Teagan Visits the Bar – #SoCS

It’s a very special Saturday at the No Facilities bar. We are awaiting the arrival of our guest of honor, Teagan R. Geneviene who will be joining us shortly. David and I will enjoy talking with her and trying to wrestle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to the ground.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘color/colour.’ Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!”

As is always the case when I have visitors at the bar, a bit more planning went into this post than Linda might like. Let’s hope she’s a good sport.

If we were having a beer, you and your bartender buddy would be anxious, although not for the same reasons.

“Hi Dan, I was hoping you were Teagan.”

“That would be awkward, David.”

“Sigh. You know what I mean, I was hoping Teagan was here.”

“Teagan? Teagan Gwenevere, the author?”

“Teagan Geneviene, Skippy, Geneviene.”

“OK, sure. Is she bringing Lulu with her, Dan?”

“No. If you recall, she didn’t bring Lulu the last time, Lulu brought herself, as she is wont to do.”

“I liked her a lot.”

“That’s great Skippy. You know what I’d like a lot…a John Howell’s special.”

“No problem, David. Dan, do you want a Corona or are you waiting for Lulu?”

“Teagan, Skippy. I’m waiting for Teagan, but I’ll have my beer while I wait.”

“You don’t have to wait much longer, Dan. I think I see her now. Hokey smokes, she’s getting out of that Phantom Corsair.”

“Great, you can relax now, David. It’s too bad the trolley doesn’t still run here. Trolley and antique luxury car tied for the transportation mode of her new serial.”

“Here you go, David. A glass of bourbon, a snif…”

“…Snifter of seltzer, a glass of ice and, wait, where are the cherries? Skippy, you forgot David’s cherries.”

“I’ll get them right away, Lulu, I’m sorry, I mean Teagan. What can I get you to drink?”

“Thanks to a thoughtful birthday gift from a great friend, I’ve discovered pink gin – do you have Boodles Strawberry Rhubarb Gin.”

“I think I saw a bottle of that in the back. Yes, we have some. How would you like it?”

“Mmmm, it’s great with some seltzer.”

“You want that in a snifter?”

“Oh, what the heck, sure. But you’ll have to refill it more often.”

“No problem. I’ll make up a tall glass and keep the shaker sitting in the ice for you.”

“Thanks Skippy. I do like my gin cold. Hi Dan, hi David. Sorry to ignore you two, but that seemed important.”

“No pr…”

“Don’t say it Dan. Do NOT say it. Welcome, Teagan. It’s good to see you again.”

“Thank you, David, I’ve been looking forward to hanging out with you guys.”

“Here you go, Teagan, here’s your gin.”

“Awww, Skippy, you put a slice of strawberry and a stick of rhubarb in there. Aren’t you sweet?”

“It was no problem. They’re making pies today.”

“Ahem, Skippy, you forgot my cherries.”

“I’ll get them, David.”

“Ok. Now that we all have something to drink, I propose we toast to the completion of ‘The Delta Pearl,’ passing the halfway point with ‘Dead of Winter,’ launching a new blog serial, and making your contribution to Amazon Vella. Those are a lot of accomplishments. Hopefully, you feel good about this, Teagan.”

“You know, David, I’m unreasonably hard on myself.  But it did feel good to bring ‘The Delta Pearl’ to a satisfying conclusion – especially after two years of blogging it.”

“How does it feel to be a time traveler? I know you prefer to set your writing in other time periods, but do you find that you have to remind yourself what era you’re in? Especially with so many projects running at the same time.”

“Ha! I never thought of myself as a time traveler, Dan – I like it.  As for reminding myself about when I am, only when I’m working on a nineteen-twenties story. For some reason, that decade can snare me.”

“Speaking of the nineteen-twenties, one of my favorite books of yours is “Speak Flapper” – do you think you might publish other non-fiction resources in the future?”

“Oh, thanks, Dan! Fiction is where my heart is, but you know I enjoy my research. That’s what lead to the dictionary of nineteen-twenties slang. I’m flattered that it’s been steadily popular. Yes, I’d like to do several kinds of ‘author reference’ types of books. After I published ‘Speak Flapper’, I started gradually working on a dictionary of Victorian and steampunk slang. My working title is ‘Speak Chuckaboo’ – that’s the Victorian word for a dear friend.”

“I’d buy that in a heartbeat.”

“You’d buy that book, David?”

“Yes, Teagan. I know it seems out of character for me, but since Dan won’t lend me his Journeys from ‘Dead of Winter,’ I’ve been buying them for myself.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that series. You are seven journeys into ‘Dead of Winter.’ You seem to be on schedule, does that mean the process been going according to plan?”

“Surprisingly, yes, David.  I’ve viewed ‘Dead of Winter’ as (for my efforts) primarily an editing project, since I wrote the epic in two-thousand ten.  However, I have been writing more new material for it than I expected. Not a ton of writing, but I didn’t expect to be doing that.  One thing that I didn’t take into account when I began turning the huge novel into a series of novelettes was the need for a new cover each month as well as the editing project. That and the need to give each one enough similarity that they look like they belong together.”

“Your book covers are amazing, Teagan. It’s one of the benefits of buying the paperback versions.”

“Aww, thanks Dan.”

“When you say you’ve been writing more new material, have you changed the story in ‘Dead of Winter’ from the original? If so, was it to fit into a serial form or did you make other changes?”

“No, David, the story is very much still what it was in two-thousand ten. I’m doing a lot of editing, because I didn’t realize how much my basic writing style has evolved. As far as the actual story, I haven’t changed that at all.”

“You guys need another round? Teagan, can I add a splash to your snifter?”

“Why thank you, Skippy. Yes, you can top this off. These guys look ready for another round.”

“Maybe this time I could get some cherries.”

“No problem, David.”

“Teagan, I’m enjoying reading ‘Pride and Flowers, Prejudice and Dirigibles’ – Do you think Amazon Vella will be a success?”

“For readers, Dan, I think it will be terrific. I’m sure there are more than a few authors who will be successful with it, especially main-stream big name authors.  As for the rest of us, well, success depends on how we define it.  The terms, rules, and particularly the pay structure keep it from being anything I would consider profitable for the average independent author.  However, if I gain exposure and new friends from my Vella serial, then I will see it as a success.”

“I know I speak for many of your readers when I say that we are excited that you’re starting a new blog serial. Are you excited? Nervous? How would you describe your feelings at this point?”

“David, it’s so exciting to be here again. Yes, I absolutely am. I always have a bundle of excitement and enthusiasm when I begin a new story. Other than that, I’d describe my feeling as ‘curious.’ The ‘random reader things’ will determine everything about the new blog serial. So, I’m basically curious to see where it will go. I haven’t started writing it yet, because I’ve held back – wanting to be spontaneous.”

“You have called for readers to contribute three things twice. Do you have enough things to get started?”

“Dan, the response was fabulous! Yes, I have plenty of random reader things to get started. However, more sets of three things are always welcome – that makes it easier for me.  The first couple of episodes will be handled differently, but after that I intend to write each episode based on one set of three things.”

“If I understand your three things process, you don’t know where this new serial story is going? Given that I have a written plan for my next four blog posts, I find that scary. Do you continue week-to-week, or do you gradually pull ahead of us?”

“Haha, and the prospect of trying to make a detailed plan is what scares me, Dan.  In fact, I think I need another sip of that pink gin for courage. I’m a combination pantser and plotter but leaning heavily to the panster side of the spectrum. The serial will be inspired and guided by the ‘things’ but as I start writing, and tuning-in to the things the story will begin to take a loose shape in my mind. Even though it’s not much of a plan, I do like to be a few episodes ahead.  Although… that rarely happens.”

“I heard your request, sorry I got detained. Here a fresh snifter, ice-cold gin, and new garnish. And David, here’s a new glass of bourbon for you and four cherries. Dan, since you’re bringing up the boring end of the drink line, here’s your Corona with my signature two-lime balance.”

“Thank you, Skippy.”

“No problem.”

“Cheers, again, Teagan. Do your stories ever surprise you with the direction they take?”

“Oh yes, David.  All the time.  Especially when I intentionally do not plan them.”

“The World War II time frame is a hectic mix of activity. Are you excited to step into that era?”

“Speaking of unexpected, Dan… that is not an era that I ever saw myself using as a setting.  Oddly enough the ‘thing’ cave is what somehow, in my ever-twisting thought process, took me to that era.”

“How did that happen?”

“Cave took me to Sweetwater, Tennessee. Which made me think of Oak Ridge, TN… which took me to nineteen-forty-five and the ‘Calutron Girls.’  I heard about them about a year ago, and wanted to write a story, but had no time.  Suddenly, the opportunity was in my face. Fate? Serendipity?”

“I might go with ‘circuitous’ but that’s what I love about your serials.”

“Regardless, that became a ‘random thing’ from myself – and I think most of the new serial will take place in nineteen-forty-five.  However, being unplanned, and driven by those random reader things, it might go absolutely anywhere.”

“Would you guys like anything to eat today?”

“Teagan, would you care for some food? David and I are always ready to eat.”

“I keep seeing pictures of the pizzas from this place. I think I have to try one.”

“No problem. The conversation I’ve overheard makes me want to give you three toppings on the house. What three things would you like, Teagan?”

“My favorite pizza has beef, Canadian bacon, and black olives, and onion. That’s four things…sorry.”

“That’s OK, I ‘ll give you four.”


“Yes Dan?”

“Could you put the olives on the side?”

“No problem.”

“And Skippy?”

“Yes Teagan.”

“Could I get a glass of Dr. Pepper to have with the pizza? I really like that combination.”

“Of course. I don’t suppose Lulu is coming.”

“No, I’m afraid she’s pouting about not being in the new serial.”

“Well, please tell her I said hi.”

“I will. Dan, David, this has been fun. Thanks for inviting me today.”

“Teagan, you are always welcome at this bar.”

For those of you that want to get in on the fun of reading Teagan’s wonderful books and stories, check out her Amazon Author page – that’s: relinks.me/TeaganRiordainGeneviene


  1. Dan, it’s awesome to visit with you and the crew. Thanks so much for inviting me. And thanks for including Jinx! Since I couldn’t sleep, I dropped by early. I’ll be back in awhile to mingle. The gallery is lovely. Your photo of the bunnies is amazing. Hugs on the wing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so good to see you Ally! I’m glad you could make it to this party. What can we order for you? With Dan’s food photos, I’ve been Jonesing for pizza for three weeks. Tuesday I finally caved in and added one to my grocery order, although not with my favorite pizzeria toppings… It was still a nice treat though. Stay safe and well. Hugs on the wing!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. My granddaughter and I have had warm discussions about the Lulu song. I think the last line makes it a great song, but she maintains that it’s mean. At least she knows of it so I feel I’ve contributed to her cultural education. It’s fun to read writers’ conversations, most especially with the image of pink gin. As for that apple tree, I’d obsess too; it’s a beauty.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for joining us at the bar, Maureen. Cultural education is important. It’s not a song many people of this day and age are aware of. Skippy is smitten with her. I’m glad you like the apple tree. It has been there forever, but it is looking very good this year.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yay! Someone who knows “Don’t Bring Lulu.” It’s lovely to meet you Maureen. That’s kind of a standing joke with Dan, making a song for MuMu with the Lulu song. It came when I did a serial (which I turned into the book “Hullaba Lulu, a Diesel Punk Adventure.” I based the heroine and her friends on the song. With Lulu, Rose, and Pearl aboard a magical train, it was a wild and wooly ride. Stay safe and well. Hugs on the wing!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t think it’s possible not to have fun and a great conversation when Teagan’s around, with or without pink gin! Skippy was falling all over himself in her presence! Even David was perky today. I think Teagan must leave a little magic dust wherever she goes. 🤗

    How nice Smokey is quietly waiting for his peanut. What a sweetheart. Two bunnies today! I think MiMi is looking at a space that mercifully doesn’t contain a camera. Love your Bee Balm, and especially the bees!

    Hoping you enjoy a great weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, Ginger, but I think you’re the one who brings fun wherever you go. :)
      I tried to get Smokey to come with us, but he didn’t trust that weird looking 1938 Phantom Corsair I showed up in. What can we order for you? Wings or pizza? Huge hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately for me, Skippy has developed a following of people who think I am too hard on the young man. No problem, I can let him shine a litter on occasion, and Teagan certainly brings out the best in everyone.

      We’ve been seeing bunnies in pairs this week. They are so cute. Smokey is always cute, and he knows it. The Bee Balm is doing very well this year, and the bees are loving it. They are so content when they’re snacking, they don’t seem to mind the camera (like MiMi does).

      I hope you have a great weekend, Ginger.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, Lulu — I mean Guinevere — I mean Teagan! Your industriousness wears me out, girl. It must be that magic cave. I can’t wait to dig into the new serial. Since you offer, I’ll have a Dragon’s Milk stout and a fish sammich on rye, with a dill pickle on the side.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ooo, I’ll have a Dragon’s Milk stout with Marian! And a pizza. Nice to see you Teagan and I think the slang books sound fascinating. I like that sort of thing and having read Georgette Heyer avidly and for years, I have a rather decent vocabulary of Regency England slang and expressions, although I only use them around my husband because he knows what they mean. 😊

    Dan, if you can do something this long and detailed as a “stream of consciousness”, I bow to your superior abilities, although I don’t think I’ll have to bow too low. 😁

    Happy Saturday!


    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Janet. I always include the disclaimer when I have guest. I send the person of honor a bunch of questions. I don’t use all the answers. Once I get the prompt, I start “assembling” the post. The lighthearted way in which Teagan answered inspired me to go off track with Skippy – that was all SoC. For the most part, I rephrase my questions so it doesn’t sound too much like an interview. Teagan’s answers are 95% in her own words. The only exceptions are when I break them up across more than one question or comment. I wrote the post in one sitting, and I did not edit anything other than the spelling errors my wife caught (mine, not Teagan’s).

      Teagan is getting to be a regular at the bar, but her prolific writing is always fun to read and explore behind the scenes.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Balderdash! You mean Dragon’s Milk is really a thing? (Shakes head) I thought they were kidding.
      Hi Janet. I’m so glad you could make it. That’s cool about the Regency slang. Yes, in writing slang has to be used carefully so that the meaning is apparent. “Pride and Flowers, Prejudice and Dirigibles” is very much a “mash up” of eras for clothes, devices, and language. But it’s on a fantasy world so… well, I mashed freely. LOL. It’s a fun story to write. Happy weekend to you too, my chuckaboo. Hugs on the wing.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. One of my very first drinks (let’s hear it for being legal!) was a Sloe Gin Fizz. But pink gin sounds wonderful! Teagan–you definitely had Skippy on his A-game here. I think, just for fun, you might slip in a little ‘no problem’ in a conversation in your next book. You could drink free forever! Dan–cleanup on aisle 5! Get that trash off Maddie’s porch–how’s a girl to relax with that mess?! Happy weekend to the both of you. Teagan–I did enjoy your visit at the bar today. It added a certain pizazz!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lois…we don’t need more people saying ‘no problem’ – David will go crazy. Maddie is in a snit because I added three more bags of debris to her porch. They collect on Monday, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

      I’m glad you enjoyed visiting with us. Teagan does bring some class to the place ;-)

      Liked by 2 people

    • Lois, I’m definitely a gin girl. Whether it’s a tart “dirty” martini, or this amazing sweet strawberry-rhubarb pink gin… so much diversity in how it can be prepared. Thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. Hugs on the wing!

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Teagan it was wonderful to have insights into your writing process. It is fascinating. But then so is your writing. I wish you great success. Dan this was a wonderful idea, I hope she comes back again.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Dan, what a stellar idea—Teagan’s visit to the bar. I too have all the Journey books, and a few others. The series on Vella will be a favorite too. I think you have the perfect setting to interview more fellow blogger writers (FBW). I can see John H. there ordering a bourbon.

    If you ever decide to include FBW’s from time to time, hmmm…can you pencil me in on the list. My book is set to launch Fall, 2021. I hear from author friends, you have to be apologetically brazen about marketing your book.

    But, the last time I was at a bar many moons ago, the bartender smirked when I ordered a cup of tea with a slice of lemon. And asked for GF & salt free food. He looked annoyed until I said, “How do you think I got to be this ancient age of **?” That brought a surprised smile. I was always the designated driver for friends & family! 😉🎶🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Christine. I love having Teagan visit (she’s almost a regular). It is a good setting, but I’m trying not to change the nature of the Saturday posts. John has been here (it’s how we found his bourbon) as have a few others, and I have plans with some folks for later in the fall. I’ll be sure to check out your book when it hits the streets. We don’t require that you drink alcohol ;-)

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks, Dan. I can see more people involved at the bar would change the atmosphere quite a bit. Less banter between friends and the bartender as it stands. And I’m really a not so engaging stranger at bars. Maybe just an off hand mention in another blog setting about the book when it’s available (on Amazon). (apologetically pushy) It is historical fiction and has 50s music included. 🎶😉 Have a great weekend. 📚 Christine

        Liked by 2 people

        • Historical fiction is a favorite of mine. I never know where things at the bar are going. It’s mainly my opportunity to talk about anything, without a lot of research and prep-work.

          Liked by 1 person

          • That’s how it should be. And that’s what makes it a great read every Saturday. The banter back & forth sounds spontaneous and fun. Keep it going like that. Historical fiction has become my favorite since writing this book. 📚🎶 Christine

            Liked by 1 person

    • Christine, my chuckaboo, thank you for all your encouragement. It’s lovely to see you here. When Dan’s imagination takes over, it results in fun. We did a ton of brainstorming for about 32 weeks when “Brother Love A Crossroad” was a serial on my blog. His photos and “reader things” inspiring my story. That continued into a great working-writing friendship. I’m honored to be one of the few people he writes into his unique Saturday posts. Not really a promotional, but a fabulous party, the books are just the only thing about me that is actually interesting. LOL.
      Your bartender story slayed me! I would love to have seen his face. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs on the wing!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks so much, Teagan, for your comment. You are an established writer with several books & serials. And you are well known in the blogging world. Plus your fantasy story themes are compelling. There is a lot of interest in you. And it’s not just your books. Your Moon Child characteristics & creative writing talents are extensions of your engaging, upbeat personality. I know Historical fiction isn’t a reader grab for everyone. And it can be somber & detailed boring. I’ve put a spin on the history and it’s linked to a famous grandfather’s secret. Just how & where does his determined granddaughter breaks the silence and uncover it? In the end I just want to leave a legacy for family & friends. Where the published book goes is up to luck & the gods. So…The smirky bartender got a laugh out of it. And I got a lot of refills and smiles from him. Hugs back, my friend. Have a peaceful weekend. 📚🎶🌺 Christine

        Liked by 2 people

  9. Great interview! Teagan sure is talented. I am amazed by her productivity with simultaneous projects. Dead of Winter could go on forever as far as I’m concerned. I love that photo with the shadow of your and Maddie.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I feel the same way about Dead of Winter, JoAnna. Teagan’s ability to juggle these projects always amazes me. Now she’s added the serial on Amazon Vella. I really don’t know how she does it. Maddie seems to know when I’m trying to get a shadow picture. She steps into the sene.

      Liked by 2 people

    • You are too kind JoAnna — thank you. That inspires me to get back to work on Journey 8. It’s hard to believe Dead of Winter has been running for eight months! I’m so glad you are part of the Journeys. Thanks for joining the party. Skippy’s passing around a brunch tray. Be sure to get whatever you like. Hugs on the wing!

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Yesterday I was to early for the party and now I am late. Teagan is doing marvelously with all her new innovations and all her covers and promotional pictures. I am quite interested in VElla for my vignettes about my childhood. It’s called The Girl Who Loved Dolls. I will see when it opens up internationally if I can manage it. PS I can imagine that Lulu is sulking. You’ll have to give her some more giggle water, Teagan.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for joining us, Robbie. It was fun talking to Teagan about her projects. The amount of work makes my head spin, but she manages quite well. I hope Vella opens up, I’d like to read those stories of yours. Skippy seems to also be sulking – he’d be happy to pour Lulu some giggle water.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Robbie the party is still going strong. Haha! When I get back I’ll give Lulu the peace offering of a bloody mary with extra horse radish –one of her favorite drinks. I believe it’s time for cocktails where you are. Try some of my strawberry-rhubarb gin. ;) I remember seeing that marvelous title, but didn’t realize it was a memoir. That will be a fascinating read. Hugs on the wing!

      Liked by 2 people

  11. Congratulations, Teagan! You amaze me in a long list of wonderful ways. I loved reading about your writing and all that accompanies it. A big thank you to Dan and hugs to you, Teagan. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Great post Dan!! We all love Teagan’s writing and I am constantly amazed how much she has going on creating new work!! Where does it all come from???? My hats off to you Teagan….very creative mind!! Keep it coming!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. That was fun, Dan!
    Teagan, seems the question I left on your blog is answered here!
    Now to think of 3 more things. I have 1…
    It’s a lot of fun reading these interviews set up at the bar!
    🍒 Cheers 🍒

    Liked by 2 people

  14. That was fun to see Teagan at the bar again! I think it’s amazing how she can take 3 random things and write a full chapter tying them all into the story! The pizza sounds good, but since I’m so late I’m sure there’s none left. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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