Sly Boots – #1LinerWeds

When I walk Maddie (our Irish Setter), I do my best to avoid other people and especially other dogs. Maddie doesn’t seem to think anyone, or anyone’s pet should be on the same street, or in the same park as she is. She barks as if the end of the world is coming. There’s one exception.

“You know what I always say, Dad – live and let live – let’s go home.”

About half a mile west of the road we were on when we saw her is an area of town known as “Fox Hollow” – I think I know why.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Remember – tomorrow is the day to post your favorite doors of 2021 for Thursday Doors.


  1. Those are some great photos there! There’s a whole other beauty in bare trees, isn’t there, especially against the light? Nice capture of that squirrel nest — one of the immovable ones, it would seem. The cat caption got me again but I was more prepared for it and didn’t wake up the neighbors. Am I right in understanding that Maddie wanted no part of that fox?

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    • Maddie would have stood and stared at the fox all day, but not a sound and no movement toward the fox. The fox didn’t seem to want us to visit, either, but stared at us for a while.

      Bare trees are beautiful. Most of the squirrels nests around here survived the recent storms. Some rebuilding is underway.

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  2. A beautiful and rather eventful morning walk. Maddie decided to go home early. Been there with my dog. He’s a stubborn one though , not giving up his territory. He’s a lot smaller than he knows. Lovely pics Dan. Have a wonderful day.

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    • The fox has stopped twice to scope us out. Both time, Maddie was still and quiet (not her norm). She knows something. I was glad this one slowed down for a couple pictures, but I was happy to let it move along.

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  3. Beautiful photos, Dan. I’ve seen a few foxes in the wild, but not in my current locale, and I’ve never captured one on film. I can only imagine how captivated Maddie must have been. BTW, I love the one-liner!

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  4. Love Maddie’s one-liner. The fox is gorgeous, but her tail is magnificent! I’m glad Maddie and the fox seem to have a respectful understanding of their boundaries.

    And the tail on the squirrel! Winter is definitely on the way. Beautiful morning skies indeed Dan. Call me crazy (everyone does!) but I really like the picture of the leaves frozen to the macadam. Can’t decide if it’s saying that fall is trying to stick around a little longer, or that we will all be in winter’s clutches soon!

    Oh! Look! I’m finished commenting and they haven’t disappeared into the ether. I’m so excited!

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    • And you’re Ginger, not that anonymous being. Oh happy day.

      It was amazing to see Maddie be still and quiet. Respect or a healthy fear, I’m not sure, but I wasn’t up for socializing with this neighbor.

      I think the leaves are telling us that winter is here, whether we’re ready or not.

      I hope you’re having a great week.

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  5. Look at the tail on that fox!! You have captured some beautiful skies, Dan. My house is surrounded by so many trees, I’d have to drive a ways to get a photo like this. Oh, the pinecones–the ones on the ground are pretty, but then the one that hasn’t fallen yet…!!! Christmas cards of all your pinecone photos would be so wonderful.

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    • That tail is amazing, Lois. One thing about having to take Maddie out and on her walks is I get to see the sunrise. Of course it was 26-degrees today – I think we could have waited. But the sky is boring at 10:00.

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  6. At least Maddie has good taste in discrimination. That’s a beautiful fox and I love the tail that’s almost bigger than the rest of him/her. When in CO and walking the dog, I tried to avoid people and other dogs for an opposite reason. Odin loves people and most other dogs (hang onto the leash if he doesn’t) and doesn’t understand they might not like him. It’s funny how that goes with dogs and Miss Maddie. I’d love nothing more to meet her and tell her she’s a good girl, but I don’t think she’d accept that too well. So, I’ll do that across the computer screen.

    Give the red head a nice belly rub from Auntie Mary. Happy Wednesday, Dan!

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  7. I love your sunrise images. Okay, you can see your breath. That’s cold enough for me. I am always amazed that the squirrels get so close to Maddie. I don’t think you should worry so much about THAT fox. She looks like she wouldn’t want to ‘muss’ that rather impressive tail. 😉I think River would love Lincoln. SO many bunnies! Since where I grew up bunnies stayed in hiding (likely due to the the excess of guns and hunters) it was so exciting to see them.

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  8. Hi Dan – always good even in the emerging dawn – Maddie does make it early, doesn’t she … but the little fox looks healthy – though I guess not good to meet. The skies … ‘don’t wake me’ are always good. Cheers Hilary

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  9. Dan – you prompted me to on a research adventure. Is it possible to have a pet fox? Well, I found an excellent article from Scientific American that is dated, but provides some background information for those who would like a pet fox. For example:

    “You can walk your fox on a leash. Foxes can also be trained to use a litter box. Generally, foxes get along well with dogs and cats and often learn their habits. During the molting period (over the summer), the fox should have its hair brushed regularly.”

    I understand that “You can have a pet domesticated fox of your very own – from the Russian fox farm I’ve previously written about – for the low low price of just $5,950.” That was in 2010 $$$ so it may be a little more than that price tag. The other thing you must do is check to see if it legal to own a pet fox in your area.

    We have coyotes in our area – in the middle of the city. A friend of mine was walking home from the grocery store with a barbecued chicken in her tote bag. She saw the coyote eyeing the tote bag and wisely left the chicken for him on the pathway.


  10. Nice catch on that fox, Dan. I also really enjoyed the ice with leaves shot and the two with the sun peeking through. It’s much easier to catch a sunrise these days when the sun comes up so much later. Here it’s almost 7:30 whereas in summer it’s closer to 5:30. :-) Happy Wednesday!

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  11. That’s a great shot of the fox. What a pretty beast!
    I think it’s cool that it’s called Fox Holler — In Georgia, we had a fox crossing regularly in a specific area, and we began to refer to it always as Fox (places). Fox Park, Fox Road, Fox mailbox. One time, a fox ran out, made a poo in the middle of Fox Road and then ran back to where he was, likely Fox Holler.

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