Thursday Doors Recap – Dec 2, 2021

The Thursday Doors recap for the two and one half day period beginning on the above date is ready to be viewed. Click here if you’re interested. Participants – please read today’s notes as they may apply to your situation.

As a few people have mentioned, this was a very special week for Thursday Doors. During the three days in which the challenge was open, we passed the one-year anniversary of Thursday Doors being hosted at No Facilities. Rather than focus on the few changes I’ve made, I want to express my gratitude:

  1. Last November, Norm Frampton reached out to me and asked if I would agree to host this challenge. I appreciate the confidence Norm had in me at that time, and I appreciate the high quality challenge he had established. I stepped into a successful blog challenge (something that is hard to build).
  2. Then in January, on very short notice, eight talented people submitted entries for the Thursday Doors Badge contest. Suzanne – Picture Retirement – provided the winning entry in what turned out to be very close voting – well, that was all the rage in the US last year. This year’s contest opens on the 16th.
  3. In May, we had 14 entries in the First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. Marian Allen provided four of them, one each week, and they were all Steffie Stories (my favorite).

Most of all, I want to thank all the participants. Whether, you had been contributing to Norm’s challenge all along, or if you were new to Thursday Doors in 2021, you made me smile. Whether you posted once, or every week, I appreciate your effort.

Thanks so much to my regular readers who waited as I was late to visit your blogs and reply to your comments. Your support is not something I take for granted, and you helped make this challenge a success.

Note: If you participated in Thursday Doors and your link is not in the recap, please let me know in a comment on this post. Also, to be included in the recap, please target your pingback to the current Thursday Doors post on my blog (available in the sidebar as early as the Wednesday before my post) or leave a link in a comment on my post. Pingbacks only work from WordPress hosted blogs.

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