Simple Questions that are Not – #SoCS

It’s Saturday and that means it’s time to put the rakes away and get out of the cold. We’re going to share a couple adult beverages and some conversation. With any luck, we’ll be able to handle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “black, gray, and white.” Use one, use ’em all. Bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!”

Bonus points? Oh, you know we have to have those.

If we were having a beer, you’d be curious.

“Welcome my young friend.”

“Hi David.”

“Hi Dan. Can I get you a cold Corona?”

“That sounds delightful, Cheryl.”

“David already opened the tab, so I guess he’s buying.”

“That’s a nice surprise. Thank you, David.”

“Cheers Dan. Here’s to the approach of winter.”

“To winter.”

“Stop it you two. We accept winter, but we don’t welcome it with open arms.”

“Cheryl, you have to lose that southern girl attitude. You’re in New England now.”

“I never complain about the heat, at least not the way you guys do, so I get to complain about the cold and the snow and the freezing rain.”

“I’m with you on the freezing rain.”

“Me, too. Are you ready for winter, Dan?”

“Almost, David, almost.”

“So, what you mean is ‘no’ you’re not ready.”

“No, I mean I’m almost ready.”

“Dan, it was a yes or no question, you know, like on Law and Order, yes or no, are you ready for winter?”

“I don’t think it’s that simple. There are things that can’t be done ahead of time and…”

“No essay, Dan. Yes or no. Black or white, or to put it in terms you can relate to, one or zero?”

“This is better suited to maybe, gray, and an array of ones and zeroes rather than a single variable.”

“Is that how you answered your boss when he wanted to know if your project was done?”

“Haha – no, David. Well, some of them, yes, but when I worked for John, he insisted on ‘done’ or ‘not done’ when he asked that question.”

“I knew liked John.”

“The problem with that, is that it doesn’t allow for a complete explanation. Some things require more information. Why do you insist on making it a binary choice?”

“Mainly because I don’t really care.”

“Then why did you ask me if I was ready for winter?”

“It’s the kind of thing you ask this time of year in New England. It’s like asking someone how they are doing. I certainly don’t really want to hear about every upset and malady.”

“I see. Well then, David, yes, I’m ready for winter.”

“I think you mean ‘no, I’m not ready for winter,’ Dan.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you originally said ‘almost’ which would indicate you still have work to do, which means you are not ready.”

“Cheryl, I am ready for another beer, please.”

“Coming right up, Dan. David are you ready for another John Howell’s Special?”


“That means yes in my language.”

“How’s that?”

“I sell bourbon. If you’re almost ready, I’m pouring.”


“Yes Dan?”

“I thought there was no room for gray in your black and white world.”

“I know, but I couldn’t resist busting on you. So, tell me, what have you done to prepare for winter?”

“The snow blower has been tuned up, the snow stakes are in the ground, the shed has been rearranged for winter…almost, and the stuff in the yard that gets put away has been put away.”

“Why isn’t the shed completely rearranged, Dan?”

“Because there are still leaves in the trees. That’s also why I haven’t cleaned the gutters.”

“I see. So you aren’t ready for winter, but it’s not your fault.”


“Here’s your beer, and your bourbon. Are you guys done arguing?”

“Yes, Cheryl. We are.”

“Good, Dan. Are you going to have some food?”

“I’ll defer to David, since he’s buying

“Pizza – pepperoni, sausage and onions.”

“I’ll get that right in.”


  1. I love the premise that not all questions can be answered with a simple yes or no. My firstborn addressed that whole thing by answering a lot of questions with “well, yes and no.” One can wiggle out of a lot with such an answer. But the subject of the binary answer made for a fun dialogue at the bar. Some lovely images in your photos, especially the river — it’s a great capture of autumn.

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    • Thanks Maureen. My old boss and I had this argument many times. “Done or not done” was his favorite, but he also was fond of grouping employees as “assets or liabilities.”

      I like your son’s answer – I get that. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Dan. I love the play of light through the mist. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the black, white, and grays of the days.

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    • Thanks Gwen. Somehow the autumn leaves that remain look better to me than when the trees were full. I always like walking in the mist and seeing the way it changes of various parts of the park.

      I hope you have a great weekend!


  3. “…aren’t ready for winter, but it’s not your fault.” I love that! :-) Every day I rake, I think great now that is done. The following morning I make coffee and look out the window and realize I need the rake again because it is not done until the trees say it is done. :-) Have a good weekend, Dan. I’ll be raking this morning. :-)

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  4. Hahaha! “ Almost ready” is the perfect answer! Great conversation at the bar today. Seems like life in general is less black and white and decidedly more gray!

    Love all the misty pictures. The burning bush is awesome. I want to meet the squirrel who isn’t going to gift your deck with crumbs and poop!

    MuMu isn’t trying to sleep Dan, she’s in a cat coma.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Crank up that wood stove, get a good book and a beer, and spend some time with Maddie on the couch.

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    • Ooooh, that’s sounds like good advice, Ginger. MuMu made me brush her before settling into her coma.

      I literally power washed those steps on Wednesday. Normally, they take the peanuts into the yard. I guess he liked the nice clean steps.

      I hope you have a nice weekend. Give Murphy a scritch.


  5. I just got an attachment that is supposed to blow leaves out of the gutters. The Producer has decided that an 80-year-old man should not be on a ladder doing that work. I am going to try it before the WVU/Texas game. That pizza looked to die for. I really miss East coast pizza. Poor substitutes around here. I think your ‘almost ready’ is far ahead of everyone else. Congrats on the bonus points. You did a terrific job. Thank you for the link. Go, Mountaineers.

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  6. I agree 100% with almost being okay and accurate since it’s NOT WINTER YET. Reminds me of people asking, “Are you ready for Christmas?” One season at a time. One moment at a time, speaking of which, I like how you’ve captured those misty morning moments.

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  7. I am driven crazy by people not being able to say a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ I am a cut-to-the-chase type, but my supervisor was a talker. We had a great relationship so I was able to say to her, “Yes or no?!” for any question I had. We’d laugh about it, but I was serious! Your misty photos are so pretty, but I can see Maddie’s hesitation. What, exactly, is beyond that mist…..? Happy weekend, Dan.

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    • My boss used to look at me and say, “no essay!” I guess I would drive you nuts. I always want to work through all the angles. We walk up to the mist slowly. Once the building and flag pole become visible, she’s fine. Once, a woman and her dog were in there. Both dogs went nuts when they saw each other. Happy weekend.

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  8. Photo number five is my fave although I love them all. Except for the frosty ones. 🥶🥶🥶Nice work with the prompt. I guess growing up with an ex Navy dad, my response would have been, “No, not quite.” Potato, potahto. That pizza looks num. We’re having some tomorrow! Stay warm Dan. It’s currently 72 here and holding… 👍🏻

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      • Of course! I keep a heavy coat for my job. 😉 Oddly enough, even though the actual temps don’t vary a lot, the climate does change. Right now it feels Autumn like due to the sun’s position, the rains have stopped as a torrential season, and there is a decided cool, crispness to the breezes. It just never goes into ‘Winter’. For Central America, Winter means dry and warmer temps. Keep posting those Autumn trees photos. I love the colors! I’ve only lived one place that had such a brilliant color change in the Fall. Georgia.

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  9. Two thumbs up on the fog photos, Dan. I agree with Maddie on the one…not sure I would want to go there either. There might be chainsaws or elderly women with walkers on the other side of that fog wall.

    I might be ready for winter (clothing-wise), but not yet ready for the holidays, as I’m sure others are. I put up my tree yesterday, but there are still gifts to purchase, cookies to bake, boxes to ship…the usual. I suppose that’s fodder for another post, huh?

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  10. I too am almost ready for winter. More like I enjoy one cold day a week but I’m more pleasant to be around if the others are temperate fall weather. But pizza? I’m always ready for pizza. 😆

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  11. It’s a bit early here. If we raked or blew leaves, tomorrow everything would be covered again. The dogwoods are bare now, though, so it will not be long. Not looking forward to winter so I am just focusing on the holidays. I always enjoy your posts, Dan. And the photos are gorgeous as always.

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  12. Dan, it’s always good to visit you and the crew at the bar. The gallery today is stunning. Every time I see one of your mist or fog photos, I want to give Birdie Devovo and Jinx a new story. I probably should have done that in stead of the Armadillo Files. Hugs on the wing.

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  13. In the spring we have pollen season. Come fall it is leave season. And it lasts through winter into spring. When the last of blowing leaves are mostly snagged in fences and otherwise tangled or broken. And the new leaves on the trees keep us from worrying about the stragglers that are still managing to blow around.

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  14. Your photo compositions and content are all excellent, Dan. There is a mystical feeling to some of them as though I am about to walk into a world of untold secrets. We are all finished with our turn around in our barn and everything else. I even helped hubby replace glass on one of our outdoor lights way up on the second floor. I was the anchor on the ladder. As for if I’m ready for winter ….. in all seriousness I did grieve this year saying goodbye to my leaves I love so much but looking at Ohio weather I’m ready for the white stuff to get creative with. I have a light for my camera I’ve yet to experiment with and perhaps this year I will. Anything is possible with me. Even I don’t know what I will do at times. LOL

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  15. Love the photos, laughed at the conversation (which left me thinking of having a beer!), and completely get your “almost ready.” Needless to say there’s no winter work going on here unless you count opening the widows and doors once it got into the 60’s and keeping them open all day. :-) I know, nice work if you can get it. But I do long for some snow at some point and will keep looking for reports that somewhere not too far away got some so I can go enjoy it. (The pizza looks delicious.)

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    • A lot of people here complain about both. I complain about the hot and humid weeks of summer, So I try to take winter in stride. These days, the weather is very unpredictable. We will take what we get.


  16. There is always room for gray areas it seems. I love your images of the misty morning walk in the park.

    That burning bush is lovely! MuMu trying to sleep is adorable in that image, and I’ll have a slice of that pizza please. It’s looks so good!

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  17. LOL, are we ever really ready for winter? If our weather in WI is any indicator of what is coming your way, the winds will take care of the leaves on your trees that will freeze off due to the low teens overnight and into the morning. But, as always, I could be wrong! I love the fog photos, and the vibrant colors of the trees, and of course, MuMu’s adorable sleeping pose. The pizza does look good, I bet it went down well with your Corona chaser. Cheers!

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