Decisions Decisions – #SoCS – #JusJoJan

Welcome to the first Saturday of 2022, the first day for that matter, and welcome to The Island View Bar and Grill. Huh? More about that after we get our drinks. We have a lot to discuss today. In addition to wrestling with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, this is also the first day of Linda’s fun and exciting Just Jot January series. You can read about that challenge here. I guess we better get started.

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘resolve.’ Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d have a few question.

“Happy New Year David, Dan”

“Happy New Year, Cheryl.”

“Dan, I might have a surprise for you. There’s a Corona tap handle. You up for a draft?”

“That sounds delightful.”

“David, what can I get you to kickstart twenty-twenty-two?”

“A John Howell’s Special and some answers.”

“Uh oh.”

“Uh oh? You must know what I’m going to ask.”

“Huh? No, that was for Dan. Skippy must have forgotten to change the tap handle after the Corona kicked – this is Back East Winter Lager.”

“I don’t normally drink dark beers, Cheryl, but I’ll give it a try. No sense wasting it.”

“OK but it’s on the house. I’ll get a cold Corona – bottle – ready in case you don’t like it. Here’ have some seltzer to wash this down. David, here’s your bourbon, seltzer, ice and cherries.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Now, about those answers…”

“What’s the question?”

“What’s the question? I come into the bar, and it has a new name. Was it sold? Is there a new owner? Are you under new management? Will you still carry John Howell’s Bourbon? Will…”

“Whoa, David, stop for a minute. Nothing has changed. Same owner. Same bourbon. Same menu. Same good-looking bartender. We decided we needed a better name, and the owner wanted to resolve the issue by the end of last year.”

“But ‘Island View Bar and Grill?’ Why that? What island?”

“The one right out there in the river.”

“Cheryl, when you say ‘island,’ people think of Hawaii, The Bahamas, tropical places, white sand beaches. They don’t think about rocks, dirt and saw grass in a river.”

“Yes, but since we added the patio, and people want to eat outside – because, you know, covid – the island is in view. People ask about it all the time.”

“But we drink at the bar. Why not let us have a vote?”

“A vote, David?”

“Yes, Dan. A vote. You know, one of those crowd things you techies love to have.”

“I think he means ‘crowd sourced’ Cheryl.”

“Yeah, right.”

“What would be wrong with that, Cheryl?”

“David, do you remember when the British government crowdsourced a name for their new research ship?”

“I don’t, what did they come up with?”

Boaty McBoatface. That’s why we decided not to let the public vote on this one.”

“Dan, you’re awfully quiet. What do you think about the new name?”

“I like it, David. ‘Island View’ seems like a good place to relax. Which we could be doing if you’d let this thing go.”

“I feel cheated.”

“Well, if you want to vote, I have just the thing to satisfy your desire.”

“And what would that be, Dan?”

“You can vote for the Twenty-twenty-two Thursday Doors Badge.”

“Really? How do I do that?”

“You get my blog notices, right? Or did WordPress drop you, too?”

“I get them, but I have to re-subscribe every week.”

“Well, the poll went live today at midnight. It’s open until Tuesday at noon. Knock yourself out.”

“I’ll scoot over there later on.”

“In the meantime, you boys want some food?”

“I think a pizza would be good, Cheryl.”

“I’ll put in an order for your usual, and I’ll bring a Corona when it’s ready.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“You’re welcome, Dan. Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year to everyone, and, if you every have to decide something important, maybe the music video beneath the gallery will help.


  1. I dislike when bars change their name midstream and always refer to them by their original names. Ya gotta dance with the one that brung ya.
    Our New Years has started off wet and foggy as well. Hope bunny didn’t get soaked.

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    What a sweet girl Maddie is, trying her best to get you to take a break from your laptop…..not to mention that it gives her an extra cushion for her head! And Maddie in a raindrop! 🤗

    Love the puddle shots and the distorted images. Old Glory! Not even fog can diminish her!

    Change the name of the bar? Wouldn’t phase me. The Mario Cuomo Bridge will ALWAYS be The Tappan Zee Bridge to me! Period. End of discussion. “Do You Believe in Magic?”Yes I do. We all should. Like sugar, it makes the pill go down!

    Hope today is starting 2022 off on the right foot for all of you and continues to do so throughout the year.

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    • Happy New Year Ginger. The thing is, the bar never had a name. It’s like David, for several years, he was just ‘my buddy’ then I gave him a name. The bar has just been ‘the bar’ and I have reasons for wanting it to have a name. On the other hand, the Tappan Zee Bridge, like the Triborough Bridge, will remain my name.

      Maddie and I had a tough week. So many rainy days without walks. She gets restless and perhaps a bit jealous of me paying attention to something besides her.

      We’re off to a wet start, but I’m optimistic about 2022 – I hope it’s a great year for you and yours.


  3. Thank you for starting my year with a couple laugh-out-loud moments in this dialogue. I love the drops in the puddles — a lovely reminder of how important to stop and look. A very happy new year to you and to your family, Dan, including, of course, those four-footed relatives!

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  4. Our vet changed the name of the practice–but he was the third owner and the original name did not make sense–so I like the new name. Island View has a nice ring to it. So smooth the way you steered David to the post about the Doors badge, Dan. I voted already, but it was not easy–so many great photos! I can’t wait to see the winner.
    The outdoor kitties stayed inside last night–the noise of fireworks scared them. Me? I didn’t hear a thing–I think we went to bed around 9. After two glasses of champagne, sleep came easy.
    Happy New Year to everyone at the bar–best way to start a new year! 🥂🍕

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    • It was nice if you to let the cats escape the noise. Maddie gets so scared by fireworks. It was a good thing it was raining here. I’m glad you like the name and I’m glad you voted. Happy New Year Lois.

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  5. An island is an island, big or small. They could always put a nice painting of an island in the places where you can’t see the actual island. Or better yet, you could take a photo of the island! I love the foggy photos and the drops. Happ New Year to all!

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  6. Happy 2022 with a view, Dan! Boaty McBoatface? Who would vote for that? Lol…it’s a good thing the bar owner came up with his own name, even though it’s about a lump of dirt, rocks and grass. As long as the drinks and food are good, that’s all I’m ever interested in.

    Have a wonderful New Year’s Day and the next 364 days as well. We’ve made another trip around the sun and we’re still kicking. Give the furry girls some skritches from Gibbs and I, and tell The Editor she does a fabulous job of keeping you in line. Ha!

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    • Thanks Mary. The story of Boaty McBoatface is true. They didn’t use the name, but after much public complaint, they named a different research vessel that name. We all need to escape to an island now and then.

      We’re enjoying a cold quiet rainy day. I’ll pass along your wishes, and I’m sure return wishes will be offered.

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  7. This was a great start to the new year. I sure like ‘Island View’ better than Boaty McBoatface’. Cheers and a Happy New Year to you, Dan. Let’s hope those at WP can stop dropping bloggers. 🙂

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  8. Nice name Dan! I’m looking forward to the new Doors badge. I voted today! A pity we only get one vote though. I liked them all. 😉I loved that in Florida and Georgia Corona as well as YuengLing were on tap. Oooohhhhh….pizza….Happy New Year fellas!

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  9. Do I believe in Magic? indeed I do! I love that song. I have voted for Thursday Doors. I am surprised that pub name changed in the week…island view …not bad sounds very posh! Lovely photos as always … wishing you and yours all the best for 2022 💜

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  10. Love that song and that era of music. I can believe in “Island View” as a name. I named our home school Mountain View despite being in Ohio at the time. Blissful thinking. :-) That pizza looks delicious, dark beer is the best, and I enjoyed the fog shots. We were watching a rugby game last night and it was so foggy there that is was often difficult to see the opposite side of the field and you couldn’t see the stands and fans at all, at least from most angles. Never seen a game played in those conditions before.

    Happy 2022 and cheers to a better year!


    • I figured there’d be a few people who would remember the song. I like that you named the school “Mountain View” in Ohio. Not particularly mountainous. The pizza was good. The beer was, too. I like some darker beers. Playing in those conditions had to be hard. I hope you all have a great year ahead.

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  11. Happy New Year, Dan. Just as well I don’t need to budge from my seat to vote. I think my pyjamas have become a second skin, along with dog, Zac. I wondered into the bedroom beyond the air-conditioning hear and almost melted. Our poor daughter is working at McDonalds tonight. I hope she’s on soft serve and not the fryer!
    Best wishes,

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  12. Happy New Year, Dan! I love all the fog and dew-filled photos. What a delightful new bar name with the same old pizza chased down by a Corona. Way to ring in the new and the old at the same time. I’ve always been intrigued by the Thursday Doors, yet never take pictures of doors so haven’t participated, maybe when I retire? But, I did vote for the badge. What a selection to choose from!! Good luck to all. I’m with you in believing in magic and that this is going to be a great year!!

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  13. Happy New Year! Since I can’t get ‘all’ my email I decided to come visit and realized I’m way behind. I’m use to strange technical issues because I don’t have the background you do, but this mail thing is driving me a little nuts. If I use my phone, I can see certain emails, use the iPad I see others, use my husband’s laptop and ‘maybe’ see something else. I’m sure there is a setting somewhere that is checked or unchecked like ‘filtering’ but I sure can’t find it. That part can’t get here soon enough. :-)

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    • That’s weird with the mail. I agree, it’s probably a setting, but that’s annoying, and providing your own tech-support isn’t what vacations are for. Good luck

      PS, you’re missing some cold. We’re canceling our walk, as it’s only 13 at 7:00.


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