The Boy Dog Says – #1LinerWeds

If you’ve followed this blog for, oh a week or so, you’ve no doubt seen pictures of the heavy iron chains that are draped between concrete posts in the parks where I walk our dog, Maddie. The chains form a fence of sorts and present an irresistible challenge for my alleged photographic skills. I’ve made numerous attempts to capture sunlight filtering through the links, water drops hanging off the links and birds resting on the chains and the posts.

Maddie and I generally adhere to the boundaries defined by the fence. We stay off of the playing fields and we enter and exit through openings. On occasion, we need to cross the fence line (usually to access a trashcan). Monday was such a day. Monday was also a day that Lois published a post about “Straddling” – perfect timing.

Whenever we need to cross the chain, I walk Maddie to a point where the chain hangs low. At those places, Maddie and I can both easily jump/step over the fence. On Monday, as Lois was writing about straddling, I was straddling – the chain. Maddie, for reasons unknown, decided to crawl under the chain. Then she saw something interesting and tried to run. Picture this: Dog under chain. Leash under chain. Man straddling chain. Dog pulling very hard, very fast. Chain rising. Today’s one-liner,


This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • I’m glad I wasn’t trying to capture that scene, Judy. Otherwise, I could add a broken camera to the list. I think the walker lady might have liked seeing us, well, me. Maddie was unaffected by the whole thing.


  1. It was impossible not to laugh. I hope Maddie apologized later. Although the fog has its downside, it also can be very quiet and otherworldly, like snow, so I like the feeling in the photos. Very nice little drop on the tip of that twig!

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    • I wouldn’t have told the story if I didn’t think people would laugh. We might be ready for Vaudeville. The chains always seem to have a new look. I’m glad you like them.


  2. Yikes! Now there’s an ‘ouch’ you wouldn’t want to repeat! But, look at the one-liner it gave you. Thanks Maddie. You knew we all needed a good belly laugh today.

    Dan, don’t be so sure Galloping Grandma wasn’t hiding behind a big tree taking a video with her phone!

    Heavy fog here as well every morning. Really love the shot of Old Glory. She flies proud no matter what.

    I also love the photo you titled “and more fog”. That one tree is stretching out saying, “Make sure you get my good side.”

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    • That one tree might be a goner, Ginger. They are still working in the park, cutting down trees that appear to be struggling. I fear the apple tree might not be here in the spring.

      Maddie just looked back at me as if to say, “are you coming?” I managed to get the leash transferred under the chain before she could make a second attack. She looked like she was going to jump over it, she must have changed her mind at the last minute. Maybe grandma put her up to it. I’m glad you got a nice laugh :-)

      More fog again today. It was so heavy, I had to dry Maddie’s head when we got home.


  3. Oh, Dan–picturing that–so funny! That would have been a straddle I would not have photographed!!! Your chain photos and your pinecone photos are so pretty and artistic, though. Maddie’s bringing in a whole new ball game!

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    • It was so funny to get home and then read your post on “straddle” – I thought, “it’s a good think I don’t live in FL.” You would have needed perfect timing, but you do tend to be good at that.

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  4. Oh boy, Dan, between you and Lois, your posts remind me of the time, as a young tomboy, I fell out of a tree and ended up straddling the fence below. A simple “ouch” doesn’t quite cover that incident, but I’m glad that’s all you needed to say in this instance. Happy Wednesday!

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  5. Don’t try this at home. Or on a dog walk for that matter. Here hold my beer what could go wrong. I am glad you survived to tell the tale Dan. Or as it says ‘scars are tattoos with better stories.’ And I really hope there were no scars involved in your story. Happy Hump day.

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  6. Never a dull moment with Maddie, eh? One wrong move, and you could be face down! Looking at your captures, it already looks like Fall there where you live. We were in nineties at the beginning of the week …. but it does start cooling off at night – oh joy!

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