Independence – #SoCS

It’s Saturday and the beginning of a weekend celebration of the birth of our country (USA). Most Independence Day festivities remain cancelled this year – it simply takes too long to prepare for these events – but it’s not the hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks that matter. Today, we gather at the bar and celebrate our independence, and we will easily handle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt,

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘contains igh.’ Find a word that contains the letters ‘igh’ in that order and use it in your post. Enjoy!”

Before we join David and Cheryl, I want to share the preamble to our Declaration of Independence – where this experiment in democracy started. It’s fitting for this weekend, and it satisfies the prompt,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

Now, if we were having a beer, we would be enjoying the holiday spirit.

“Gentlemen, your first round is on me today. A John Howell’s Special for David and a cold Corona for Dan.”

“Thank you, Cheryl, – cheers!”

“Yes, thank you, Cheryl, although I expected Dan to switch to an American beer for today, perhaps a Boston Lager.”

“This Corona is the means by which I am pursuing happiness today, David.”

“Well, it is a weekend to be independent, Dan. Were you busy in your shop today?”

“No. No activity in the workshop until Tuesday – orders of she who must be obeyed.”

“I believe that’s pronounced ‘swim•bo’ – I report to the same authority. Why the moratorium? Are you in charge of the grill?”

“I have what you might call a ‘history’ on this weekend. On multiple occasions, mishaps on and near the fourth of July have required me to seek medical attention.”

“Visits to the ER?”

“ER, Urgent Care, Doctor’s offices and on one weekend, visits to every drug store in town to buy gauze pads for oozing poison ivy.”

“Yikes, you really know how to celebrate, my young friend.”

“This weekend, I’ll enjoy some cooler days, walks with the dog and maybe a chance to sit in between rain showers.”

“Did you at least finish the floor in your shop? Or, did you avoid the ninety-nine degree days by staying inside?”

“I worked in there on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.”

“Monday and Wednesday?”

“We cut the grass on Monday, and I took my car in for service on Wednesday.”

“Service? The recall? Can I take that to mean you’re no longer in danger of bursting into flames?”

“Hahaha – yes, and that’s a good thing since I parked next to you.”

“You’re certain they completed those repairs?”

“I am.”

“Your dealership in in East Hartford. Does that mean you stopped at Great River Park?”

“And Maddie’s, yes.”

“Ah ha – breakfast at Maddie’s. That’s why you bought your car in East Hartford, isn’t it?”

“No, David. We had a bad experience with the dealership closest to us. We used the folks in East Hartford for service and we liked them.”

“You liked the service at a dealership? Dan, that’s just not normal.”

“These guys a really good, decent price, and the location has its benefits.”

“River views, bacon, eggs over easy, pancakes – I’d say those are pretty good benefits.”

“I meant they have a nice new customer lounge with WiFi, coffee and powered workstations.”

“Yeah yeah, sure you did.”

“You guys are making me hungry with all this food talk. Do you want anything to eat?”

“Cheryl, I know it’s hot out, but I would like a bowl of clam chowder.”

“You know what, Dan? We sell a lot of chowder when it’s hot.”

“I guess, in this case, I’m doing the normal thing, eh David?”

“I wouldn’t go that far, Dan. The chowder here is exceptionally good.”

“Would you like a bowl?”

“I would. And, Cheryl, since Dan is buying, let’s have another round.”


  1. The shop is looking good, and you will appreciate those wheels for many years. We use and enjoy our new work table on wheels in our garage so much that we are using some hinges and making an extension that we can flip up or down. I love those hinges. We used them to make a table in the garage and one in the shed. Pull them up when I need them and flip them down when I don’t. :-) I’m drinking my coffee, and that breakfast sure makes me hungry. You have some good food stops, Dan. Have a safe and relaxing weekend.

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    • Thanks Judy. I took down a work shelf, but I didn’t throw it away. I am thinking of mounting it on a set of those flip-up hinges. I have to figure out a way of making the lathe more stable when I use it. It rocks a little in that wheeled base. But the ability to push it out of the way and to pull it out where I can clean around it is too much to give up now that I have it.

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  2. I swear we get exactly the same whether you do! One minute it’s raining so hard I’m looking for the Titanic and the next minute it is bright, sunny and beautiful. Not confusing at all.

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  3. I had to recover from the cat captions before I could comment. I’m recovered now and I thank you for the laugh — much needed this week, which has been a very sobering one. Visiting the bar was therapeutic too, and it’s impossible not to notice the sometimes-unnoticed: a little conversation among friends, a bowl of good chowder, over-easy eggs, for instance. Such wonderful celebrations of independence. Much more festive than trips to the ER.

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  4. I am commenting from Reader. I show up as an ‘unknown or deleted user’ when I try to comment on your actual page. The shop is looking good and that pancake is enormous! Nothing like simple pleasures. The reflection photo is beautiful. Enjoy your weekend, Dan.

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  5. Terrific use of the prompt, Dan. Perfect.
    I feel like Homer Simpson drooling and saying chooowderrrr… :) We were blessed with several steady rain showers, and a week of beautiful temperatures. After months, and months of no rain at all, and a month of 100 (or higher) degree temps, it was bliss. It’s getting hot again today though, so I guess the chowder won’t be on my menu. MiMi’s expression is adorable. Happy Independence Day weekend. Hugs on the wing.

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    • We’ve had over 6” of rain this week. Half of it fell yesterday. The night it started, the temp dropped from 99 to 74 in less than half an hour. I’m relaxing this weekend. I’m glad you had a good weather week. I hope your temperature stays out of the frying pan range. Hugs!

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  6. My husband and I both take our cars to the dealership, also. We had used this one shop for years. But then they changed owners and, turned out, they were ordering parts from the dealer, so….. Your moon shot is so pretty. I can never get a picture like that. Our fireworks here in town are a ‘go’ but we have so much rain forecast, I am not sure that is gonna happen. Wishing you a very quiet, uneventful weekend, Dan.

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    • We had a great local guy, but he retired and moved to SC. The other local shop is a horrible option. Our town canceled fireworks (Maddie approves) but the be there town up has them tonight. I have a ton of moon photos that didn’t come out well. Have a good weekend, Lois.

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  7. Beautiful photos and a great story! Congratulations on your shop — it looks amazing.
    Happy 4th, Dan, and thank you for adding the Preamble. May we never forget. 😊

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  8. The shop is looking good, and breakfast looks yummy and filling.

    Daytime Moons are cool, aren’t they. I love the view and reflections of the cityscape from the park.

    I hope you and the Editor have a lovely, accident-free holiday! Happy Independence Day, Dan!!

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  9. Nice beginning.  Moon pic gorgeous, pine bow too.  The bugs and worms reminds me of being a kid sent out to father worms for fishing after a big rain.  And that is a huge pancake🤯😄

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  10. The fourth is the one time of year I enjoy a beer! We are having a parade this year but no food vendors. A band in the park but no petting zoo. Hope you get a nice sunny day tomorrow! (but not too hot!)

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  11. Super post, Dan Thanks for the mention. I enjoyed seeing how you moved that lathe. Those items looked good lined up there. It is difficult to believe you move those things by yourself. I think She Who Must Be Obeyed is wise to keep you from doing heavy stuff during the holidays. Much safer. Chowder. Yummmmmm. The Maddie breakfast looked pretty good too. Nothing like a super file photo to fill in when the real thing is not in front of you. Thanks for the preamble. Wonderful words.

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  12. Thanks for the preamble Dan. Good to be reminded of these words. Hope this Fourth of July weekend is fun, restful, requires no medical intervention for any one, including pets, and is abundant with good food! I think She Who Must Be Obeyed is wise to put you on a short leash until the danger period is over!

    My goodness! Is MiMi actually becoming a morning cat? The photo of MuMu and the caption are hilarious! Maddie looks quite content on her deck in between storms. I bet she’s thinking about the special ‘people treats’ she hopes to get tomorrow.

    Love that reflection shot. And the one of the morning moon. Neat!

    🇺🇸 Ginger 🇺🇸

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    • Thanks Ginger. MiMi says “tell Ginger I am in no way becoming a morning cat!”

      SWMBO has driven me to too many facilities on the weekend. If the 4th falls on a Wednesday, she expands the blackout to both weekends.

      We are all relaxing in the rain until Tuesday. I hope you’re having a great weekend.

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  13. The shop looks good, the chowdah looks good, Maddie looks good–all good. Thanks for sharing that bit of the Constitution and for unabashedly celebrating our country’s birthday. I hope you have a wonderful extended weekend (although when you’re retired, what difference does it make?” Happy birthday, USA.

    P.S. I also liked She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. :-)

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  14. Happy Fourth, Dan! Sorry I’m late to the bar. Busy this morning, then the internet went out, then food prep this afternoon. Glad the Editor has you in NTL…No Trouble Lockdown. Take the time to enjoy the cooler weather, a well-serviced car and a beer that does not require stiches.

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    • This bar is always open, Mary. I am enjoying a nice quiet (wet) weekend. I will do my best to stay away from needles and thread. I hope your Internet hangs in there and you enjoy the rest of this weekend.

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  15. Dear Dan,

    Hello! May you celebrate the day with glee to your heart’s content. Moreover, please let me leave you with something positive for the start of the second half of 2021.

    Happy Sunday!
    Happy July!
    Happy Independence Day!
    Happy Summertime!

    “In SUMMER the song sings itself” ― William Carlos Williams

    Yours sincerely,

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  16. Independence Day represents the victory of a new elite over an old one. When the American elite wanted to displace its British cousins, they stirred up a bunch of bullshit about “atrocities” and “horrible rights-of-man violations” and presto! George Washington was rowing across the Delaware, serving the South, serving America!

    — Catxman


  17. Hi Dan – have a fun weekend … glad things are progressing and presume you’ve stayed away from disaster and medical needs. Happy fourth … cheers Hilary

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  18. Yeah! Happy birthday, America! I hope you’re having a mishapless Independence Day. I must say that for Slovenia and me it ended the best it could: Luka and basketball Team Slovenia qualified for the Olympic Games (our first in basketball!), Slovenian cyclist Pogačar increased his overall lead at Tour de France, and I won my online card tournament. Win win win all around!

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  19. Glad to read you had a nice relaxing and free from the ER kind of weekend! Looks like you enjoyed some wonderful refreshments as well. Your floor is looking great! And the reflection photos on the river are gorgeous. Cheers to you and yours!

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