Wet Weekend

As you can see below, our heatwave came to an abrupt end Wednesday evening. Since then, we’ve had well over 7″(18cm) of rain. We’re going to have a nice day today (Mon) then back to the 90s on Tuesday and then more rain. Oh well, this is New England.

The rain stopped early Sunday morning. Since we hadn’t walked for two days, I took Maddie for a walk between showers.

When we got to the park, the birds were trying to squeeze a game in.

When we got home we sat for a while before the rain started again.

And, for River. When the rain eased up a bit, one of our bunnies decided to munch. River will appreciate this, it turns out bunnies like to eat quince bushes. Can these little guys get any better?

Because it was Independence Day in the US

I hope you all had a great weekend. If you’re in the US, and this is a long weekend for you, I hope you have had better weather than we have. Apologies to those in the west who would enjoy four days of steady rain.


  1. We didn’t have as much rain as you did, but it was a soggy mess until Sunday.

    I love all the photos where everything is densely covered in raindrops. Beautiful! Maddie must’ve been really itching to walk after two days on the couch! Poor baby. Yeah, Maddie looks a bit uncomfortable with Smokey so close!

    I am not a sports fan at all, but the games between the birds is just too funny. I hope the little guys win the series!

    Could you send some of your bunnies down here to help my bunnies feast on the quince plants? Beautiful when in bloom, but otherwise I hate that prickly thing. So sorry I planted it. This is what happens when you plant something you haven’t researched first. Sigh….

    Hope today is the start of a wonderful week. You’ll probably be spending at least one day mowing all the grass all that rain produced!!

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    • We just walked in a light drizzle, Ginger. We are hoping to mow the grass today while it’s cool instead of when it’s bright sun and 90 degrees.

      Smokey kept coming up to Maddie’s cot to get my attention. I can throw a peanut a fair distance, but I guess he likes to make sure I see him.

      When we moved here, we had once quince. I transplanted a chute from that – that’s the one the bunny is eating. I hope he’s really hungry. I think the little birds took the series. The crows were staying in the trees today – probably embarrassed.

      I hike you have a wonderful week!


    • The day lilies have migrated here from our neighbor’s yard. We almost never see deer around here. We have to settle for Arnold the weightlifting squirrel and Smokey’s family. Oh.and every bunny everywhere.

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  2. The rain photos are beautiful, Dan! Yay, Jinx!!! Crows didn’t stand a chance. Arnold is adorable. I picture him sauntering up to Maddie, giving her a little tap on the nose and saying, “Hi Gorgeous!”

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  3. It would be so good if we could order rain where it’s needed! Nonetheless, that waterlogged daylily is lovely. I most enjoyed the bird game. I have not one kind thing to say about bunnies this year.

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  4. Living in the driest state…the state with the least amount of rain a year I would definitely welcome some of your rain!
    The raindrop-covered flowers are lovely. Enjoy the break from the heat. 74 degrees is perfect! We’re going to have a high of 97 today.

    I hope you had a lovely 4th of July!

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  5. No rain for us even though clouds threaten.  And it was a cool night for fireworks in the city park and late night bbq and sitting around the outdoor fire.  All in all a good 4th here in Cheyenne.

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  6. Hey Dan! You could send some of that rain back to Wisconsin. We haven’t quite recovered from our June hot snd dry days. Been spending most of the weekend and today indoors because of the heat and high dewpoint. The weather this summer has been so weird. Expected high in the 60’s this Wednesday? So weird!
    Anyhow…thanks for the critter pictures. Who doesn’t love bun-buns, squirrels and your girls!

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  7. That peanut detail shot is hilarious and excellent, Dan. I love seeing the drops. Would you mind if I just shook them out near one of our plants? Yesterday and this morning looked like we might get rain but no mare than a few drops here and there. Maybe later in the week. We can but hope.


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  8. Rain is a wonderful feeling after a heat wave. Our Vancouver heat wave, which felt apocalyptic, is moving east into Alberta and Saskatchewan. Canadians know how to deal with extreme cold weather, but we are now learning how devastating heat can be. We were well over 100 for several days. Lytton clocked in at 121F . And then the fires came and destroyed the entire village in the matter of 15 minutes. I understand there are about 175 fires around the province. We are hoping and praying for rain. It was a wake-up call that climate change is evolving faster than expected. Even the NWT (northern Canada) as of June 30, has had 20 daily records broken so far. We live in interesting time. Loved your photos – a reminder that rain will come again.

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      • Me too! Vancouver is considered to reside within a rainforest climate so I know that rain will return. Right now, the sooner, the better! The average rainfall for Vancouver is 57.3 inches (1457mm) and 168 days of rain. Once you cross the bridge to North Vancouver,their rainfall almost doubles at 99.3 inches (2522mm) and 178 days of rain. The Amazon basin reaches 60 – 120 inches (1,500 -3,000mm) yearly. Perhaps this is why our unprecedented heat wave has surprised climatologists. I am glad that you visited our city.

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