Gobbledygook – #JusJoJan

With Thursday Doors on hiatus until later this week, there remains no need for a recap. Since Linda G. Hill accepted my JusJoJan prompt for today, I decided to toss this little poem into your inbox. I’ve been retired for over two years, but I remember.

Of spreading gobbledygook I’ve been accused 
By coworkers who were often confused  
Technical language I pleaded  
Was knowledge they certainly needed 
They ignored me and stood there amused 

If you’d like to participate in Just Jot January, check out the rules. Linda has made it easy, and I think it’s a great way to exercise your urge to write. To see the rest of today’s participants, follow this link.


  1. Dan, Maddie and her stuffed computer are priceless! And like her DogDad, she’s right there to help!

    Love the pictures. I notice it’s WOMEN getting that ginormous monster to spit out its gobbledygook!

    Great poem. Didn’t know you had it in ya! Pam will be proud!

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’ve heard that word a lot when I’ve tried to explain stuff.

      It was women getting those first computers to work, and it was women behind the calculations that put the first men into space and on the moon.

      I like the idea that Pam might be proud :)

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  2. My empathy lies with the sledge hammers; they are the tool I am mostly likely to apply when dealing with any technology more advanced than paper and pencil. I am ever in awe of those who speak Gobbledygook fluently.

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    • Paper and pencil still work, Maureen. It’s a good thing because technology is still known to fail. My fluency in Gobbledygook is waning the longer I am retired. Soon enough, I’ll be looking for the sledge,

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  3. Maddie looks so cute! I can remember getting so frustrated at work when IT Dept wanted exact details on my problem–like ‘my computer doesn’t work’ wasn’t a good explanation! My husband was the tech at Monsanto (a gazillion years ago) and would walk into rooms with computers the size of refrigerators. Ah, the good old days. Luckily for me, when ‘my computer doesn’t work,’ he can still fix it for me.

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  4. Dan, how appropriate, Maddie’s got her toy computer. As your post is about computer technology. I have tech support most of the time at home. Robert’s tech savvy. I just throw my hands up! Not going for a sledgehammer, though. The poem fits perfectly. You have a rhyming talent, Dan. 📚🎶 Christine

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  5. Happy new year, Dan. Your poem made me laugh. Here’s mine:
    My lecturing voice drones on and on
    Lot’s of nonsense, they’ll never learn
    They sit and listen
    And listen and sit
    Until they’re hypnotized by it
    Am I ambitious enough to really think
    Any information I share will actually sink
    Into their minds, which wander to
    Far distant lands, reserved for few.

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