Abundance of Blessings – #JusJoJan

Some of you may remember that I suppressed a rant the Monday before Christmas. I chalked that up to the spirit of the season. I was planning to circle back to those aggravations today. I even added a card to Trello to remind me to write that post.

I opened that card yesterday and I had to ask, “is this the way I want to remember 2021?”

It’s not. I want to think about the good things that happened in 2021 and the good things that those things have inspired for 2022. Rather than lead up to some fancy twist at the end of this post, I’m going to spill the beans right now. The good things that happened in 2021 may sound like accomplishments on my part but are really gifts from you to me. I’m not going through the whole year, but I do want to hit a couple highlights.

Guests at the Bar – If you want to know why I gave the bar a name for 2021, it was so I could make it easier to promote the people who visit the bar. We had five guests at the bar last year, Gwen Plano, Robbie Cheadle, Teagan R. Geneviene, Linda G. Hill, and John Mancini. I plan to continue to have guests visit in 2022, some new faces, some repeat visitors and some folks that might be considered “the usual suspects.” I don’t have a schedule, I’m not taking requests, but those posts have always been popular. Those posts are also a lot of work for the guests, and I appreciate their willingness to work with me.

Thursday Doors – I get a lot of credit for hosting Thursday Doors, but the success of the challenge is directly related to the effort of the participants and the time the readers are willing to invest. Consider these two examples:

1) Last year, I added a weekly recap of the Thursday Doors posts. This is a minor effort on my part (it’s mostly automated) but the recap routinely resulted in more than 50 clicks on links to Doors posts. There were many weeks where there were over 100 clicks. That’s people reading.

2) I introduced a Writing Challenge last May. In an aspirational move, I called it the “First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge.” 10 People donated doors as inspiration, and there were fourteen written entries, including weekly Steffie Stories by Marian Allen.

I will repeat the writing challenge this year. Last year, Janis, from Retirementally Challenged contributed a badge for the challenge. I think this year, we will have a mini contest to select a badge. Speaking of badges, our Thursday Doors Badge Contest is underway and runs until noon tomorrow.

Everything here will proceed on schedule for 2022. I will continue to post on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I will continue to offer the Thursday Doors Recap on Sunday. I have to publish a post announcing that, because WordPress doesn’t send notifications when Pages are updated. As in recent years, this schedule will be ignored in January as I periodically (as I’ve done today) join Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot January Challenge. Today’s prompt is provided by Janet – please visit her page if you can.


  1. You’ve had an abundance of blessings indeed, and may they double in 2022. Except for Monday morning math lessons! 🤗

    Love all the puddle pics. Clearly Maddie is happy to be prancing around in them again. Alas, with the predicted temperatures they will all be mini-ice skating rinks. 😢

    Old Glory never fails to please the eye. I like the way the blue Colt Dome stands out in its gloomy surroundings. A new Sea Monster! Of course you had to watch that crane do its job. It would’ve been impossible for you not to! Lol.

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    • I remember being at work when a crane would be there to lift something onto the roof. My office was right above where the crane had to park. I always watched, and I didn’t care what people said. They fascinate me.

      I guess we had our warm spell. The puddles should be gone today, but if they are hanging around, I think your right, Ginger, they’ll be ice.

      Stay warm this first week.


  2. Definitely an abundance of good things! I loved the basketball hoop reflection and a new river monster! I hope the city leaves it awhile so we can enjoy it.

    The crane work was cool. I like watching them work too.

    Have an exceptional year, Dan! I’m looking forward to what you bring us.

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    • Thanks Deborah. I thought of you when I saw the new sea monster. I hope they do let it hang around. They don’t put the dock in until May, so I doubt they’ll be doing much work before then, unless there are floods. I always stop to watch cranes ;-)

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  3. Seeing the good things, including the beautiful Colt dome, helps me face the challenges. Thank you, Dan, and a special thank you for the mention. Happy 2022! 😊

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  4. You invest a lot of thought, time and effort into these blogging projects, Dan. I believe you don’t know any other way to do things and for that we are all very appreciative. Cranes are amazing. That sure beats the hell out of dragging an AC unit up the face of a mini cliff for a condo in Costa Rica while clinging to the ledge with curled toes. I have seen it done. 😱

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  5. Your blessings are our blessing, Dan. I agree with Jennie–I just love your posts.
    Oh, the crane photos. They are always building some new house/condo on the beach, but we crack up when, at the end of the day/over a weekend, the crane has an A/C unit hanging from it. Just hanging up there on the crane! Like someone is going to steal it if they left it on the ground?! Always both fascinates and perplexes me.

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  6. I am in awe of all you do, and I’m also grateful for it. I’ve enjoyed everything and cheer for more. Though I see the value in highlighting the bright spots in life, I also see the value in a rant. A good rant is a thing of beauty. So, if you ever resign yourself to ranting, you will know that there will be at least one reader applauding — that is, if I understand what you’re talking about!

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    • You would have understood this one, Maureen but it was two weeks ago and not worth dredging up. It was poor-customer-service related, so I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities. Thanks for your support.

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  7. I completely agree about focusing on blessings, Dan. Much healthier. Thanks for all the blogging blessings you share with all of us. It’s lots of work to host a challenge and you do it well. I like the reflection photos and of course Maddie. I think putting animals in your blog all the time is like putting children in—it always garners likes and loves. 🥰😊. Tricksy!

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  8. So many great things happened in 2021 and I look forward to more in 2022. Whether I have doors to contribute or not, I always look forward to the Thursday Doors posts from others. I know it takes a lot of work on your part so I’m grateful that you’ve kept it going strong ever since Norm passed the baton.

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  9. Your 2021 certainly was full of abundance of blessings, Dan. The bad things have the passing moments, the good things will stay with us forever. I hope people will let the good things shape their lives. And you’re helping them.

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    • Thanks Teagan. The response today tells me that I was right to take the high road (not that I won’t give into the urge to rant in the future). I’m glad you agree.

      PS, the reflection photos are all in here because I can’t pick a favorite either.

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  10. Hi Dan – yes … we need the positive take on life, even when things are a little ‘grungie’ and 2022 needs to start off in a good mood. Lovely seeing the photos and Maddie out and about taking an interest – as to your crane with its heavy block – they do amaze me. I admire you for posting 4 times a week … anyway – I’m happy to be here … all the best to you four + the garden occupiers … (you, the Editor, Faith, Maddie) …cheers – HiIary

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  11. I never miss your posts, it is so beautiful, photographs, and yes your dog and cat, I love your blog, so creative. Thank you, Happy New Year, Love, nia

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  12. Dan, you are a model of blogging reliability. The rest of us can set our watch by you. And you’ve been like this for years!

    I was so pleased when I spent the first six months of 2020 publishing a post every Friday. Alas, it didn’t last. But I’m posting one today, and I’m determined to get back into that weekly rhythm.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

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