Red Sky at Morning – #1LinerWeds

After being stuck inside for a few mornings, Maddie was ready to walk. We weren’t sure the rain had ended, but it wasn’t raining when we normally leave, so off we went. During the course of our walk, the sky became redder and redder. I started thinking about the old adage. I began to wonder it there was any truth to it (old adages / wives’ tales are often based in fact).

Those of you that know me from Monday morning posts will appreciate how excited I got when I saw a great explanation of sun angles, dust and moisture particles, and wavelengths – wavelengths, I tell ya!

I also discovered references to the connection between red morning skies and foul weather in the Bible.

But this is One-Liner Wednesday. I decided to ignore the science, leave God out of the discussion and go with Shakespeare. I also decided that I need to violate Linda’s rule about one line. in his play, “Venus and Adonis,” Shakespeare wrote:

“Like a red morn that ever yet betokened, Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field, Sorrow to the shepherds, woe unto the birds, Gusts and foul flaws to herdmen and to herds.”

William Shakespeare

Maddie, I think we need to head home.

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  1. Beautiful sky, warning or not! Old Glory looks like she’s trying to peek over the trees to get a better look at that sky!

    The squirrels are so comfortable at your home they have Maddie’s routine down pat and know when she’s napping. Love the picture of Maddie in “mid-lick”! Soooo cute.

    Also love the lone leaf in the fence. The first of the season. The picture of the bunny doesn’t look like a photograph, it looks like an oil painting!

    Enjoy the sun today. We had our first frost….30 degrees! Brrrrr!

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    • The flag does look like it’s trying to see beyond the trees. The squirrels seem to know that Maddie isn’t interested in them. She just likes to look around and then sleep. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more trapped leaves and more munching bunnies. Maybe, after the time change, it will be light enough to see the bunny in the morning. At least for a while.

      We’ve been in the 30s, but not very low, Ginger. I think we’re heading in that direction.


  2. Incredible red skies! When we lived on the East Coast that old adage did work. My mother could tell the weather better than the weatherman just by listening to all those old sayings. When we moved inland, it didn’t work. But I still say it.

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  3. Marvelous, glorious colour!

    It reminds me of a time when I was girl – it was midafternoon – neither dusk nor dawn – reading at my desk with my back to the window. When I got up from my studies, and turned to leave the room, my heart stopped. I can still feel the lurch in my gut, my reaction was truly visceral. The sky was as red as could be.

    The event made the news, it was that big a deal. I remember hearing the explanation – no doubt wavelengths were involved! – but can’t recall exactly what was going on to cause a mid-day bloodbath in the sky!

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    • That must have been scary! We used to see some strange looking skies in Pittsburgh (due to the pollution) but nothing like that. Of course, my dad remembers walking around at noon in the dark in the early 50s. Life is better now.

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  4. Beautiful photos. I learned that Willy Shakes quote in conjunction with the saying “red sky in morning shepherds take warning.” Later in life I learned that most people talk about sailors taking warning.

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  5. Those morning photos were spectacular but that increasing redness is a little ominous😳. Did you see any alien ships follow it? The tree of course my fave this week🧡

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  6. Hi Dan – yes I agree … great post for those wonderful pics. But Shakespeare needs to add a line: and life giving to us beings … so glad you got the red-head home in time … it does look broody … cheers Hilary

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