Shaggy but Well Fed – #SoCS

It’s the first Saturday in December – the last month of 2021 – and we are back at the bar for a brew or two and a chance to handle the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt offered by Linda G. Hill.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘rev.’ Use ‘rev’ or find a word that contains it. Have fun!

If we were having a beer, you’d be taking note of my appearance.

“Good afternoon, Dan. I see you’ve reverted to the shaggy style of twenty-twenty, when the pandemic had closed the barber shops.”

“It’s good to see you, too, David. My barber had to cancel my appointment. I was supposed to get my hair cut three days ago.”

“I think it’s more noticeable on people who don’t have much hair to begin with.”

“My aren’t we a bundle of compliments today. Would you care to comment on my appearance, David?”

“No, Cheryl. I mean, you look fine.”

“Fine? I‘m not sure I like the sound of that, but please don’t revise your statement – I find that men tend to keep digging once in a hole. Would you boys like something to drink?”

“I’d like a Corona.”

“As expected, Dan. David?”

“A glass of bourbon, a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice. A.K.A a John Howell’s Special.”

“With cherries in the bourbon?”

“Ha – yes please. Skippy puts them in the seltzer or the ice when he remembers to include them.”

“What can I say, David? He’s a dingbat, but he’s our dingbat. I’ll be right back with the drinks.”

“So, Dan. I guess no haircut means no breakfast at Allegro. I’m sorry you missed your monthly indulgence in gluttony.”

“Actually, I had breakfast with John on Tuesday.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh now, David, that’s no way to talk.”

“Did you see what he had for breakfast on Tuesday? I’m sure he posted pictures all over the place.”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“I don’t post food pictures very often, David, at least not on Facebook or Instagram.”

“You don’t? Why not?”

“I’m not posting much of anything on Facebook these days.”

“What about Instagram?”

“That’s Facebook, too. I had to cut back somewhere. When Facebook rebranded themselves as Meta, I decided to avoid them whenever I can.”

“You’re not a fan of Meta?”

“I’m not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg defining any part of my future online experience.”

“You don’t want to suit-up with some high-tech goggles and jump into a virtual world with all your friends?”

“How should I put this? No.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be there, anyway.”

“And neither would I, so no virtual Corona for you out there, Dan.”

“I’ll stick to the real world, Cheryl.

“Speaking of the real world and eating, Dan. Now that the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, have you ventured out for dinner?”

“Faith and I had dinner at The Thai Place last night.”

“Does that mean you were visiting Old Sturbridge Village again?”

“We were – Christmas by Candlelight – We love that event.”

“Do you think you could have lived back then? Without all the modern conveniences?”

“You can’t miss what hasn’t been invented yet, David”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“Besides, they had a lot of ‘modern’ conveniences their ancestors didn’t have.”

“Such as?”

“They had pots and pans and tools and fabric that were being made in factories.”

“In the eighteen thirties?”

“Yes. The power loom was invented in seventeen eighty-five. Methods for casting relatively thin iron pots and pans were invented in the early seventeen hundreds.”

“Really? Then I guess they didn’t have it so tough after all.”

“Ha! Well, they didn’t have heat, air-conditioning, or indoor plumbing.”

“OK, then I guess I’ll stick with the era in which I was born.”

“I think that’s a good decision, David, along with picking up this tab.”

“Who said…?”


  1. Aw, Maddie does look forward to Faith’s visits just like you do. Nice. :-) That breakfast looks delicious and so does Faith’s iced coffee. Winter’s knocking on the door, Dan, hope you’re ready. I’ve got the push shovel in the garage ready but I’ll still be hoping I don’t need it and get out of Dodge before it really starts. Happy weekend.

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    • I hope you get out of town before the snow moves in, Judy. Maddie seems to know Faith is coming well before she gets here, and regardless of the reason for her visit, Maddie knows Faith came to see her. It was cold walking this morning. I hope you’re able to stay inside until it’s out of the twenties.

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  2. So sweet to end with a visit from Faith. Maddie’s stance is priceless. And your photos are wonderful, Dan. I always like the reflections in the water. You capture those well. I also enjoyed your response to the prompt – very clever. 😊

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  3. Great conversation today, and a good job with the prompt! It was very difficult looking at your breakfast while trying to get my Cheerios and blueberries down!

    Love the shot of Maddie with her nose in that leaf and her feathers glowing in the sunshine. That poor bunny probably still can’t see from the flashlight. And MuMu seems a tad annoyed at having her beauty rest disturbed once again by you and your camera.

    Great shot of someone’s flag. Love the puddle photos and the wintry sky shots.

    But the best picture is of Faith, always beautiful and always smiling!

    Happy weekend to you. Weather is true to form….crazy. Warm and sunny then freezing and gray…all on a dime. I think you and Maddie will be spending some quality couch time together!

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie and I walked this morning (23f) but we did our “short walk” which is an expression she understands. She turns from the entrance of one park to cross the street into the other park and then home. But she had her superman buffalo plaid cape on – invincible.

      The flag, the puddles, the leaves, all irresistible to me. Maddie has to sniff everything.

      When I was taking the picture at the restaurant, Faith asked, “am I supposed to be in this or are you going for the beer?” I explained that if I left her out, my readers would revolt.

      MuMu is now camping out in my chair. When I want to sit at my desk, I sometimes have to move her to the shelf. She gets a little grumpy.

      I hope you have a nice weekend – stay warm!


  4. There are lots of things deemed ‘necessary to function’ these days that we did just fine without, Dan. I’m with you on Faceb..Meta..whatever. I’ve cur way back on IG as well. The censorship is all over the map. Deranged quotes can be posted but I use the word imbecile and am threatened with being barred. Let’s see my exact words were “such imbeciles.” Perhaps the young monitor doesn’t know the word. 🙄I know you guys enjoyed the Thai food. 👍🏻

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  5. Guess who decided I shouldn’t follow up again?! If you said WordPress, you are a winner!! I knew something was missing from my Inbox.
    The sky and reflection photos are so pretty. Maddie waiting for Faith and Maddie with the leaf are so cute. Enjoy the weekend, Dan.

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  6. I could live without cell phones and computers, but I don’t want to think much about what the pioneers used for toilet paper. That’s a particularly good photo of the big puddle reflecting the clouds and leaves.

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  7. Happy Saturday Dan. Today is a sunny day even if only partially sunny. And we will gratefully enjoy it. As for the zucker data grabbing platform who should not be named I go there only enough to visit the daylily community and do my best to avoid the intentional confrontational programming. Comparatively speaking Skippy stands far above that crowd. At least Skippy eventually brings the cherries. Some algorithm would always have the conversation be with someone else in a completely different bar. And the jabs would always be less than gentle. Designed to keep the conversation hostile and bring out the worst. And no the cherries would never arrive. I find the 20 something hour delay on comments most refreshing – not. They remind me that I am only here to surrender my data and the bargain is not mutually beneficial. Yes we have no cherries. In fact there not even Skippy is available. Now back to that sunshine.

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    • Enjoy the sunshine, John. There is no benefit in the FB equation for the factors on our side. The depth to which they want to mine our lives with this new platform are positively scary. I hope it falls on its face.

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  8. I have always said, ” I picked this era to be born for indoor plumbing, heat, and curling irons.” 😀

    That first puddle reflection is stunning!! I love that radiant light.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your annual trip to Old Sturbridge’s.

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    • I don’t need a curling iron, as David so tactfully pointed out, but heat and indoor plumbing are welcome features in my life. I’m glad you like the puddle pictures. I can’t resist trying to snag them. They don’t all look good when I get home, but it’s worth trying.

      I hope you have a nice weekend – stay warm.

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  9. Glad I’ve already eaten when I saw your breakfast photo. I like the “You again” shot and your narrative started out making me smile. Metaverse? Sigh. Facebook? Sigh. So glad I’m only there once in a blue moon, although I do use Messenger sometimes. As for the hair, only three days over should be okay but I know how annoying it is when you’re ready to get it cut and you can’t. The Christmas by Candlelight visit makes me jealous, although the people in our area have LOTS of Christmas decorations.

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    • Sorry about the breakfast photo. Someone pointed out that I hadn’t shown one for a while. I also had fish and chips this week. I’ll keep those under wraps. Christmas by Candlelight was fun, and it takes us back to a simpler time in many ways. I’ll try to explain that on Monday.

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  10. Great use of the prompt, Dan — and the gallery is beautiful. The first puddle picture is particularly pleasing. (Sorry… I must be channeling my Maestro Martino character… but it’s true. At least I stopped myself when I tried to say the gallery is gorgeous.) I hope your weekend is filled with happiness and good news. Hugs on the wing.

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  11. I don’t think I’d like to live back in the colonial years either. Although it’s nice that there are places like Sturbridge where we can fantasize about what might have been! Lovely puddle pictures, Dan!

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  12. Reflections in the water, leaves, beautiful skies and clouds. These pictures made my day. I have spent many weeks wilderness camping where there is no Internet, no electricity, no indoor plumbing. Fabulous place to visit but I’m sure I would get tired of it eventually.

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  13. I can eat 1/3 the size of your breakfast. The ‘you again’ is cute. I hardly have my haircut. I’ll keep it as long as I could. Do you have a paid WP? I used up the space quickly when I had the free one because of the many photos I posted, and I now have a premium account.

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  14. Several laugh-out-louds in this, starting with the “You again” photo. I have to admit that it took me way too much time to find the prompt –very cagey of you. As always, I loved the dialogue; there’s just the tiniest whiff of sarcasm here and there which brings memories of family. As for living in simpler times, my limitations keep me simple. Never been on Facebook or any of the others. Just WordPress, and it’s enough of a brain-boggle. Thanks for a good morning laugh (or two).

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Maureen. Sorry about burying the prompt. I love that you enjoy these conversations. They ultimately are based on the memories I have of the way my friends trade barbs back and forth. I’m always happy to cause someone to laugh.

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  15. I love this line, “You can’t miss what hasn’t been invented yet, David”! And the reflection photo and the Faith is here to visit one too. I was right that you’d get wind and the leaves would be gone soon. Sucks to be right about bad weather. It’s awesome to be in line with others like yourself that don’t care for Meta and Mr. Z.!

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