Thoughts of Value – #1LinerWeds

I have a short one-liner today, but I do have an update on the “why do I keep getting kicked off Dan’s followers list?” issue with WordPress. Don’t get excited, it hasn’t been fixed. It has been moved to a state of high priority. I have been monitoring the development thread on GitHub. Several people have mentioned that the problem is being considered a high priority issue. One person noted that, “despite being a high priority problem, there doesn’t seem to be any recent progress.” Others noted that that assessment is accurate, including one developer who said, “Correct, it’s currently in the Flow Patrol domain.” Don’t ask me to explain what that means.

Now, for the one-liner. I saw this on one of those message boards in front of a nearby church. You don’t have to apply a religious undertone, but then again, you might.

“The best things in life aren’t things!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Bunnies everywhere, I’m so jealous. Wish you’d send that rain up here, our lawn is brown and crunchy. As for the ventilated shirts, I have quite a few of those. You think we’d know better by now.

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  2. Thanks for the great selfie, ventilation and all!! Those of us who own or have owned cats feel your pain. That is not the face of a happy kitty! 🤗

    “Things” shouldn’t be the focal point of our lives, but things that are sentimental and meaningful to us would be right up there in importance.

    Bunnies are not in short supply at the Antion homestead, are they? 😂

    That diseased leaf is intriguing. Yes, I definitely am weird in my old age. What excuse did you give Maddie for cluttering up her porch again with your garbage? Poor girl deserves a special treat for having to put up with this.

    Hope your Wednesday is fruitful in the renovation area, despite awful humidity and high temperatures.

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  3. Thanks Ginger. The next time someone complains that all my pictures of MiMi are when she’s laying down, I have a response for them.

    We have a new baby bunny. It’s the tiniest little thing. I think The Editor got some good pictures. I’ll have to raid her camera before Saturday.

    I would have had all the bags out for pickup, but the pickup day wasn’t delayed by the holiday was we thought it would be. Two out of three made it into the truck. This one will be with us until Monday – happy dog or not.

    I think sentimental things are really just examples of the love we have/had for someone, so…

    I hope you have a great rest of the week.


  4. Get it right, Dan. Maddie’s porch is NOT a storage area. Poor girl! Ventilated shirts….my husband and I joke that it’s pointless to wear anything nice inside ’cause the cats are gonna get it. Trying to trim their nails is where the chest ventilation comes into play. 😼

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  5. The best things in life are people and their pets, Dan. Thanks for sharing your furry kids today, even with threat of mutilation. What we don’t go through for our beloved humans and furballs!

    The rain (storms) finally came yesterday afternoon and it will be raining for the most part today, but I hope this heads either south or north of CT. It was pouring buckets for awhile and I’m sure you don’t need more of it. The weather has been so weird – I wish it would just be in the 70’s, low dewpoint, and sunny for about a week. That would be nice.

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  6. Great pics Dan, you’re a good looking fellow and you look no worse for wear!😄  That’s the thing about cats. . .but I am going to ask a favor.  When my brain starts working again, I would love to use your leaf photo in a post.  Please?☺️

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  7. You have the 3-M company with you all the time, don’t you? Sorry about your shirt but I enjoyed the selfie. But which of you took the photo? :-) The one-liner is so true and as for WP, we could have one-liner every day based on questions for them. I’m still having the issue of highlighting an entire phrase but having the application, whatever it is, only go on part of it. Sometimes I have to try three times. But they do still have the dots for days that have post scheduled and that makes my day every day.

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  8. What a great one-liner, and I couldn’t agree more! As for WP, it seems an endless up/down process. Loved your photo log, as always Dan. Have a wonderful day!

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  9. That’s a true statement!

    Poor Maddie having to share her deck with chairs and stuff. 😂 I hope that’s not a vintage favorite Pirates shirt that got ventilated.

    I hope the Happiness Engineers escalate the issue sooner rather than later.

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  10. I just realized I needed to visit because I hadn’t gotten an email. Love the photos, and you got twice as much rain as we did. We’re still under water restrictions. The indoor and outdoor animals all appear to be having a good time regardless of the weather.

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  11. Love the rain…and the selfie, Dan. So far no trouble with my following status for your blog but I do wonder about others I used to follow. I just don’t have the time to explore which ones in particular. Hmmm…

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  12. Amen to your one-liner! I really like the view of Veteran’s Park. I hope you don’t get any flooding today, Dan. We’re just north of the worst band of rain. I have all the fans going in the basement just in case.

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