Not So Great Pumpkin – #SoCS

It’s Saturday. It’s been a busy week, but we’re here to put that all aside and enjoy a cold beverage and some fun conversation. With any luck, we’ll be able to satisfy Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, we always have fun with that. This week, we have to be careful, but Cheryl will remind that this is a family bar, in case we stray toward the gutter. The prompt is:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘body parts.’ Pick a body part and talk about it. Make sure to leave a comment below or put a disclaimer at the top of your post if it’s NSFW! There are people who participate in SoCS and love to support others, but not every one will want to read about private parts. Have fun!”

Not to worry, we can keep this on the straight and narrow.

If we were having a beer,

“I’ll be with you guys in a second, I just have to finish making these drinks.”

“There’s no one else here, Cheryl. Whose drinks are you making?”

“I’m the bartender for the whole place, David. I make drinks for everyone. By the way, that reminds me, I made Mary a top-shelf Brandy Old Fashioned earlier this week. Dan said to put it on the tab today.”

“Dan said? Dan said to put it on the tab. The tab I am paying for? How nice of Dan.”

“Mary thought you were a little surly last week.”

“She did, did she? Well, if she wants to see…No, I take that back. I was a bit surly last week. I’m happy to pay for her drink. I only wish she was here to share it with us.”

“You’re a good man, David. Let me shake this up and then I’ll be pouring your John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“That shaking doesn’t look good for your shoulders, Cheryl. Can’t you use a blender?”

“Blending chops up the ice. Shaking makes the drink cold but doesn’t water it down.”

“Mmmm, OK. If I might ask, what brandy did you use in Mary’s drink? Just so I know what I’m paying for.”

“23rd St Distillery. It’s really good stuff. You want a taste…on the house?”

“I don’t mind if I do.”

“Cheryl, what exactly are you making? Pardon me for saying, but that looks awful.”

“It’s a Pumpkin Russian, Dan.”

“A Pumpkin what?”

“Russian. It’s like a White Russian, but we use pumpkin-infused vodka, Kahlúa and pumpkin spice coffee cream. Then it’s rimmed with crushed graham crackers.”

“Cheryl, you might single-handedly reignite the cold war with that drink. This is excellent brandy.”

“That’s funny, David. Although, it’s odd to think about reigniting something cold.”

“It’s just an expression, Dan. Besides, I’m usually the one accused of being pedantic.”

“OK, you guys work out who’s playing what role today. I’ll deliver these and get to work on that Corona and bourbon.”

“Get to work? Cheryl, you only have to open the Corona.”

“Good to see those roles shifting back where they belong, David.”

“I just meant…”

“David, shush. Trust me, I know all about digging your way out of a hole. Put the shovel down.”

“OK guys, here we go, an open bottle of Corona for Dan – with lime wedge, and a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon for David.”

“What about…?”

“I’ll be right back with the snifter of seltzer, a glass of ice and a cherry.”

“A cherry? Dan, she said ‘a cherry.’ Do you think I’m only getting one?”

“She probably used the rest in Mary’s Old Fashioned.”

“Here you go, David. Cherries, Skippy-style.”

“Ha, I see. One in the bourbon, one in the seltzer and one in the ice. I guess I had that coming.”

“You did. You boys want anything to eat?”

“Let me guess, you have pumpkin lasagna, cream of pumpkin soup and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.”

“You just can’t help yourself, can you David?”

“I’m sorry, Cheryl. I find the whole world of pumpkin to have a draining effect on my senses.”

“Look, David, this isn’t my doing. I don’t like pumpkin spice – I don’t even like pumpkin pie. I think the pumpkin Russian is a travesty, but I’m a good bartender, so I make the best one I can.”

“I know, I just…wait, if you don’t like pumpkin pie, what do you serve on Thanksgiving?”

“Sweet potato pie.”

“Ooooh, I like sweet potato pie.”

“Also, I shouldn’t pick on you. We do have pumpkin ravioli as a special this week. But we have bacon and corn chowder as our soup of the day.”

“Sign me up for a bowl of that, Cheryl. Sorry to add that to the bill, David, but I can’t pass up corn chowder.”

“It’s OK, Dan. In fact, I’ll join you. It sounds delicious. Bacon and non-pumpkin.”



  1. Bacon corn chowder? Now, that sounds New England and delicious. Hope it was as good as it looks. I had to take my Mexican Sunflowers out, but the bees sure love them. The moon photo is a beauty. I hope Maddie has a good walking day because it looks like we’re headed for several wet days. Rain is always good this time of year to tide the plants over through the winter.

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    • We had a good walk, Judy, although there were other people walking in the park. I try to tell Maddie that’s OK, but…

      The chowder was excellent. The tithonias have to come down soon. Most of the flowers have drooped over, but the bees still find it every day, so we’re letting it stand as long as it will. We haven’t had a good rain in a while. We can give up a walk if necessary. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  2. Great conversation at the bar today. I’m with David on all this pumpkin stuff. Yuk!

    Love the leaf and its shadow. It does look like a dog. Stretch your imagination a bit and it looks like a skinny elephant with its trunk down.

    Great shot of the Hunter’s Moon. What’s up with the geese and their flight pattern? I love how the squirrel feels safe on a fence and the bunny feels safe behind a fence. Seems fences are for more than our neighbors!

    Sad day for Old Glory. General Powell would be pleased and proud to be so honored.


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    • I had to go back and look, but you’re right, Ginger. A skinny elephant is possible..

      I think the geese are heading to the airport. I think they’ve booked one of the C-130s at the Air Guard base to haul their honking butts down south. They’re not fooling me with all this V-formation for distance stuff.

      I think they left Old Glory at about 40%, but he was a good man to honor.

      I hope you have a good weekend.


  3. Pumpkin rules this time of year, although there’s never any actual pumpkin in any of it. I’m with you and the bacon corn chowder. Might have to make one this week. And please, stop scaring my poor bunny.

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  4. Beautiful photos, Dan. Who knew a leaf could have such a shadow? Amazing. As for the pumpkin treats, I’m one who loves everything pumpkin — except drinks. 😄 Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. I’ve never understood pumpkin unless it’s in pumpkin bread. I know I wouldn’t understand it in a drink. But that chowder? THAT I understand and now I want some for breakfast. Your photo of the Hunter’s Moon is lovely, and the caption (cat-tion?) “will you be here long?” was another one that had me laughing out loud. A nice balance to the somber flag. Thanks for a good beginning to Saturday!

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    • I do like pumpkin bread, Maureen, but not beer and not drinks of any sort. That chowder was delicious. I’m hoping they have it again the next time I’m there. MuMu likes me to come in, brush her and leave. When I sit, she gives me a little grief until she nods off. Have a great weekend.

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  6. Keep Calm and carry on. Avert your eyes and hearing if need be. And what ever you do don’t tell the bartendress how to do her job. It could be the best decision you make today… Happy Saturday Dan !

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  7. David was in even rarer form than he usually is–he’s a riot. I like pumpkin, in moderation, but pumpkin ravioli with fresh sage and browned butter is so good. And a Pumpkin Russian–ooh, that sounds tempting. Although Black or White Russians do, too…..I am probably not the one to judge. The dog leaf–Maddie has such a good eye! The sunrise over the sports field is a beauty. Enjoy the weekend, Dan.

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    • We will gladly pass our pumpkin drinks down to your end of the bar, Lois. They say the pumpkin ravioli is really good, but I’ll never know. They served a butternut squash ravioli at a business meal once. It was ok, but when I look at ravioli, a taste comes to mind that isn’t vegetable. I’m glad you like the pictures. I hope you’re having a great weekend.

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  8. The chowder sounds good, and the Moon image is lovely. It was really cloudy here so I missed it.

    That leaf’s shadow did look like a dog. That was fun and made me smile.

    It’s nice to see flowers and bees. The snow and cold temperatures have finished off all the blooms here. Winter is early here.

    The sunrises are so pretty and so are your fall colors. I love the reds!

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    • Thanks Pam. Don’t worry, Cheryl will be happy to fix you a non-pumpkin drink, and that chowder was the best! Maddie bent down to sniff that leaf, and when I looked at it, I saw the skinny dog (and skinnier yet elephant). Have a nice weekend.

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  9. Pumpkin lasagna sounds interesting. I’ve heard of butternut squash lasagna and will have to try pumpkin, too. Gotta do something with the porch pumpkin. I like the bee photos and the long legged leaf dog.

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    • Thanks for taking care of my Old Fashioned, David. That was a thousand times tastier than the chocolate mint stout (ewww) I sampled yesterday. In fact, the pumpkin ale was a thousand times tastier. And, as always, pumpkin pie beats everything.

      Nice job on the post, Dan. Thanks for the mention snd have a great weekend.

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      • I just realized I forgot to add a link. I fixed that. Chocolate mint stout? Hmmm, I like chocolate and mint, but that’s a reach. As is the pumpkin ale for me, but I’m glad it was better than the stout. You do have to sample the local stuff. I hope you’re having a great time.

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  10. Bacon and corn chowder yum! Even though I like pumpkin it’s definitely an acquired taste to be eaten in moderation. I’ve never noticed a difference between sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. But maybe that’s because I slather whip cream on both. And cover up the filling.

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  11. I’ll be so sad when the tithonias disappear, Dan. Love this post. Pumpkin. Pffttt… lol. But, I have made one or two for the family when I hosted dinners. It was my great holiday sacrifice. Lol. My favorite chowder is crab and corn, except down South we call it Bisque. Body Parts huh? 🧐

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    • At least I only mentioned your shoulders, Cheryl, and only out of concern. I didn’t want to have to add a disclaimer and I didn’t want the Editor smacking me on your behalf ;-)

      I’ve had crab and corn chowder – that is very good. Now I want some of that.

      Have a great weekend, and thanks for putting up with David and me (but you’re so so so much better than Skippy).

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      • Thanks Dan! I love the fun banter. Just like being around my family-all guys. Lol. I didn’t even think about the alternate insinuation. Let’s just say I would not have been offended. I once owned a Shake Weight.😉

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  12. Happy Caturday, Dan. It’s good to see Cheryl back at the bar. I’m not a fan of any of the “pumpkin spice” stuff either — unless it’s simple pumpkin pie. That chowder sure looks tasty though. I think I know what I’m having for lunch now! You have really earned your weekend. I hope you get to relax and rest. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I don’t actually get the Corona until 2:30-3:00, but I will toast all you guys in response to the good wishes shared here. No pumpkin will be involved, unless they have pie on the specials menu. That chowder was delicious. If they have that again, I’m ordering it. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  13. Pumpkin Russian is a new one for me . I think the mere thought of it will haunt me for awhile . Ah , but pumpkin pie —- that’s okay . I had pumpkin ice cream once ; not too bad , but once in a lifetime might be enough.

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  14. I love the peeping cat shot at the top but the thought of that pumpkin drink leaves me…well…cold. :-) Ah, well, I’m sure lots of people would love it. And I just saw above my comment box your mention of pecan pie. I do like that, although a little goes a long way for me because it’s soooooo sweet. :-) Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

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    • MuMu and I share that space, but she’s never totally happy with my being there – unless I’m brushing her. You’re right about the pecan pie being sweet, but it is so good. I hope you’re having a great weekend, Janet, Thanks for stopping by the bar.

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  15. That pumpkin drink made my teeth hurt just thinking about it. The graham crackers on the edge, what a mess?! I do love the turkey pumpkin chili my husband makes. It doesn’t taste like pumpkin at all. Great photos – I chuckled at the dog leaf, brilliant! Cheers to you!

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  16. Corn chowder with bacon beats pumpkin any day. This was really fun to read, Dan. Are you tired of me telling you how much I love your Saturday bar posts? The view from one part into the other is fabulous!

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  17. Haha, Dan your comment about reigniting the cold war over pumpkin-infused vodka is very funny. I was thinking the same thing when I read that description. Michael and I are studying the cold war for his history exams. I never learned about it at school. I suppose it wasn’t relevant in the late 80s and early 90s [apologies for my sarcasm]. I love your moon picture, a great shot.


    • I’m glad you thought that was funny, Robbie. I have to remind myself that the Cold War is now a subject of history. My brother, a retired history teacher, and I were discussing how much of what we experienced growing up is now being taught in history class. I like it when people enjoy the discussion at the bar. I hope you’re having a nice week.

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