Headbangers – #1LinerWeds

I am almost at the point of having a functional workshop. I still have lots of work to do, but tools are accessible, and I have room to work. As I’ve mentioned before, my goal is to have a safe space in which to work. That means putting machines on wheels and parking them against the walls. This makes the perimeter of the shop look crowded, but it opens up the interior so I have room to work.

Given that things are being stored against the walls, I decided to use the wall space above and around those tools and tool cabinets as efficiently as possible. I have installed shelves over some tools and I have other tools nested together in a tight row. One of the more challenging items to store is the scaffolding I use as a hoist/crane.

The scaffolding can be disassembled, but even in that state, it takes up a lot of space. My plan has always been to store it against the wall, and to store two wheeled tool cabinets under it. The cabinets fit well, and the majority of the space is being put to good use. However, this means that, depending on what drawers in the tool cabinets I need to access, I need to reach in under the scaffolding. That brings me to today’s one-liner.

“Order of operations, bang head on blunt metal object then cover blunt metal object with foam to prevent injury.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Congratulations on having an almost-functional workshop! About workshops I know nothing, but I know enough to know that any work space is a very personal thing, and it seems you’re getting this space just where you want it. It certainly is impressive. However, I must confess that I laughed out loud when I read your one-liner. With empathy. though. This order of doing things I know well.

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    • Thanks. I am getting close. It’s hard to explain, without delving into the way tools work and the things I build, but I think this will work for me. I’d love to have twice as much space, but that’s not likely to happen. As for the wink, that’s how we learn where to put the padding.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re so safety conscious about arranging your workshop. Most people wouldn’t be. It looks fantastic already!

    Love the painted rock! Smokey is holding on to that peanut for dear life and that cat was in the right place at the right time. Nice picture.

    Have fun playing with your new creation. You’re going to love working in there. You’ll wonder how you managed before the big renovation!

    Happy Wednesday. More rain here. Did I say “more”? More like CONTINUOUS! But tomorrow looks promising.

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    • More rain here, too, Ginger. I think it stopped for a while. Maddie says we better walk now.

      Our daughter says Smokey eats the peanut like an ice cream cone. She’s right. I love watching them nibble their way down.

      The shop is almost ready for action. I managed to get power to the table saw – I haven’t had that since October. It feels good.

      I Ihope you have a good day. The forecast says we might see the sun tomorrow and Thursday. I wonder if it still looks the same.


  3. Love the photo of your shop. As far as I’m concerned you could do a post each week on one wall so I could see exactly how you stored things. Of course, you’d probably put everyone else to sleep. :-) Congrats on getting it just the way you want it set up and for being creative.

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    • Maybe next year, Judy. I still have shelves that are holding stuff that I have to go through and weed out and organize better. I’m at the point where I want to not let perfect get in the way of good enough. I’ll get there later.

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  4. The workshop is coming along fantastic, Dan! I always knew it would (can you hear the little tinge of jealousy?) 🙄
    I don’t have that sort of ambition any more.
    My favorite picture today is the cat by the gate.

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  5. Hey, it’s Norm’s Yankee workshop! Kewl! You are going to be in heaven!

    Your preventative measures made me smile, Dan. Glad you are saving yourself from self-induced stitches and concussions. It reminds me of when Natasha was still my roomie and our couch was on the other side of a too-high kitchen counter (you have to see it to understand). I don’t know how many times I would sit back and hit the edge of the dang counter because of my height. Never a concussion, but I really should have taken a page from your book.

    Have an awesome, Wednesday, Dan, and give the furry ones a skritch or two from me.

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  6. What an amazing workstation, Dan. No wonder you do such incredible feats in and around your home. Bravo! And I love your photos. Your nature and wildlife photos are stunning. 😊

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  7. Hi Dan – great space now … and will be wonderful once all things are put away. Lots of rain for you … but glad Maddie’s being able to get out and about … take your time, and no more headbangers!! Cheers Hilary

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  8. Your workshop is looking great, Dan. Is that Joanne’s cat? 😸 Once in a while a ginger cat (Big Ginger) comes around my yard looking for food. The smaller of the two cats I take care of (the female!) chases that cat away so fast. I guess that’s her way of saying, ‘two of us outdoor cats is enough.’

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  9. I hope that foam works! The shop looks great though.

    BTW- if I hover my mouse over the thumbnail I can see and read the caption, but if I click on an image and scroll through the gallery there are no captions. It’s different!

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  10. Isn’t it a great feeling you can organize your stuff? Hubs did something similar in the garage, so all his stuff and suitcases is against the wall, so we can still have two garbage bins and our car in there! Love the painted stone:)

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  11. Ouch. It seems we are always reordering our workshop as we bang heads or hit shins on the bits around it. One thing that is great about the scaffolding we bought is it is SO TALL (it was bought for a project). Mitchell stores fabrics and leathers on it, double decker! Will we get to see a total picture of the finished project. And is it in the garage so you can sometimes open the garage door? When ours was in the garage it was nice on summer days to open the shop door and have the outside come in.

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    • It is in the garage. I converted the back 10′ of the garage to shop space and joined it to a 12×16′ workshop. I need to be careful not to use the scaffolding for storage, as I want it ready to use as my crane when I need to lift plywood out of my trailer.


  12. This is a clear case of learning from your mistakes, Dan. I keep banging my head on the washline. There is a little rounded pieces that you string the line through and I bang my head on it at least once a week. I have been making a concerted effort to remember and be more careful as it is quite painful.

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  13. Oooo, yeah. Room to work is very important. But even when I have that, I still have to put a cap on when I work. It’s either that or reach for the band-aids. :P

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