Two Women – Six Cats

I had plans to mention a couple of people on Saturday, but the nature of the SoCS prompt being what it is, my plans don’t always lead to accomplishments, and this was one of those weeks.

I wanted to share some news about two women who recently visited the bar. Teagan Geneviene and Roberta Cheadle.

Teagan launched her new interactive serial story – “The Armadillo Files” – on Saturday. We talked about this serial when Teagan was at the bar a few weeks ago. I know many of you are/were looking forward to it. Well, it’s on the pad, as it were, so get down there and blast off into space with Dilly.

If you remember when Robbie was at the bar, she mentioned “Behind Closed Doors” a new collection of unusual poems. There was much interest, as I recall. That book has been published, it’s available on Amazon, I got my copy, and it’s wonderful! You can read more about it, and hear Robbie read a wonderful poem, here, you can purchase a copy here, and you can follow Robbie on Amazon here.

Robbie mentioned that she used one of Teagan’s lovely book covers for her latest book. Teagan has a wonderful selection of ready-to-use book covers. You can view them here.

The last thing I forgot has to do with cats. I subscribe to The Noun Project which advertises itself as having “Icons and Photos for Everything.” I used this service for icons when I was writing apps for the iPhones we had on our network when I was working. I like it, and the rate is affordable, so I transferred it to a personal subscription. I received an email from them mentioning something about August being National Cat Month. They were featuring over 6,922 cat icons.

I checked into this, and I can’t find any reference to National Cat Month being in August. I did discover that yesterday, August 8th was International Cat Day, and tomorrow, August 10th is National Lazy Day – don’t ask MiMi, MuMu, Crystal or Gibbs why that’s on a list with cat holidays. The icons are black and white. We colored them to use for apps, but in B&W, they work fine for the first three cats in that list – sorry Gibbs…oh, wait, I found one that is kinda grayscale.  Below is a collection of the moods-of-MiMi, MuMu, the only one I found that looks like Teagan’s lovely cat, Crystal and Mary’s boss. I also found one that Marian might appreciate, or not, and I can’t mention Chickie without mentioning Tipper, so…

Note: If you want to use Noun Project icons without a subscription, you only have to add an attribution to the image.


  1. Thanks for the benefit of your experience, and it’s always great to know that writers are read! I love the shot of the fog in the park with what appear to be two empty benches. And I’m happy to see the apple again. I think it’s very cheering.

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    • It’s my pleasure to highlight the ongoing work of the writers I know. I have aspirations along those lines, so I know how hard it is. Teagan and Robbie are both amazing writers, I always like to get out with Maddie on.a foggy day, It dampens her spirit a bit, so we have a calm walk, and I like they way it change the appearance of places. I hope you have a great week! Thanks for starting over here.

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  2. I can’t help but admire Teagan’s imagination and creativity!! How many people could write a story by what other people tell her? (Heck – I just confused myself with THAT line!! 🤪)
    My favorite is that tax collector!!

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    • It’s my pleasure, Teagan. I meant to include a link over to your place on Saturday. I just forgot. It took a while to find a Crystal icon, but I like that one. MiMi and MuMu like knowing other cats are dressed for formal events. Have a great week, and give Crystal a hug from the girls.

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  3. Dear Slave Antion,
    I truly appreciate your mention of me and my name in your blog post. The gray icon is closest to me, except I never wear a bow tie. If I could hang a bird around my neck, that would be ideal. As for the round-faced icon, slave mom said my butt is starting to look like that from too much food. I vehemently disagree. If only she had not severed my toenails last night… Anyhoo, thanks for the mention. I am most deserving. Love, Gibbs

    Dan, this was a fun post to start the day before I head off to wrangle children in games all week. Have an excellent Monday and week. Yours in cat slavery, Mary

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    • Dear Gibbs,
      MuMu and I agree with you on those comments. Their role is to serve, not control or snark. I can assure you the male servant is getting a look consistent with the second icon. I see that your mom is heading our to serve other humans. I only hope she has left you enough food. Love, MiMi

      Mary, I feel like Gibbs and MuMu are somehow connected (especially at 3:00 am) – I had to include him in the fun. Have a great day with the kids.

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      • Dan, you need to get an auto feeder and brusher (a robot maybe?) for MuMu at 3:00 am. Gibbs has been good at night, but we won’t talk about his yowling shenanigans during the day. I might need ear plugs…

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        • The second cat we ever had loved to be brushed like MuMu. We used to joke about a “scratch-a-matic” – I thinki we need one. MuMu came in the bedroom the other night, announced herself at the door, jumped up and demanded to be scratched. So annoying!

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  4. Your photos are incredible, Dan. I especially love the toll collector. Amazing capture! Thank you for mentioning both Teagan and Robbie. They’re wonderful writers and beautiful humans. Hope your day is perfect. 😊

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  5. My cats looked at me and said, “Cat DAY?? Is that a typo?” The photo with the two benches in the fog is a beauty, Dan. And the leaf with the raindrops. I think Maddie framed it quite well. Your little toll collectors are so cute! I think the squirrels are staying away from my yard–they have heard about the two outdoor cats at my house, with their eagle eyes. If I had a nickel for every lizard they bring into my garage…..Have a great Monday!

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    • Thanks Lois. MuMu’s the hunter in her family. She caught a cricket the other night. Lizards? That must be a nice sight in the morning. Maddie likes that you appreciate her artistic contributions to my attempts at photography. Have a great day!

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  6. HI Dan, thank you so much for this terrific shout out. It is much appreciated and I am delighted to be featured with the hugely talented Teagan. I also discovered it was International Cat Day yesterday, which I thought was a lot of fun.

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  7. Congratulations to Teagan and Robbie. The cat Icons are cute for sure. I think you nailed MiMi, MuMu, And Crystal. I don’t know Gibbs but assume you got that one too. The first bird’s tail looks too short for a Mockingbird. I can’t identify it though. Great photos, Dan

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  8. Chickie insists the drops under the faucet are “apozabe” water, not “Mommy’s blood”. The picture of Tipper is PERFECT! I love the foggy picture and you know the Eastern Bird League is my favorite baseball … sectional? division?

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  9. Hi Dan – delightful post … with everyone’s comments – Maddie’s paw with her leaf … those icons – and every day is cat day, especially when I owned one. Congratulations to Teagan and Robbie for their books – and generous offers. Fun to read – cheers Hilary

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