What Maddie Wants – #1LinerWeds

To say that Maddie is a creature of habit is a huge understatement. Maddie is a control-freak of habit. We walk at 7:15 am. Maddie barks me off the couch at 7:07. She used to bark me off the couch at 7:10, but she began starting earlier when she realized that I often had to make a pit stop before we could leave.

We return from our walk about 7:45 and we sit until 8:00. At 8:00, we have toast. Well, at least I begin the toast making process. Again, if I don’t start by 8:00, she does, and she barks at me.

Monday, Maddie was tired. Weekends sometimes leave her a little worn out. Don’t ask me why. She was asleep on her end of the couch. I was trying to figure out why my Block Gallery wasn’t visible on my blog (see update below). The Editor looked over at the sleeping pup and said, “maybe she’s too tired to go for…” – She wasn’t able to finish.

“We’re going for our walk…right?”

Maddie sat up and started crying.

“Who says I’m too tired? I’m not too tired. I want to go for a walk. It’s time for our walk. Let’s get going! And, when we get back, we’ll have toast.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

WP Update – I chatted with a very nice Happiness Engineer on Monday. The problem with the block gallery seems to be mainly in the preview operation. She has opened a ticket on that. While chatting, I mentioned the problem with the Masonry gallery option. That problem, if you don’t remember is that if you step into the slideshow of a Masonry Gallery (Manja’s Thursday Doors posts, for example) you will have problems leaving a comment.

After exiting the gallery, if you press the letter ‘A’ or ‘D’ you will be dragged back into the gallery. After giving the HE one of Manja’s URLs, and specific instructions, she was able to recreate the problem. It seems, A & D are keys by which you can Advance and Go back (or whatever D stands for). Apparently, those keys stay linked to that behavior even when you exit the slide show. She also opened a ticket on that. Still unable to preview the gallery, I am sticking with the Classic Block today.


  1. Maddie is a typical woman – she has a mind of her own. :-) How’s the new shop working out? Are you still happy with your layout? WordPress could be a week of posts where we submit a daily topic. I sure wish I could move/center a photo because sometimes when I hit a column of 2 or 3 I get part of a shot that there is no interest in and unless I delete that photo and go back and crop the original, I may not be able to use it at all. Then there’s the issue of a draft post that I go back to finish, but the block editor won’t allow the cursor inside the block so I can edit and as I keep trying, it deletes the paragraph. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there. :-) Hope you and Maddie get your walks in between the rain.

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    • The shop is working well. I tweaked the layout a bit, but I think I have it the way I want it. I’m about to pipe the dust collection under the floor, so that will lock the saw and the place where I will use the stationary machines in. Everything is on wheels, but the power and dust collection will be in the floor or in the wall. Dust collection for smaller machines and hand-power tools will use longer hose or be mobile.

      There are so many issues they still need to fix with the block editor. I just want to be able to easily prepare a consistent post.

      Take care in the rain.

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  2. That look on Maddie’s face is so eloquent! It certainly speaks of the unthinkable possibility of no walk! (Don’t tell her that I laughed.) I tried to understand what you and Judy were saying about The Block, but it kinked my brain something awful. Those rosy apples are more my speed — them I understand. I think I’m going to take “we’ll have toast” as my mantra for today.

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  3. I can’t believe the Happiness Engineers are finally listening to someone – I’m glad it’s you they’re listening to!
    I sure liked your gallery – no matter which program you used!!

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  4. I can relate to the “creature of habit” all dogs seem to possess. Murphy’s built in clock is more accurate than any clock in this house. She gets pain medication every 12 hours for severe arthritis. She knows exactly when I should be popping a pill encased in a small cube of cheese down her throat, even if I should forget. Walks are a thing of the past now, but like clockwork she’s ready to go into the backyard at “her” appointed times. Heaven forbid I miss the time for a belly rub or ear scritches, or do them in a different order! Then there’s the footie massages and the leg and back rubs. Yep, she has trained me to follow her schedule precisely. Lol. I want to come back as a dog….minus the arthritis! 😂😂

    I knew Smokey wouldn’t be walking away empty handed. I love the shot of the small branch. I didn’t know Raymour and Flanagan made furniture for squirrels. Interesting!

    Old Glory at half mast seems to be a sign of the times. Heartbreaking.

    Maddie’s nemesis needs to learn how to smile. He’s always such a sourpuss.

    Hope the remnants of Ida don’t hit your area too hard. We’re supposed to get the brunt of it later this afternoon. Raining now, but not too hard. We live in a mobile home park. Septic system, not sewers. So no place for all this water to run off and ground certainly can’t absorb anymore. Wish we could divert it to drought and fire ravaged areas where it would actually do some good. Sigh….

    Stay safe and dry.


  5. Thanks Ginger. The Editor handles the meds, and Maddie, MuMu and MiMi have her on a tight schedule regarding those. MuMu is the loudest alarm in the house, and she has decided that 3:00 am is her time.

    In addition to the timing, Maddie insists on a structure. I have to take her out after she gets her medicine in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter if the Editor took her out just before the meds – I have to take her out after. It’s like she has a checklist and is constantly ticking off one task or another.

    It’s good to know that Murphy has you on a schedule, too. I’d hate to think we were the only humans to be trained by their pets.

    I hope the ground can handle the remnants of Ida. We’ve had so much rain this summer. It’s better than last year’s drought, but yeah, send some to the west coast.

    That cat is the sourest looking animal I’ve ever seen. She never seems happy. Maybe she’s just not happy about Maddie and me.


  6. Don’t be fooled by the ‘very nice Happiness Engineer.’ I picture them saying, “Hey, look! Dan’s back!” and having a good chuckle. Maddie–pay no attention to your dad. Routines are good. They keep other people on their toes. The photo of Maddie sitting up….so cute! Theo’s American cousin…I just love that little guy. Although I think ‘little’ is an understatement. He looks….healthy. Have a good one, Dan.

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  7. Mmmmm…toast…I can understand why Maddie wants to stay on schedule. I assume said toast is nicely buttered too, especially on the dog end. I only have one question: What happens when dad is unable to perform his duties due to unforeseen circumstances? Does the Editor provide back-up?

    I don’t believe I’ve used the Masonry Gallery and I don’t know if I want to. As I commented before, I do as little in the photo gallery as possible in order to stay sane. Hope you’re having an awesome week, Dan.

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    • When I’m away, Maddie sleeps in longer. I think she feels an obligation to walk with me as much as I do with her. Perhaps, she thinks I’m the one with OCD (she might be right). In any case, Everyone likes the calmer and quieter days when I’m not around. I’m sure no one goes hungry. The Editor is the primary caregiver – I provide snacks and entertainment. I also get things off of high shelves.

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  8. Animals are very much creatures of habit. And you have many in your world, Dan. Toast, walks, naps for Ms Maddie. Brushing and paw tweaks for Mu Mu and Mi Mi, peanuts for squirrels, bird photo sessions…then the human factor.Congrats on making progress with the HA on WP and perhaps seeing an end to your blogging struggles. Y nickname for you is ‘Tenacious D’. 😉And we all appreciate your efforts.

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  9. They do know the time and schedules don’t they. It always amazes and impresses me. I got my doggie recharge in over a long weekend at Baby Girl’s. One of their dogs…the Collie and I have a special bond. Where I go he goes (his choice) it was pretty great going for walks, and car rides together, and waking up to him at the foot of my bed. That ought to hold me until we see them later in the month.

    I hope Maddie enjoyed her walk and perked up for that, loved her toast and is having a lovely nap or two. 😀

    The shop looks so tidy!

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  10. Dan, I’m laughing at Maddie’s schedule. Our dog, Sammy, does the same things! There’s no getting away from it. Sammy will bark & whine. Love all the photos. Favorites, the sun peeking through branches, and the leaf on the street. You have a good eye with a camera. Your workshop looks inviting. More projects? Enjoy the rest of the week! 📚🎶 Christine

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  11. Those look like puffballs in your yard, Dan. :-) Maddie recognizing words reminds me off how parents sometimes try to get things passed children by using a foreign language or using euphemisms. Doesn’t seem to work then either. :-)


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  12. Hi Dan – wonderful post … loved it … and generally I can see who rules the roost … while the cats get their words in – but they are such fun to see and read about – let alone the area as autumn draws in. Cheers – Hilary

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  13. I can relate to the creature of habit tales. My son and his wife made an extended trip to Turkey to meet her parents. They left their dog in the care of our college age granddaughter. I should say dog whisperer. Extended breaks in the routine have consequences. When her uncle and I moved her back to her college dorm his dog ran back to her first. The post Turkey reunion is a small story in itself. Condensed version – you are back ! – you were gone forever ! – you better stay ! repeat for about a half hour.

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