Thursday Doors Badge Contest

Welcome to the Second Annual Thursday Doors Badge Contest. We have seven creative entries. They are displayed below in the order in which they were received. Below the images is a poll. Here’s how we proceed:

    The poll will remain active until noon(1), on Tuesday, January 4th.

    Voting is open to anyone with a legitimate interest(2) in Thursday Doors.

Comments are closed – Vote in the poll

    The poll results will not be shown.

    I will not be casting a vote.

    In the unlikely event of a tie, the earlier entry will be judged the winner.

    The winner will be announced, and the badge will be unveiled next Thursday.

  1. North American Eastern time zone.
  2. People who participate in the challenge and/or the people who read those posts.
Lin – Lin’s Doodles
Manja – An Embarrassment of Riches
Teagan – Teagan’s Books
Marsha – Always Write
Janis – Retirementally Challenged
Cheryl – Dreaming Existence
Denise – Thoughts Of An E’ville Woman


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