frequently using automotive air tools). I plan to install a rubber dampening pad under it before anchoring it back to the floor.

My one-liner is what I said to The Editor after removing the structure that had been housing the compressor:

“The Dan who mantled the compressor cabinet gave no thought whatsoever to his future poor slob self who would have to dismantle it.”

If you’re interested, the slideshow thingie shows the sequence from start to (almost) finished.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Same weather here, and it looks like the rest of the week looks the same for both of us. LOVE the DIY photos, and you seriously boxed that sucker in, Dan, but onward to a whole new working environment. :-) Flowers look beautiful. I wonder what the Happiness Engineers at WordPress could tell me about why I’ve been getting your posts regular like clockwork, but today no post. :-) Hope you get some work time in while it rains outside.

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  2. I can’t imagine doing any work in this heat.. so bravo you. Our town had a 3 hour brown out yesterday because of an overload on the system. I almost melted when the a/c died. Nice to see my bunnies are still out and about though.

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  3. Thank you for the visual aids, without which I’d have been up a creek trying to picture what you’d described. Heavens, what a job! And in that heat! Congrats on such accomplishment!

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  4. Awww, you poor slob. You had to painstakingly dismantle the compressor that you so painstakingly mantled years ago……never thinking “what if I ever need to move this sucker?” Oh! Dan, the corners we paint ourselves into would fill volumes. Lol! That was an incredible amount of work, and in this heatwave. How the Editor managed to not have to take you to the ER with several ‘nasty-sharp-little-screws’ stuck in you is beyond my imagination! So glad it’s done and you made it through casualty free. 🤗

    I just love Porchulaca!! This heat is getting to all of us. Even the bunnies, squirrels and the birds don’t seem too enthusiastic! But come the dead of winter I’ll be wishing for some of this heat. 🤗 Perhaps the rain we’re supposed to get will cool things off a bit. Let’s hope!!

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    • I do hope the rain cools things down, Ginger. Whenever I have to take apart something I built, I shake my head at my previous self. The really sad thing about that enclosure is that it wasn’t all that effective- the noise still filled the shop. The good news is, when I’m using air tools, I am also wearing hearing protection so I don’t notice it that much.

      I was surprised to see Smokey out in the heat of the day. That coat of his has to be a hot one. I tossed him a handful of peanuts and he just sat there and ate them.

      Enjoy the rest of this week.


  5. You must be a machine Dan! Congrats on getting the project done, even in what you guys call heat. I’d love to borrow you for just one week! My hubby gets things done, but on his own timeline, lol. He has a mile-long list of projects he needs/wants to get done, but with our heat and the humidity lately, no drive to do them. 1)Tear down existing shed and replace with shop/carport. (This one is high on the list due to the severity of our weather at times, and the fact that his truck can’t fit in the garage. 2) Remove the fake columns on the front porch, replace them with brick and wooden ones, pour a concrete pad to extend the front porch out about five feet, place rock in all the beds and plants in pots to improve our landscaping 3) Replaster the pool
    I have to give him some credit though, he did take down our rotten fence on one side and had it replaced, and then he built up a spot behind the shed and planted a nice veggie garden. He’s also had to dig up parts of the yard twice, once to fix a leak in the pool line, and once to fix the sprinkler system when the fence guy punched a hole in the line! 🙄

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  6. Oh, the things we do to ourselves to make life harder, Dan! Lesson learned, I suppose, but at least this is over and done with. I hope you are taking time out of the heat today to recuperate from a job well done. Happy Wednesday!

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  7. I wouldn’t be too hard on your old self about that box for the compressor. It worked out all those years for you and needs and wants change and you’re just the man to get the new plan done and done the way you want it. Great job putting the new floor in and thanks for the update. Your projects are always interesting.

    Stay cool!

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  8. I have to give you credit for the amazing amount of work that you are managing to get done. This heat and humidity really saps all energy and motivation right out of me and I don’t feel like doing anything at all. It’s good to see that you are getting your walks in early, as the weather forecasters keep telling us all to do. The critters seem to be hanging on, but it must be tough for them too in this heat.

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    • We’ve been filling the bird baths (we have three that are on the ground so everybody can access them) multiple times a day. I think it is hard on the critters. Maddie loves to walk, but even though we go early and do a short walk, she’s dragging by the time we get back. She doesn’t like the heat (neither do I).

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    • Undoing my work is always a nightmare. I have to remove a metal-working workbench next. I know I overbuilt that thing. Fortunately, it’s going in the trash, so I don’t need to be careful.

      I think Jinx wants a second shot at fame ;-) I was going to upload a sound file of him calling.

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  9. The Editor’s one-liner….too funny. But when you do a job, you do a job! Good gosh, Dan, your temps are higher than ours. I would say you should come to Florida now, but you know that would just jinx everything. Your bell weather tree is the most beautiful shape. I love looking at trees like that.

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    • If I thought I could end this heat wave by visiting FL, I might try it, Lois. I always check that tree while we’re walking. It’s a pretty good indication of where we are in the seasons.

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  10. I don’t need a hurricane-proof house for my compressor, but if and when I do I’ll know to call ‘previous’ Dan :-D
    Ad The Editor wins the week for the witty comment.
    Now just remember to go easy in this heat ok my friend?

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    • Thanks Norm. It’s good to see you again! The modern dad Dan seems to still favor building as if there’s a big storm coming.

      I am taking it easy, ending the work before it gets as hot in the shop as it is outside.

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  11. The rubber dampening pad we surely could use, because the floor of our living room starts to buckle! It sounds like you did a satisfying job where all went well! Way to go, Dan:):)

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  12. Hi Dan – that looks like a job well done … yes I can see traits there … and being sensible re the heat only makes sense. Very tidy and well organised … hope this weekend is more tolerable. Cheers Hilary

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