Dry My Head! – #1LinerWeds

It’s been raining here for two straight days. Hard rain. Heavy rain. Flooding-in-the-forecast rain. As we used to say in Pittsburgh, pourin’ down rain. Maddie and I haven’t been able to walk, but she still has to go out for, um, business reasons. She doesn’t like to have a wet head, so the first thing that has to happen when we come back inside – yes, we have to go out with her, or she won’t take care of business – is to dry her head.

The Editor had her outside in the pouring rain as I was getting up. When I came out to join Maddie on the couch, this is what I found.

I think it’s still a good look

“My head got wet and I can’t do a thing with these ears.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • I don’t have enough hair to worry about.a wet head. I could dry it with a paper towel. We haven’t walked since Sunday, and we haven’t seen anything close to those skies. I hope they return today.

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  1. We had a lot of rain for two days as well. You should see the mountains they’re gorgeous as they got snow!

    Maddie’s hair goes even curlier when damp or wet! At least it’s not frizzy!!

    I like your new tree. We put in a Fire or Hot Fire Maple two years ago and can’t for it to get a wee bit bigger. The leaves go red in the fall as well.

    Geez, that plane looks more like a rocket heading straight up, up, up!!

    I really got a kick out of the, “you really do brush MuMu image”. That made me giggle.

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    • Maddie gets dried off, but it doesn’t help settle her ears down.

      I remember seeing mountains with their first layer of snow from when I lived in Washington. I hope you have some pictures for us.

      It will be nice to see the maple tree when it’s big enough to make a bug red statement. I think that will take a while, but (hopefully) I can wait.

      I do brush MuMu – on demand – which is often. I hope you’re having a good week, Deborah,

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    • That’s funny. Maddie will eventually take care of business, but she prefers to stand and sniff. We’ve had dogs that wouldn’t go out in the rain, and we had one that never wanted to come back in.

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  2. Murphy comes in from the rain and immediately sits down waiting to be towel dried. But unlike Maddie, that’s not the end of it. Nooooo. She then has to be thoroughly dried with the hair dryer! I did it once long ago and that’s all it took for the Creature of Habit to add it to her “You Must Do” List!

    Love the sunrise shot and the really weird mushrooms. The little red maple will grow up to be a stunning beauty. Wonder what all those birds are jabbering about?

    Right now we have a reprieve from the rain. We had wind, but not nearly as bad as predicted. Hopefully the worst is over.

    Keep Maddie dry. A girl has to keep up appearances!

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    • I’m laughing at the “do it once and it’s on the list” part, Ginger. We’ve added so many things to that list, including our morning toast.

      It seems to be done raining, but it’s still very windy. It doesn’t look like a good day for a walk. I’ll see what her majesty thinks,

      That little red maple is getting blown sideways right now, but it’s hanging onto its leaves. Maddie has been out, sniffed all the way to the Gulf Coast and is lounging on the couch.

      I hope you and Murphy have a nice day.


    • The bees and the butterflies love the tithonias, Frank. They get so tall, and they last so long. I was sad to have to cut them, but with the wind we were getting, they never would have survived. Maddie’s ears dried pretty quickly. Then a nice brushing and she was fine.

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  3. When I saw the forecast, I wondered if you would get some of the heavy rain. We had high winds over the last 36 hours and our dogwood trees are almost bare now. Maddie looks well taken care of as does MuMu.

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  4. Her expression is positively pained! Such a beautiful girl. The running joke used to be: what do you get after two days of hard rain? The answer was Monday. It has been raining hard for two days but we are expecting sun and warm temperatures today. Perhaps the last gasp before the world turns winter. I’ll take it!

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  5. Hi Dan – not sure it it’s Maddie saying she still looks good … yes she does still look pretty pretty – even if you’re admiring her! Fun to see – we’ve had some rain – but I just sit quietly inside ..though know the days of wind and hail and dogs … and wet ears … luckily my brother and SIL have an Aga to resort to … dog beds live there in the winter! Cheers and enjoy the changing colours – Hilary

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  6. Oh, Maddie–never fear. You still look wonderful! The coffee group–what a great snap. I guess all the chatter is about the World Series. We are forecast for bad rain tonight. ‘Pourin’ down rain’….I had to laugh. I still say that! When I first moved down here, I heard the expression ‘gulley washer’ and thought that was the weirdest thing. And, no, I never, ever say it. Sticking with ‘pourin’ down rain.’ 😉

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  7. Your one-liner is hilarious, Dan. Love it! When I saw your beautiful trees, I groaned because we have a huge Maple in our front yard, and its leaves are falling — in the yard and in the street. Neighbors had forewarned us and they were right. We’ve just picked up a couple of rakes, as we left our others in Missouri. Have a wonderful day. 😊

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    • I won’t have too much raking to do from this little guy, Gwen, but our neighbor has an 80′ oak tree and the leaves drift into our yard. I’m glad you enjoyed the one-liner at Maddie’s expense. Good luck with your leaves.


  8. Yes, Maddie, it’s still a lovely look. :)
    You know, Dan, despite some very bad things in my past (that made me very much a cat person by my mid 30s), and my allergies — early during my decade in DC, I considered getting a dog. I lived in a very “dog friendly” community. Then came a cold rainy November morning. Nope.
    I’m really sorry about all that rain. It seems October is doing a March imitation and going out like a lion. We’ve had high wind warnings several times this month. Last night part of my gate blew off. I haven’t looked to see if it’s still there.
    You and the Editor stay safe and well. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Wow! Sorry to hear about your gate. Indoor cats are much easier than dogs to deal with on cold wet days.

      October does seem to want to make a statement on the way out. It wasn’t that long ago we had a storm on Halloween that left us without electricity for 10 days. I hope things calm down for both of us.

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  9. Poor Maddie. She needs a head like mine, Dan! 😄

    It’s been a wet couple days down here in Maryland too, Dan, along with a worrisome dose of high winds. I’ll be glad to have it over with.

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  10. I thought setters liked the rain! We went directly from summer to winter so all my Japanese maples didn’t turn bright red as usual, the leaves just dropped from the trees. I hope you get some relief from the wet stuff!

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  11. I hope Maddie is dry and comfy. I know it is not Monday and lament technology day. The reader WP reader is doing its usual gap thing. For what ever reason your post and no doubt several others have fallen in the gap. I made it to the end of ‘new posts’ and surprise surprise your blog was nowhere to be found. WP must have checked while you were drying Maddie ! Happy hump day Dan. I have to go and put a note in my diary – technology is our friend…

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  12. True, large ears, much wetness:):)
    Wow these downpours seem to be going on across the US! Yesterday we got a text from our oldest daughter in California to come please and fix our water damage if the insurance does not (likely) cover it. What are fathers for, eh? Of course he’ll do it!

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  13. I like your small bouquet and the birds on the wire made me chuckle. I always wonder what makes them choose a certain wire and then all gather there. Does Maddie shake and get you all wet when she comes in? I like the curly look. :-)

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    • She will jump up on the couch or bed and rub her head on the blankets to get them dry (if we don’t do a good enough job). Fortunately for me, I can dry my hair with a towel in about 30 seconds ;-)

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  14. Thank you for taking our rain for a few days. Sunshine here in Vancouver. Love Maddie and your one liner!! In a recent conversation with my sister, Sarah, we considered whether dogs were the advanced species. After all they understand our language and they seem to listen better than we do! Something to thing about in the week ahead.

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  15. Oh, snap! We had wind, pouring rain and hail the other night. To the “water pouring through the light fixture” extent. (I wish I were of the social media generation and had filmed it but I was too busy trying to figure out how to stop it.)

    Fab photos as always. I love a good sunrise.

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