Wet Week – No Rain – #SoCS

We are finally at the end of the busiest and most frustrating week since I retired. David wants to know what happened, but I want to forget. We’re going to try and do both as we enjoy a well-deserved adult beverage, well, at least I deserve one. We’re also going to wrestle with the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt offered by Linda G. Hill. That’s going to be a challenge,

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘close eyes and point.’ Grab the closest printed material to you when you sit down to write your post, open it up (if it’s a book, flyer, etc.), close your eyes, and point. Whatever your finger lands on, use that as your prompt. Have fun!”

As I’ve been catching up on reading, I’ve been trying to finish Journey No. 10 of Teagan Geneviene’s delightful “Dead of Winter” series. I flipped that open to the page shown above. I was pointing to the picture, so I’m going with “Un-Place.” I wish I had Teagan’s imagination.

If we were having a beer, you would be generous and curious.

“Cheryl, I see my young friend approaching. Please put a cold Corona on the bar for him.”

“My, are we impatient and generous.”

“I’m celebrating, Cheryl, I…”

“Hello Cheryl, Hi David. Is that beer for me?”

“It is, Dan. I was just telling Cheryl, I had the Braves in six games, and I won a handsome bit of cash from my golfing buddies.”

“Good for you! And, apparently, good for me. Does your generosity include clam chowder?”

“Hold on, Dan. We have fish stew today.”

“Can you elaborate, Cheryl?”

“Do you like fish stew David?”

“Some. But I’ve had some that my cat would walk away from.”

“This is good. It’s shrimp and swordfish in a light tomato broth.”

“Still, you grew up in Louisiana. I think you must have a high tolerance.”

“Be careful, David.”

“Two bowls of fish stew, Cheryl. Dan has some explaining to do.”

“Explaining? What do I have to explain?”

“Your absence.”

“David. I was here last week. I’m here today. When have I been absent?”

“I just meant that I haven’t seen you at your regular blog hangouts.”

“I did fall way behind in reading this week, David, but I’m catching up, slowly. Unfortunately, I had to skip quite a few.”

“So what happened? I read where you mentioned plumbing problems, but I thought you fixed all of that the week before.”

“I did. My wife noticed that the new washer had a ‘Clean’ cycle. She had always cleaned the previous washer, but since this had a special cycle, she decided to give it a whirl.”

“Is that a pun? Isn’t the new washer a Whirlpool?”

“Haha – it is.”

“OK, so without explaining the details of what a Clean Cycle does, what went wrong?”

“The cycle uses a lot more water, hot water, a special cleaning detergent and, as my wife put it, it looks like a car wash while running.”

“Yeah so?”


“Hang on, Dan. Cheryl, could we get another round?”

“Sure. You guys thirsty? Those drinks are going down fast.”

“Dan’s throat must be dry from talking. I’m trying to dull my receptors.”

“You did ask, David.”

“I know, go on.”

“The high-powered discharge after the spin cycle must have cleaned out some gunk in the pipe. That caused a clog as the pipe turns to enter the main drain and the water backed up.”

“Where did the water go?”

“To a place water shouldn’t go.”

“An un-place?”

“Haha – yes, and un-place. Specifically, into, up and over the sides of a laundry sink in the basement.”

“Ugh, I hate when that happens.”

“Yeah, when your afternoon includes buckets, paper towels, a wet-dry vac and a plunger, you know you’re having a bad day.”

“All better?”

“Yes, David. The washer drain is all better.”

“Here’s your John Howell’s Special, David and your Corona, Dan. Please tell me that was the end of your version of Waterworld.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Unfortunately, we had a different problem the next day.”

“More water, Dan?”

“Yes David. I’ll save you the cost of another beer. Let’s just say that, when flushed, most of the water from one toilet tank spilled onto the floor.”

“Did you repair it? I’ve seen all those parts on the shelves at Home Depot.”

“The water spilling was after I repaired it.”

“I take it you have a new toilet.”

“We do.”

“Well, I’m glad to be picking up tab today. Cheers.”

“Cheers, David, and you’ll be glad you’re not picking up the tab next week. We’re having a guest.”

“Here’s the stew. I love it when you bring guests into the bar, Dan. Who’s coming?”

“John Mancini.”

“The eight-things guy?”

“Yes, Cheryl, although I’m not sure that’s how he’s known.”

“Well, I like it.”

“But you’re going eight plus one, right?”

“I am. Nine gratitudes each day in November.”

“Maybe we’ll have John tell us eight things about his new book.”

“Dan, that would be trite.”

“Perhaps you’re right, David. John helped me get where I am, I want this to be a good visit.”

“Do I need to remind you that you’re unemployed, Dan.”

“I’m retired, David. I meant that John helped me when I was working.”

“That does make a difference. In any case. John is coming. You are buying. I’ll be here.”

“I’ll be here, too. I want to meet him, and I assume we’ll be serving off the top shelf.”

“Top shelf – all around, Cheryl.”

When I first met John Mancini, he was President and CEO of AIIM International, a professional association involved with promoting Information Management and Governance – a.k.a. keeping track of stuff. These days. John has retired from AIIM and spends his time researching, and writing and speaking about those topics. Of course, he has recently released “Immigrant Secrets: The Search for My Grandparents” (see my earlier post). I hope you can join us next week to learn more about his fascinating experience.


  1. The Editor is a lucky woman that you have the skills necessary to respond to water issues. There are a lot of DIY issues a person can somewhat control, but water is not one of them. Water issues are major. Applause to you for being able to fix not one but two and that they didn’t cause other issues that required repairs. Maddie certainly rocks her coat, and with the temps dropping into the low 20’s up here she sure needs it. :-) Nice shots.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The Editor moved fast on the clean-up. Drying things out, removing water and putting some fans in place. Fortunately, not much wall surface was involved, so I don’t think we have to worry about mold. Still, we kept the fans running to dry everything out. We did a hoot cold walk today.

      Enjoy the weekend, Judy.

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  2. You wear so many hats….and now one that says “Plumber Extraordinaire’. Take a bow for a job well done…ummmm, two jobs well done!

    The unknown picture looks like a row of empty flower pots. Whatever it is, I like it. Maddie looks very content in her Buffalo plaid coat. And look at those defined shadows! Awesome! Great picture of her on the deck surveying her kingdom before it’s covered in snow. 20 degrees here every morning and everything covered in frost.

    Beautiful capture of Old Glory proudly waving in the vivid sunlight.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend Dan.

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    • Thanks Ginger. I don’t know about “extraordinaire” My “repair” resulted in the second flood. All better now.

      It was 24 when we went for a short walk. Both of us bundled, Maddie just liked to check that off the list.

      I hope you have a nice weekend.


  3. So sorry for all the plumbing issues. Two things I hate. 1. Water issues. 2. Electrical issues. I’m glad they are behind you now. The fish stew sounds heavenly. I’m surprised your temps are now in the freezing range. I guess I’ve been away from Connecticut too long. Love the photos and thanks for the mention. Have a great weekend. 😊

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  4. I have that Clean cycle on my washer too, and have never used it. Now, although I am sorry for what happened, I will NEVER use the clean cycle! We are down to high 40’s at night–you know, freezing in Florida!
    I thought of you and John Howell this week. I was reading some food column and the talk was about peanut butter bourbon. Guy claims it was a huge success at his party. Huge. Might be time to push aside pumpkin spice and bring on the peanut butter! Enjoy the weekend, Dan.


  5. First of all 🤭🤦‍♀️😱☹️🤪😶‍🌫️regarding your water woes. I’m glad you got that situation ‘cleaned up’, as it were. Secondly I am so excited to meet (and serve) your good friend John Mancini. Supportive work mates are hard to come by and tend be be a special kind of friendship. That’s a cool photo. It almost looks like a row of plant pots or buckets with beautiful auras. It does look like a gorgeous (chilly) day. Isn’t it great to see the sun after tons of rain?
    PS Tell the Editor to suit up if she decides to do an oven clean cycle. You never know….😬
    Ok I gotta go deal with this prompt. Happy Saturday!

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  6. My sympathies on your hideous week! And my thanks for the laughs this morning. I really loved the cracks about the fish stew — the part about the cat and the part about growing up in Louisiana. I don’t know anything about fish stew, but I know it sure looks good, especially with that frost. We are seriously into stew and soup weather. The single-leaf composition “Dog With Duck” almost eluded me. But, yes, there it is! You do a mean shadow!

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    • Thanks Maureen. The fish stew was very good, but the term does make one wonder about the ingredients. I think I was pushing it for the duck, but the dog is carrying something. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

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  7. Love that accidental photo too! My husband was a nazi about the garbage disposal in our CO home after my making cole slaw. I had put cabbage leaves left over in the disposal- NEVER DO THAT! The basement laundry room flooded with shredded cabbage.

    Sent from my iPhone


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  8. Bushwa, Dan! “Yeah, when your afternoon includes buckets, paper towels, a wet-dry vac and a plunger, you know you’re having a bad day.” Any one of those things is a bad day. Buckets, wet-dry vac, plunger — that’s a trifecta of awful.
    Heartfelt thanks for the “Dead of Winter” shoutout and the photo. All that going on, and you still took time for a moment of kindness. I really appreciate it.
    I’m looking forward to meeting John here next weekend. Enjoy your day and stay safe. Hugs on the wing.

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  9. Plumbing problems are the worst. My newish washing machine has a cleaning cycle. I haven’t tried it yet, but now I think I’ll just put a little bleach or tea tree oil in a regular wash cycle. I see terracotta flower pots in the back of your accidental photo.

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  10. So has your wife placed a ‘Do Not Touch This Button Ever’ warning next to the cleaning cycle ? Glad you survived your too many plumbing issues week. And this is a catch up week for me too. Our roof replacement got moved up on Friday because another customer was not ready. And yesterday was a granddaughter weekend. Filed under busy and fun. All six of them from 21 down to 3 months. I hope this week fairs better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow – 6 granddaughters for one weekend…That’s quite an accomplishment, John. I’m glad you got your roof out of the way – it pays to be ready. Then again, how are you not ready for a new roof?

      My wife says she will use the clean cycle again, hoping that this time cleaned the pipe, but that I must be here.

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  11. Oh golly, my washing machine has a clean cycle which I’ve used twice … so far no problems but maybe I’ve just been lucky. I generally leave the door to the washing machine door open so the inside can dry out. Hope this coming week is better!


  12. Hi Dan, you are ahead of me with Dead of Winter. I will be reading episodes 8 and 9 next week. If I get enough peace, I’ll squeeze in 10 too. I am sorry about your plumbing problems, there is nothing worse than cleaning up flooded water all over the place. It causes a lot of damage too.

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  13. Well, that’s a fun take on the prompt. That’s one heck of a plumbing kind of week you had! We’re on a project like that. Not with the washer yet, but replacing the water heater (before it dies) and putting in an acid neutralizer to help prevent the build-up and eating away of copper pipes. It is apparently a huge undertaking as all the parts are scattered all over the basement floor. I’m sure you and Mr. would enjoy figuring out where all the pex tubing and connectors should go. We may need to sell the copper pipes to make some cash! I am intrigued about the new washing machine, the Editor is happy, right? I’m looking forward to your next week’s prompt. My youngest has just discovered the love of genealogy, I’m going to send her over here and to John’s blog to read more about it! I hope you have a better week, with less water involved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • IT’s going to be a little warmer this week, so I’m hoping to be able to power wash our ramp, porch and steps. There will be water involved, but outside 😏

      The water heater sounds like a big job. I wish you luck. The Editor is happy with the new washer, but there are some annoying features, like the very bright LED lights on the panel.

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