Merry Christmas 2021 – #SoCS

Linda gave us a Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Sunday prompt yesterday and we were told we were free to respond today or tomorrow. Well, Cheryl has the weekend off, and Santa left Skippy an Xbox-X and a Playstation-5, so we won’t see him for a while. Linda’s prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘yum.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

While we enjoy our beer and bourbon and lots of yummy stuff in the comfort of our homes, Cheryl, David, Skippy and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas, Dan & family. I just realized I named my new pup Maddie. She’s a Border Aussie, black & white, and more Border Collie than Australian shepherd. We have her sibling, Max, too. He’s golden & white and more Aussie. Our Christmas gift after our other two older dogs died around Thanksgiving. Love the name Maddie, and always remember your Beautiful Maddie. 🐶🎶🎄

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  2. MiMi is just full of surprises! Can’t believe she actually left her hammock to help decorate the tree. This is hysterical. Love the “sisters” ornament. Does MiMi help when it’s time to remove all the decorations? Now that would make quite a video!

    Yes, Maddie’s favorite person is there! Now Christmas can begin.

    It’s a white-ish Christmas here too. Rained all night. A bit icy now.

    Santa brought Murphy two stuffed animals. Apparently the embarrassing amount of toys she already has isn’t enough! Lol! That’s ok though. Seeing our almost 14 year old girl playing like a puppy with her new “babies” is our Christmas gift,

    Once again Dan, Merry Christmas to all of you. May the love of family keep you warm. I know the Coronas will keep you jolly! Hope MuMu got a new brush in her stocking. The old one must be worn out by now!

    Ginger 🎄

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    • Thanks Ginger. That’s an older picture of MiMi, but I think she was eyeing the tree yesterday. Perhaps a little too old to climb it, but… I have a picture of MiMi on the box of ornaments, taken years ago – as if she didn’t want us to take them down.

      Merry Christmas tou you and yours, Ginger. I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay dry and avoid the ice/

      I’m glad Murphy got some new toys.


  3. Your photos are a very colorful testimonial to the many aspects of Christmas. I can’t help thinking that the image of Maddie, snuggled in a comfy home, is the best one. Despite my early order for a light snow, all we are getting is rain and more rain. I am so thankful for Christmas lights! Yes, God bless us, every one, and a very merry Christmas to you and your family, Dan!

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  4. Merry, merry Christmas Dan. I love your photos — and capturing MiMi’s helping paw is special. With two kids and grandkids living in CT (Weston and Old Lyme), I always appreciate the weather updates and CT news. May our loving God bless this New Year with hearts full of love. ❄🎄❄

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  5. Merry Christmas, Dan! Thank you for a brilliant 2021 – the writing, the connecting, the conversations. All the very best of the special season to you and yours. I am looking forward to entering 2022 and to all the conversations and adventures that will come our way. By the way, I think your sign off is perfect, Dan the Editor, and I would add: MiMi, MuMu and Maddie, the most brilliant and joyful talent. I am a fan of you all!


  6. Hi Dan – good to see ‘the crowd’ and yes Maddie is obviously happy! Wonderful to see Mimi in the tree – they are incredible … cheers to you all – enjoy Boxing today! Hilary

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  7. Haha, brilliant! Merry Christmas, everybody at Dan’s! I spent Christmas Eve busy separating bestia and Piccola, the black cat of amore’s father who has grown into a beautiful cat. She was not messing with bestia too much, and he left her alone too. (Except with food on the table, which was most of the time. The concept of sharing is lost on him.) We are back home already, it was short and sweet. Heavy rain for some days now.

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  8. LOL on tree-climbing MiMi. I thought, for some reason, she rarely gets out of the sleep position, let alone checks out the upper branches of a pine tree. And I love the “sisters” ornament – I was watching White Christmas (again) Christmas morning, so you know what song immediately popped into my head.

    Dan, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday, Santa was good to you, and Maddie has been comforted by her Faith “fix.”

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    • That’s a picture from MiMi’s younger days, but she still looks at the tree with a crazy eye. I always sing a bit of that song when I hang that ornament 😏

      I am having a very nice time, Mary (except for yesterday’s football game). I hope you are too.

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  9. Merry Christmas Dan, and thanks for keeping in touch especially while my blogging has been more intermittent. Love the cat up the tree, even if it isn’t current. Our dogs keep things lively around here with the pups using us as ball throwing devices. Wishing you and the family a Happy New Year and some escape from covid and its complications.
    Best wishes,


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