Cypress Gym – SoCS

Another Saturday with a gazillion things to do. Thank you for stepping into the bar with Davis, Cheryl and I – we’ll try to get you on you way soon, so you can finish your shopping or sample the holiday cookies you’re baking. We received our first snowfall this week, not a major event, but enough to make us realize winter is right around the corner. With this in mind, we decided to visit the bar, enjoy a beverage and deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt,

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘tree.’ Use the word ‘tree’ or write about a tree. Any kind of tree. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering about how my winter prep worked out.

“Hey there my young friend. How’d you make out on Thursday?”


“Thursday. With the snow. How’d you make out clearing the snow?”

“David, we only had two or three inches. I pushed it out of the way with a shovel.”

“That still sounds like you earned a couple Corona’s Dan.”

“Thank you, Cheryl. I think I did.”

“And for you, David?”

“Well, I don’t think I actually earned anything…”

“He has people, Cheryl.”

“Yes, I know, Dan. While we mow the lawn, rake the leaves and clear the snow, David sits back, and watches others work.”

“David also pays those people; I’ll be reminding you two. So, I think David… I mean, me, I mean  I think I am entitled to some John Howell’s Bourbon, a snifter of seltzer and…”

“A glass of ice. You two are changeless. I’ll be back with the drinks – and your cherries, David.”

“How did your new trees hold up to the snow, Dan? Didn’t you plant some evergreens?”

“We did. We planted six small Cypress trees. They looked great with the light snow on them, but I don’t think they were very happy.”

“Did you brush it off?”

“I did, after I gave them a little pep talk.”

“Here’s your Corona, Dan. Although, if you’re talking to your trees, I’m not sure you need another round. David, your collection of glassware.”

“Cheers Dan.”


“So, what exactly did you say to the trees?”

“I suggested some curls, you know, flex those branches up toward the sun and build up some strength, in case we get a heavy wet snow at some point.”

“Mmmm, this bourbon is smooth. What, if I may ask, what did the trees say, Dan?”

“To be honest, they seemed less than impressed. They looked much better after I brushed the snow off. I guess that’s my job this winter.”

“Haha – so your trees have people!”

“So, in the societal pecking order, we have David, Dan’s trees and then Dan?”

“You’re forgetting my wife, the dog and two cats, Cheryl. Can I get another beer from my lowly position on the totem pole?”

“Sure. You boys want any food today?”

“Do you have any specials?”

“Sort of, Dan We’re giving three dollars off any calzone.”

“You guys have a Philly Cheese pizza. Can we get that as a calzone?”

“I think that would be a cow-zone, but sure, we can make that.”

“Cheryl, since Dan is busy loading up my tab, can I get another glass of bourbon?”

“OK, a glass of bourbon, a Corona and a Philly cheese calzone. I’ll get the order into the kitchen and be right back with your drinks.”

“Thanks. Dan’s here’s hoping the next snow dumps enough to justify firing up the machine to blow it around.”

“I would enjoy a white Christmas.”


  1. I’m going to have to apologize to my neighbors; that top photo of MuMu the literary critic took me by surprise (though it shouldn’t have), and my laugh was a little loud for the hour. Your cypress trees are lovely, as is the snow — not the ice, however. Great puddle shot! As always, my mood is greatly improved by the sarcasm at the bar; it’s like comfort food.

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    • I’m sorry for your neighbors, Maureen, but I’m glad I could entertain you for a while. MuMu is a great critic. She’ll let me know when I stumble onto a good idea. The little trees are happy now. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  2. We had just a dusting on the driveway so I let it melt, but we have freezing rain in the forecast. Oh well, bring on the sewing since I don’t really ‘need’ to go out. :-) Maddie looks like she’s enjoying the cooler temps. I wish your Cypress trees all the best. Maybe you should consider a little Christmas music for them to get into the spirit of shaking off that snow. :-)

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    • I could hook up a speaker. That might get the neighbor in the back to turn off the light (which is why we planted the trees in the first place). I’m fine with as much snow as nature wants to dump, but I do not like freezing rain. Good luck with that.


  3. While the snow is lovely on those little cypress, you might want to think about triangulating some plywood over them this first winter. One heavy wet storm could easily damage them. Philly cheese calzone sounds yummy. River waves to the unhappily spotlighted bunny

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  4. Brrrr. I am shivering. We had a high of 81 yesterday. Looks like the 60s today. I too hope you get some blow worthy snow, Dan. That leaf sticking out of the snow looks like it is asking for help. Maybe that ambulance was there for it. Thanks for the mention and have a super weekend.

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  5. Okay, lesson learned. Don’t hit ‘send’ before you’re actually ready to send!

    Apparently your story ideas were bad because you put MuMu into a cat coma! But not a total loss. I got a good laugh out of that one, and a good laugh is always welcome here!

    That puddle picture is the best one yet. Bunny footprints in the snow, Maddie footprints around the perimeter of the yard, the squirrel playing hide and seek with the peanut and Maddie watching to see what “cup” he hid it under….all great.

    I’m glad the park crew are so respectful to Old Glory and tend to her spot no matter what the weather. Half-staff, full-staff, it’s always special to see her proudly flying her colors.

    I hope you and Maddie avoid all the ice patches.

    Have a happy weekend. Rain here with weird warmer temperatures today.

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    • Was that you trying to be “anonymous,” Ginger?

      The problem with Maddie in the snow/ice mix is that she had four-paw drive and is low to the ground. I’m wiggling in the wind, and it’s a long way down.

      Sometimes, MuMu gives me a distinct “oh, please…” look when I’m writing. She’s such a critic. Then she tucks her head in so she can’t even hear the keys tapping.

      Cold rain here this morning. No walk for the pup. Lots of head-drying in our future today.

      Take care, stay warm and dry and keep that itchy finger off the Send button ;-)


      • Yep, that was me. Anonymous may become my middle name! Or “All Thumbs”! And just think, I sent that without even trying. BTW, isn’t MuMu a tad jealous that you’re brushing trees off in the backyard when you should be brushing her?
        Just sayin……

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  6. I’m not sure how well Mumu received your story ideas. Looks like her mind may have been elsewhere. Your snowfall is a nice introductory amount for the coming winter. Our predictions are for a pretty dry winter so I am not sure there is much snow in our forecast. Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas, Dan.

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  7. Ugghh, I don’t think I’m ready for snow again, Dan. Even in photos.🤦‍♀️ Cypress trees are a wonder. We have the variety that is prolific in the bayous of Louisiana and there they were in frigid Nebraska as well. Keep the pep talks going. All trees appreciate communion. 😊We couldn’t live without their help. That leaf was a late faller. What kind of bread is around those calzones? It looks rather puff pastry like. David has people eh? Maybe they should be enjoying his food and drinks for him as well….🤔🤫😉

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    • I think the calzone is a small pizza crust folded over. They are huge! I’ve never finished one in one sitting. This one was so gooey, I had to eat it with a knife and fork. I’ll do my best to keep these little trees free of winter weight, I hope they make it. We thought about covering them, but some are already over 4 feet tall. David has people, but he’s an OK guy. Well, except when he’s in charge of the tip. You know what they say about people who have money…;-)


  8. Loved the story and the photos, Dan! Our temps have dipped notably. It’s 16 degrees right now. I liked your comment about bare branches and snow — that’s always a favorite site. Have a great weekend! ❄🎄❄

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  9. If we were having a drink it would not be soon enough. It has been a busy week or two. And like your experience with the cyprus gym the bouncing weather does not exactly help. The extreme jumps in temperature often lead to frozen rain, ice, and high winds. Not good combinations. So a little down time would be a welcome thing. Tonight when things settle down I just might put on some quiet music and pour two or three fingers of the sippin sauce. And look once again at those pictures. The flag, the puddle, and maybe a quick fleeting glance at the snow and ice.

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    • Well, Dan, I completely forgot it was bar day. Maybe it was the snow event with thunder and lightning and icy rain that threw me off. Maybe it was because I was busy with laundry and other stuff. Maybe it was the desire to watch White Christmas yet again…

      No matter, I’m here, loving that last photo of Maddie and thinking happy survival thoughts for your trees. I hope you are having an awesome Saturday and aren’t affected too greatly by this next storm.

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      • All good reasons to miss a bar visit, Mary, especially White Christmas.

        Were supposed to have wind and rain tonight. As if that’s different than the wind and rain we’ve had all day. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

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  10. The photo of MuMu while you bounce ideas off her made me laugh so hard! Such a great caption, Dan. We hit 80 degrees yesterday–one degree minus the record. The humidity was so awful we wound up turning on the A/C–which remains on today. The power company is smiling…dammit.
    Those cypress trees look so pretty both with and without snow. I think I heard them breathe a sigh of relief when you brushed them, though. I’m not wanting snow, just lower temps for December! Have a great weekend.

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    • 80? Wow – that does sound warm for December. The trees did seem relieved when I brushed them off. I need to be careful not to break anything. MiMi has adopted the basement family room as her new home. We’re leaving the heat on a little warmer than we normally do – the electric company is smiling here, too. Have a nice weekend.

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  11. Dan you are always so productive. I hope the kitties can give you some lessons in how to relax this weekend. Maybe you can even have a belated celebration of that first snow of the season.
    I liked the puddle with the reflection of the house. But that ominous sky with the sun breaking through — what a marvelous shot! That calzone must have been delicious too. Hugs on the wing.

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    • MuMu is fighting me for “her” chair at the moment. I don’t think she’s interested in my comfort.

      Fall and winter in New England demand a certain level of productivity, but I’m not working full-time by any means. In a couple hours, I’ll be off to conduct more “research” at my favorite pub.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

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  12. Looks beautiful to me and I love the shot with the leaf in the snow. I’d like a white Christmas too but I really don’t want to have one here because it would be too hard on the plants. :-) Right now my Christmas wish is that next year we’re able to have everyone who can make it here in person. I got a chuckle about pushing the snow out of the way with a shovel. When we moved to Illinois, we generally had so little snow (and our driveway was about 1/8th the size we needed to clear in Ohio, that a shovel was plenty. On the few occasions that we got more, I’d often be out shoveling and a neighbor with a snowblower would come and finish the job for me, which was always appreciated. Perhaps it was payback for many times in Ohio I did that for others.

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  13. Hi Dan – not so much snow … but you could make preparations for writing those stories with Mumu in case you get snowed in … that calzone looks rather good. I hate to say it … but it’s warm here – I haven’t even got the heating on – which is fairly ridiculous! Tell me – what on earth is a ‘cow-zone’??? Cheers Hilary

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    • Hi Hilary, Cow-zone was an attempt at humor, with a calzone being made with beef instead of normal pizza ingredients. I think I heard MuMu roll back over.

      We have warm days mixed in with cold ones. For the past three years, winter has been unpredictable. We just roll with the punches. Lots of wind and rain yesterday.


  14. I wonder if you left the snow on those new and tender branches if they would be distorted later like a lot of them up in the mountains here? Probably would so, it’s good your trees have you to brush them off!

    Have you read the Diary of a Snow Shoveler? I just read it yesterday for the first time. It’s pretty funny. We’re not there yet, but you might be with all the snow you get. Here’s the link to it.

    Are you wearing crampons on your icy walks now? I wouldn’t follow Maddie out there either.

    The tree backlit with snow is so pretty!

    I hope we both have a white Christmas.

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    • Given how flexible these little branches are right now, I think the weight would be a problem. Maddie likes to visit that corner of the yard, so brushing them will be easy.

      I haven’t started wearing the crampons. I wasn’t expecting to find ice. I have two sets, one that is spikes and one that is like the studs you’d have on snow tires. Once we have some snow on the ground, I’ll wear the studs. The freeze thaw cycle off of the plow banks and yards always put some ice on the sidewalks.

      Thanks for that link, I’ll have to check it out after I send this,


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