Weird Weather Walks

Last week, as Maddie and I were walking, we had several days of thick fog, a couple cloudy days, and finally some bright sun the day after a night of heavy rain. We are not experiencing the brilliant color change we sometimes see here in Connecticut during the fall. Our wet summer and warm (so far) fall are to blame. That’s OK. We take the weather we get.

Regardless of the state of most of the trees, I had some fun with my camera on our walks. I hope you enjoy the gallery. That’s it, no math. Happy Monday!


  1. Nice puddles! Of course Maddie would be selective about which one she stands in. So glad the geese are still heading north — the norther the better! A good week to you, Dan, with or without math!

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    • I think there must be a goose hotel over by the airport. Either that or they booked passage south on one of our C-130s. Maybe they don’t fly south after all. Maddie is always happy to see her personal puddle. I don’t know why, but I guess I don’t need to. I hope you have a great week.

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  2. Dan, the weird mushrooms this year defy description! Hmmmm, could say the same for some of my neighbors! Hahaha!

    How cute is Smokey with his front paws on the deck begging for a peanut? Notice how he doesn’t look the least bit worried that he won’t get one! Why wouldn’t Maddie have her own personal puddle! She is the Queen after all.

    The tree that doesn’t change color makes a stunning photo with the sun shining through it.

    Old Glory reflected in the puddle makes a great picture, but the last picture really does her justice. I’m glad they removed the excess trees around her. She needs room to strut her stuff!

    Geese flying north. Beautiful sight. I wish people driving on the road would learn to stay in their own lane like the geese!

    Happy Monday. Yaaayyyyy! No math!

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    • Sorry about the lack of math, Ginger. I had just read about the “fuel” savings the geese gain from flying in formation. I’ll stop.

      Normally by this time, we are walking later. It was interesting to see the sun reflecting in the puddles. Of course, Maddie’s puddle was the best (rolls eyes).

      All of the trees they took down were dying. It was sad to see the flag standing between dead trees. I like this view better.

      I hope you have a great week.


  3. Well fall is my favorite season so even if the trees aren’t as colorful, there’s plenty to see. I particularly like that little squirrel you captured – they are very busy right now! We also have a lot of mushrooms popping up under trees. I found a crazy-looking yellow one with white spots last week – honestly it looked like a dessert, but I looked it up and it’s definitely a poisonous one.

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  4. Oh how I love shroom photos! Wow, that’s a lot of tree cutting. In the deep South we never have a spectacular color change in the Autumn but when we lived in Georgia it was really beautiful the contrast of different colors always took my breath away. I love that shot of the tree that doesn’t change. Thanks for leaving out the Math.I am so not ready for that this morning. Happy Monday!

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  5. Love the Smokey shot–the pose is so cute and the caption was perfect. Even thought there are only two trees remaining in the “line,” the concrete posts cast some really cool shadows–I know that we are both fans of shadows.

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  6. You mentioned that your colour change is not as brilliant this year, neither is ours. North of where I live, yes the bright yellow and oranges and reds are everywhere but down here everything’s a little dull. I’ll try not to take it personally. Hi Maddie!

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  7. What in the heck….’sorry your comment cannot be posted.’ Well, if I remember what I said… the photo gallery was exceptional, I have shrooms growing on three different tree stumps in my yard–all on the north side. Weird mushrooms this year. I love the reflection photos–so pretty, all of them. And little Smokey at the table–what a cutie. Have a great weekend, Dan.

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  8. Marvelous photos, Dan. I love how you capture reflections in standing water. And the mushroom photo is amazing. Hope you and yours have a great week!

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  9. Always lovely to take a walk with you and Maddie. I hate to see trees come down, but diseased trees need to be taken care of. Hopefully they will replant in the spring. (There’s still nothing like the golden hours when it comes to capturing photographs.)

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  10. The puddle reflections are my favorites! Your colors look great to me. Ours were more subdued in most places. I think the early storm with snow did the colors in. They’re not as vibrant this year or have lost their leaves completely. Thankfully, there are some good pockets of trees here and there with good color to give some Fall color this year.

    Maddie looks so beautiful standing at attention in that puddle.

    There’s a grumpy mushroom in that cluster with a nice big nose. I wonder if he’s grumpy because it is the most exposed?

    I was thankful there was no math!! 😂

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  11. We had our first real rain last night and it was wonderful. I sat in the dark and just listened to it. Even though we haven’t been getting that much rain, the coastal fog provides enough moisture for tons of strange mushroom formations. I’ll try to get a few pictures.

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  12. I love your walks with Maddie! As for math, I counted 16 photos, 1 flag, 8 geese, thousands of leaves of various changing colours, at least 20 fence posts, 1 flower and a sleepy bee, 1 baseball diamond! And a beautiful profile of Maddie. Thank you for a wonderful way to begin my week!

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  13. Weather sure makes life interesting. Great photos! I photographed some mushrooms that looked like that on an old stump. They later flattened out with drying.


    • I’m with you on the reflections, Paul. I don’t often get to see those puddles. Usually, by the time we’re walking the puddles have dried up. I love it when I can find something interesting reflected.


  14. The colors are not so brilliant this year. Last year was a bumper crop of brilliance. Still, we see far more color in the fall than most people. Love the gallery, especially Maddie in the puddle.

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