Landmarks – #1LinerWeds

On Monday, our daughter Faith and I went to the Big-E, the Great New England Fair, as it’s promoted. We have been going to the Big-E, most years, since Faith was a little girl. I remember leaving work early, picking her up at school and heading north for a few hours on a weeknight. Attending the Big-E on a Friday night or a weekend is not something we do – it’s simply too crowded.

We park in the large main lot and enter the fair a Gate No. 9. We walk the fair along a routine path. This year, I had to laugh when I realized how Faith’s landmark questions have changed over the years. I remember a much younger Faith asking about riding the famous big slide, the top of which is visible from the parking lot. Times have changed, but apparently, we still take note of landmarks.

The first place we stop is “Tots-a-Lot” for a paper tray of tater-tots. We walk from there around the west edge of the fair generally in the direction of the State Buildings (each New England state maintains a building on the fairgrounds where officials, company representatives and vendors from the state have booths). On the way, Faith looked up, spied the top of a large tent, and asked,

“Is that the Bloody Mary tent?”

Cheers! there was a brief, unexpected thunderstorm. We waited most of it out enjoying our Bloody Marys

It wasn’t, but the bar that serves very good Bloody Marys is next to that tent so, close enough to serve as a landmark. A small (20oz) Bloody Mary is a nice way to start enjoying the fair. If you’re so inclined, 32oz large ones are available.

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  1. Hi Dan – looks to be so much fun … so glad you and Faith have continued the tradition. What could be better than time with beloved daughter, bloody marys with lobster … then home to the Editor, and time for Maddie! Family life to the full … not forgetting Mimi and Mumu – probably got those names wrong?! Cheers – lovely fun landmark day – cheers Hilary

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    • You have the entire clan, Hilary, although the cats don’t really care where I go. The fair is always a good day. It’s pretty much an eating event for me, but again, it’s only one day. Cheers.


    • Three times in a row – I think that’s a modern record, Judy/ I hope that means they figured something out. The Big-E is always a good time. When the bartender asked if we wanted small or large drinks, I almost said large, Then she told us how big the small ones were. 16oz is more than enough to jumpstart a day at the fair.


  2. Dads and daughters. You can’t understand what that is unless you’ve been there. Yes, those landmarks do change over the years! But the dad-daughter thing doesn’t change so much. Maddie sure knows how to put on a happy face, doesn’t she?

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  3. That’s quite a Fair. Long lines at the food venues. Seriously Dan, you paid $20 for a lobster roll? I love the sign on the Avenue of States…it is certainly a “sign” of the times! Beautiful Clydesdale horses. Did they perform?

    Maddie and Faith together always make a super photo. Just look at Maddie’s expression. Pure joy.

    I hope you brought back some goodies for the Editor to heat up and enjoy. Wonderful that you and Faith keep up your traditions from her childhood.

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    • The lobster rolls were cheaper in the Massachusetts building, but we didn’t know that. The money goes to a good cause and the lady put an extra hunk on my sandwich because I told her I thought they were a better attraction than the potato people.

      The long lines were the people waiting for.a baked potato- I’ll never understand that. We didn’t stay long enough for the parade, so we didn’t see the Clydesdales. The last time we were there, they were on the side where we exit. We didn’t see the parade but we saw the handlers getting them ready.

      It’s Madie’s happy day when Faith comes.


  4. Faith knows what’s important, although I may have been asking about the brandy old fashioned tent. That would go good with an order of plain tater tots and a little mayo. As for the baked potato line, it looks like the same line for hot buttered sweet corn at the farmer’s market and much like you and Faith, I would much prefer a lobster roll. You don’t find authentic, good-tasting lobster rolls around here.

    Wednesday cheers, Dan! Hope you’re having a good week.

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  5. ‘No marijuana’ and $20 Lobster Rolls. Gotta love a fair. Last time I was at our state fair was with a buddy from work, many years ago. We left early to see the Chippendales. Best fair ever!!

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  6. Love the story and the photos — and the fact that you had daddy time with Faith. What a gift during these crazy times! Have a wonderful week, Dan. 😊

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  7. Looks like a fun time for you and Faith. I am going to need to send our state and county fair organizers over to talk to your fair organizers. The selection of refreshing adult beverages is much better than the limited dry choices offered here. Happy Wednesday.

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  8. And to think I always got stoked to get a perfectly crisp corn dog and nachos in a paper basket at our fairs. 🤷‍♀️I am not a fan of tots but those look extra crispy and with all that cheese business I might be convinced. I am a fan of the mighty potato but certainly not overpriced. The lobster roll looks great. I believe that is what they cost in the sunshine state these days. I would have had to stay to watch the Clydesdales prance, maybe cooling my jets in the alcohol tent until the parade. 🤭 Spice makes the perfect Bloody Mary but to me they are a meal replacement! One question. What did they have by way of sweets? Inquiring minds….

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    • The Big-E is “famous” for cream puffs but I tend to eat more substantial food. Vermont has maple sugar everything. Lots of places have fudge. The only sweet I do is blueberry pie and ice cream. I sometimes get a soft serve cone on my way out, but not this time.

      We opted for spicy Bloody Marys – it was optional.


  9. Nice tradition for you two. A bloody Mary is my drink of choice and I think it’s somewhat healthy, right? I’m glad the fair took place this year. Our local fair was again canceled. 😏

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  10. I just love this, Dan. What a memory builder you have given Faith over the years. Children who are grounded in family routine and special events have the best upbringing. This post makes me feel good!

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