This Chair is Occupied – #1LinerWeds

Two years ago, wrote a post about the Mission-style writing desk that I made. As I explained in that post, prior to retiring, I only used the desk once or twice a month when working from home. After I retired, I use it everyday and I had to get a comfortable chair. I chose a gaming chair – no, I don’t play video games – because the arms fold up. In the folded position, the chair just fits under the desk.

Well, it used to.

For some unknown reason, MuMu has discovered my chair and it has become her favorite place to sleep. Since cats sleep about 23 ½ hours a day, this has caused some conflict between us. When I want to use the chair, I move her to the window-shelf you often see her sitting on. She grumbles, but after I brush her, she settles down.

“That’s my chair, MuMu!”

Lately, we have a new source of conflict. I drape the hoodie I wear over the back of the chair. When I go in to retrieve it. I spin the chair a bit, enough to wake MuMu.

“Can’t you find a different place to hang that?”


This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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  1. When I recovered from the idea of someone actually making his own desk, Mission-style, no less, I was able to have my regular cat-laugh. And you thought that chair was yours? That is a beautiful photo of the flag; I love the folds. The photo of Maddie on the ice made me cold all over. That’s one brisk morning walk she takes you out on!

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    • Thanks Maureen. I call them desk and chair. MuMu calls them bed and stairs to the window shelf. I guess it’s all in how we view our world. Maddie dragged me out again this morning. It was 29-degrees, a bit warmer than yesterday but cloudy and less windy, so it felt OK. Maddie likes stepping on and crunching thin ice.

      I hope you have a great rest of the week.

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  2. Hi Dan – I agree … Maddie’s timing is a little rough on her humans. Brilliant – love cats – they do take advantage of us … sensible chair – can MuMu get on once the chair is under the desk or not? Also that Amazon fullfillment centre (or whatever ’tis called!) – is it going to increase the traffic around the house? Too cold – but the alien peers out through its various eyes – that’s for sure … the chills getting near here, but it’ll come … cheers Hilary

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    • The timing has me walking in the cold, Hilary, but I also get to see some beautiful sights I would normally miss. MuMu cannot get in the chair when it’s under the desk, which explains why it’s no longer ever under the desk. If I push it under, she stands next to it and screams.

      We do expect the Amazon facility to increase traffic. They have installed new traffic signals, so that now we have six lights between our house and the local Target store. Fortunately, there’s an alternate route we can take.

      I’m glad you saw the alien. Have a great week.

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  3. Good grief! Aliens are invading Earth in the form of leaves! What next? Baby Sam needs to work harder filling out his tail or he’s going to freeze his little a** off this winter! 🤗

    The photo of Maddie checking out the pine cones is frame-worthy.

    So MuMu stole your new chair. Smart kitty! The only logical solution is that you need to buy another chair for yourself!

    Love the picture of Old Glory. She’s always a beautiful and comforting sight. I can’t imagine any other flag ever flying over our nation. But it’s sad when Old Glory is flown at half mast as it was for Bob Dole and Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

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    • Baby Sam has learned how to beg for peanuts. Baby Smoke is still skittish. The black squirrels were all skittish at first. But hey overcame their suspicions about us.

      When the flag dropped to half staff, I decided to include both photos. I liked Bob Dole, and I hope we always remember Pearl Harbor.

      I’m glad you agree that I chose the right photo of the pine cone. Maddie said, “they want the one with me in it!” I tried luring MuMu away with my old chair. She isn’t buying it.

      I hope you’re having a good week, Ginger. Cruise into the weekend.


  4. Ah, yes, the constant struggle of where our critters choose to sleep vs. where we want to sit. Gibbs has been claiming my spot on the couch and keeping me from making the bed first thing in the morning. Not sure why he needs to “sleep in…”

    Obviously, MuMu is trying to claim your chair as her throne, Dan, so good luck with that and happy Wednesday!

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    • I pick her up and put her on the cat shelf. Then, after I clean the cat hair off the chair, she jumps back down like I’m Room Service and I only cam to clean the chair. I see myself losing this battle. Maddie also claims the end of the couch I use, but only after I’ve gotten it warm. It’s a tough life.

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    • We worry about her feet while walking her on these days, but she is adamant about going for a walk. I tend to make them shorter when it’s really cold, and I draw the line at anything below 20.

      I’m glad you see something in that poor trapped leaf. Maybe it will melt today and the leaf can break free.


  5. My husband would shoo the cat away. I just sit somewhere else. What is wrong with that man?! Your pinecone and leaf photos are so good, Dan. That flag–the angle it was taken, the light shining on it–extra beautiful today.

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    • I get no sympathy from my wife when I complain that my chair is occupied. MiMi has a habit of pushing my feet off the footstool I use in the family room while watching TV. These guys just take over, but they’re so darn cute. Still, sometimes, I have to relocate MuMu. We fight, but I win…for a while. I’m glad you like the photos. Have a great Wednesday, Lois.

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    • MuMu never bothered with this chair until about a month ago. She started sitting in it from time to time. Now, it’s her favorite spot in the whole house. When I do make her move, she goes back as soon as I get up.


  6. Too funny, Dan. We have a gaming chair and my now-92-year-old mom finds it the most comfortable place to sit when she and Dad visit…and also the easiest to get out of, which is a concern these days. :-) Cute squirrel photos.

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  7. I am fascinated that MuMu chose that specific chair. So I did a google search to ask that question. I didn’t think that I would get a quick answer, but I did. It seems that your favourite chair becomes their favourite chairs because that it where they feel the safest! I did not know this! I learn something new every time I stop by!!

    “Cats know that they are relatively small and vulnerable in the scheme of things for the animal world. Though she is a hunter by nature, she knows that she could also be prey, so for her rest areas, she will choose spots that are defensible and safe. It is wise for animals to choose defensible spots.”

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  8. Had to laugh… of our Maine Coons loves my wife’s chair and believe me she’s not a small cat as is typical for that breed. Cracks me up because she doesn’t move very easily either. Fun post…cute pics!!

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  9. While I am amused, if a bit aggravated along with you, about MuMu’s need to use your chair, I cannot help but delight in the fact that you get to use your self-crafted mission desk all the time now.

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