To the North Shore

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Important note to all readers – I hate to intrude on my own Thursday Doors post, but since this is widely read, I can’t ignore the opportunity. I received an update from the Happiness Engineers regarding the issue where people following this blog are randomly dropped. The engineers have a request.

I added some more logging since this issue cannot be easily reproduced. Please, keep the reports coming to this issue so we can inspect the new logs.

Happiness Engineer

So, if you don’t mind sharing in a comment the times you come to my blog out of habit, but not as the result of a notification, I’d appreciate it and maybe it will help.

My doors today are a departure from the normal kind of doors I share. They are fun doors – well doors that I noticed while I was having fun. The “North Shore” is the area in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the baseball and football stadium are located. It’s also where the National Aviary is and the hospital in which I was born, not that that matters. I hope you enjoy the doors in the gallery and the doors when you follow the links others have added below.

If you are in a hurry and don’t wish to scroll through the comments, click to Jump to the comment form.

One last note: I will be working outside early today, trying to beat the heat. My replies to your comments and links will be delayed.


  1. Hi Dan – enjoyed the variety today – fun – and a top one was the street art musicians jamming over a door –
    and I only visit out of habit because I have notifications turned off.
    Sometimes I peruse my reader (well a lot of times I do) and I never see your posts show up there- but most of the regulars I interact with are not there either but it could be the random times I am on the feed – not sure if that info was what you wanted – but hope they get all the things worked out.
    I would not be surprised if flowers were dropped –
    I do not mean to be rude when I say this – but sometimes I wonder if those behind the scenes intentionally bump some bloggers an then keeping snipping the wings of others – maybe not – but hope it gets worked out

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  2. Indeed – no notification about your TD post in my mail either today, which is what I rely on lately. I thought today’s Thursday Doors were cancelled! I don’t go to Reader much any more but now I’ve checked and your post is not there either. I hope the engineers can help. A shame too because I love your fun doors. The jazzy back door is my favourite.

    Only one church today and no captions, but what a church!

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    • I hope they can help, too, Manja. There are two more weeks of Thursday Doors before I’m taking another break. I’ll be here on the 19th and the 26th. Away on September 2nd.

      Thanks for the info on the lack of notification.

      Your picked a great subject for doors today.

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  3. You really show how doors can be all kinds of things. I admire the work ethic of the tugboat (not that I imitate it), and I also like that back door with the silhouettes, but it’s the whole of it that shows how packed your fun was. That was a full getaway!

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  4. Hope you beat the heat and get your tasks completed, Dan – it’s been nasty hot, even all the way up north!
    Notifications of your blog posts come to me via Reader – I don’t think I’ve ever paid a visit any other way. Good luck on that front.

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  5. Tell the happiness Engineers that I use the Reader page to make certain I go to all those that I follow, but certain ones, such as yours, I purposely look for!!
    Love the doors that sail in the world of fun and smiles!!

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  6. I too love the silhouettes best! I love it when people take mundane things and make them interesting. Dan you know the issues I’ve been having with your Happiness Engineers. ( I use a different moniker . . .) I can’t even find you on Reader now! So I have, again, hit all the follow buttons on your website. But I try to come looking for you every day just in case they… Screwup… Again.

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  7. Dan, the door/wall with the street musicians silhouettes is outstanding. Very clever. The gallery today reflects how much ‘fun time’ you crammed into your short getaway. Nicely done! The sightseeing boats appear well maintained. Thanks for sharing these with us.

    Hope you hold to your plan and quit before the heat becomes oppressive, not to mention dangerous.

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    • Thanks Ginger. The Editor came out to enforce my self-imposed end time of 11:00. She also served up ice water with electrolytes. I made some good progress, but not trying to break a record.

      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing these doors. I smile whenever I see them.


  8. Sometimes I get notifications from the blogs I follow and other times I don’t. I’ve never figured it out. That said, I love your posts – because you’ve helped me see differently through your choice of photos. ✨✨✨

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  9. I am ‘following’ again and nope, never get notifications for any of my Thursday Doors peeps exept Marian.I feel like a gif could be inserted here but I will restrain myself. Such a mystery and I hope they solve it. Doors-extravaganza this morning in your post! Nice :)

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  10. Your doors certainly look like fun, Dan. The jazz shadow wall art is a good one but my favourite is the river cruise. What a nice trip that must have been. My eldest daughter spent three months studying and working in Pittsburgh and loved it there. I had to stop notifications as I was getting too many to handle but your blog is one that I go to every week by choice.

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  11. There you are–in my Inbox! I probably just jinxed (Hi Jinx!) it, but so far so good. If you are not showing up in my Inbox, I check to see if I am following you. More than likely not, so we go back to square one and follow. Again. But so far, so good. Oh, the jazz club door! This was a fun post.

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  12. Hi Dan – I particularly like the back-door entrance to the club – not sure what the (I hope!) trombone player does once he loses his legs … but you captured a great range of doors for us – cheers Hilary

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  13. I like the river cruise boats, and the doors outside the club with the musicians. Is it a jazz club I wonder?
    That bourbon shake does sound like something I’d try, and snacks and a drink at the Hard Rock sounds like a good plan before any excursion. 😀

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  14. loved the idea of a tugboat being a door. i visit using wp reader on mondays and thursdays, sometimes saturdays, because your posts are informative, always with great photos. i seem to get regular email notifications for your posts, but mostly i use my reader.

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