Monday Photos—July 26, 2021

This will be a light week for me. I’ll be around, but less and maybe later.


  1. I can’t help thinking that those teams are discussing the sense of having the sprinkler on. It certainly looks like a serious talk on that pole. I’m glad to see another photo of the apples; they are very cheering.

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  2. Those birds seem to do a good field inspection before each game. I’d be a little afraid of Jinx too! Smokey knows how to manipulate both of you……just sit on that gate and look cute! Even the bunnies are becoming photo hams! 🤗

    You should take more than a little time off Dan…..take the week off and you and the Editor just enjoy yourselves. We’ll all still be here!


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    • Thanks Ginger, I’m going to take this week as it comes. The black squirrels used to be so skittish. We had to toss peanuts halfway across the yard. Now, they come right up to our feet, and they put their little paws on the side of Maddie’s cot. They seem to know just how cute they are, and they are using that to their advantage.


  3. I hope the birds can field a team and give the crows a game to talk about for years.

    The smoke is so thick here one can cut it with a knife! The AQI is 151 now, but I can see the mountains through the smoke this morning. I fear like yesterday it will get worse as the day wears on. I suppose this too will get carried away in the jet stream and end up across the country. 😭

    Those apples are a good obsession. The rim light on the apple is lovely. I hope you have a good week!

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  4. Hi Dan – have a happy, more relaxing week, the two legged feathered friends seem happy in their exploits … as too Smokey and Bunny ears … have fun – cheers Hilary

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  5. I’m amazed you captured the little rabbit as you did, Dan. What a great photo! I really liked the helicopter as well — hidden enough to be mysterious. Thanks for sharing all the photos…Always a treat! 😊

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    • Thanks Gwen. Some of here bunnies are really small. It’s so hard capturing things in flight. I hear them, but it’s hard to know where they’re coming from. Good news, our Air Guard base is getting upgrades C-130s (I think the H model). I’m hoping they have a community day open house. They did about four years ago.


  6. Sorry I’m late, Dan, but I’m busy as well. We’re leaving for Wyoming Saturday so lots to do for that as well as for my parents before we leave. I really like the shot of the flower with the drops. We’ve been blessed with a good amount of rain in the last week for which I’m profoundly thankful!

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