Ups and Downs – #1LinerWeds

Since I dragged you guys back into the math class you hated in high school on Monday, I thought I’d go easy on you today.

During the course of my workshop renovation project, I found myself having to go, literally from floor to ceiling numerous times each day. Sometimes it was a simple thing – stand on a ladder to fasten something to the wall. Sometimes, it was a process for a few minutes – crawl around on my knees taking measurements. Sometimes, it was an extended stay – assembling a wheeled machine base. I offer this general observation as my one-liner,

“I can stand, I can kneel, and I can sit cross legged on the floor – getting up is another story.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. I’m so jealous! Except for standing,and not very well, I can’t do anything in your one liner any more! 🥴.

    Maddie knows what she wants and that’s all there is to it! Wet grass will never slow down Smokey as long as there’s a peanut involved.

    I like the glimpse of sunlight through the branches.

    Some dry days in store for us. Enjoy them while they last.

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    • I wasn’t trying to gloat, Ginger. We have a threat of thunderstorms this afternoon and Maddie is curled up inside my feet, under my desk. There isn’t nearly enough room for her, let alone us, but that’s where she is. I think she senses the storms..

      Smokey braves all kinds of weather. It’s impossible to say no to him.

      I took about 15 pictures of that apple tree. I still can’t figure out which ones I like. I’m glad you liked this one.


  2. ‘Getting up’ – now, there’s something a lot of us can relate to. Recently, one hand is challenged by some arthritis, and getting up using one hand to push or pull just doesn’t do it. I often wonder what my local fire department would think if I call and say ‘I’m down and can’t get up.’ They rescue cats out of trees, why not retirees from the ground. :-) Happy Wednesday, Dan.

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    • They show up for “my husband passed out and I can’t lift him” so I think they would come get you back on your feet.

      I’ve never been good at sitting cress legged. Sometimes, it’s the only position that works, but boy is it hard to get back up.

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  3. Getting up off the floor? I remember those days…. ah, the way we were, eh?!
    I love the caption, “I thought there was going to be snacks.” I see a bird like that at the super market every week!! They do look confused and come right up to you.

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  4. I suspect you will get considerable empathy from your readers on this one. It is too painfully true that the body argues with the mind more and more as we become older and (theoretically) wiser. Your photos are great. That white Rose of Sharon is gorgeous.

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  5. What a great one-liner, Dan. Getting up? Now that’s a process that time controls, doesn’t it. Thank you, Dan, for the great post and incredible photos. 😊

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  6. Come on, Jinx!! Power over those crows!! There will be snacks! The ‘smoke, rain and sun’ photo is so pretty. And the wording on the photos showed without my having to hit that circle ‘i’. I refuse to ask for help getting up, dammit! I got this. Gimme a minute… 🤣

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  7. 😆😆 Dan, the hubby and I were just talking about this the other day! His was “It’s good you can still get down there when necessary but it takes a lot longer getting up these days!” I couldn’t exactly argue!! 😂

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    • The crows need a win to keep their season hopes alive, Teagan. Hopefully with Jinx pitching they can get one.

      I’ve never seen so many mushrooms of such different types growing in one spot. I’m glad you like the photo.

      As of the 20th, we’ve had the 3rd wettest July on record.

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  8. LOL!! I can relate! I get down to take pictures of flowers, insects, and stuff, but with my backpack on it’s really hard to get up again!

    The Rose of Sharon bud and bloom are lovely, and I like the light and shadow on the apple, and I think you’re right it’s a Mockingbird.

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  9. I guess you managed to get up from the shot of the ‘shrooms, unless you held the camera/phone way down and maybe even upside down. Yes, getting up isn’t what it used to be. No kip ups, I’m guessing? :-) I enjoyed all the photos but Smokey caught my eye. I love that color squirrel. Happy over-the-hump-day or maybe when you’re retired, it’s happy the-day-formerly-known-as-over-the-hump-day, ala Prince.

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    • I do kneel down for those pictures, Janet. Kneeling is ok. Sitting on the floor or ground is tough. Smokey is adorable. We have several running around here. They used to be the skittish squirrels. Now they’re the bold ones. Wednesday still feels like the hump.

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  10. Dan, good post today. All of us seem to say the same thing, no matter the age. I’ve used my trick – turn around and maneuver body up – to get off the floor. And I stay off the floor as much as possible. Even though the wildfires are bad, your sun & smoke through the apple tree photos are incredible. Maddie and the yard creatures always a plus. Enjoy the rest of the week. 📚🎶 Christine

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  11. I love your one liners, Dan. By the way, I enjoyed your math class and would have loved to have you as a teacher. Those four A’s were well deserved. You brought back all my studies in standard deviation and statistics!!

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  12. Hi Dan – getting up can be a challenge … I did buy a kneeler … and will place it where I can lever myself up. I have to do rather a lot of up and down here too – once our weather has cooled off … it’s been really hot and the sea was a total mill pond yesterday. – Good luck and the more you practice – the easier it’ll become (perhaps) … ?? Cheers Hilary

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  13. Many great things to see in your yard! The mushrooms – aren’t they early? Your one liner means you are not young anymore, haha. I can say the same of myself! By the way, to resolve another (!) blog issue, I changed my username from Jeshie2 to Emille:)

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  14. Wonderful pictures, as always, but … A one-liner that’s barely more than one line? Who are you, and what have you done with Dan? The birds playing baseball cracks me up every time. Every. Time. :D

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