Tempest for Nativity

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 7th, 2022, is “tempest.” Use the word “tempest” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

We are have quite the little tempest brewing outside this morning. Today is the day Orthodox Christians celebrate Nativity, the birth of Christ. Accordingly, we offer:

“Christ is Born! Glorify Him!”

It’s January 7th, so this is the 7th prompt for Just Jot it January 2022, and it’s brought to us by Liz. Thanks, Liz! Please be sure to visit her blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there, if you’re not already.


  1. Love the ”snowbow”! Looks like you have a bit more of the white stuff than we do, but who’s measuring?! Guess winter is here to stay for a while whether we like it or not. You’re snowblower must be itching to get out there!

    Hope Maddie can get a walk in. But then there’s all the mini snowballs stuck between her pads and to her feathers. Yuk!

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    • I think we’ll have 6″ or a a little more before it’s done. No walk today. Hopefully enough people obey the law and clear their sidewalks for tomorrow.

      I’ll be firing up the blower pretty soon.


  2. This morning we have somewhere between a dusting and a half inch. I think it has been lake affect snow rather than the western edge of Garret. And depending on my mood and the forecast it just might sit there. Or not. In the interest of altered covid calendars we are celebrating extended New Year’s day with SWMBO’s mother. Sans football games though we might have to have a glass of wine to cheer on the tidily wink team… keep warm. And do watch out for the pot of gold at the end of the snowbow. It might startle the neighbor going through the blower.

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  3. I love the silence and majesty of fresh snow, but the clean-up can be such a pain. It looks like you’ve made great progress. Thank you for sharing, Dan. Stay warm! 😊

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  4. Here we have an ounce of snow and a ton of cold. I watched the pond gradually freeze over yesterday, and was mighty glad not to be a duck or a goose, though two of the latter seemed to be having a great time in the morning’s small unfrozen patch. “Tempest” is a great word and really does apply to snow storms.

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  5. Looks beautiful to me, Dan, but you know I miss that white stuff. I guess I shouldn’t complain about a high a bit above 70 today but for Pete’s sake, it’s winter! Have a little respect, Weather, and at least drop back into the 60’s. :-)

    I didn’t know about the significance of today, but I do know that Epiphany was yesterday, celebrating the visit of the Wise Men.

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  6. Didn’t know about celebrating Christmas today, but I do know about Epiphany that happened yesterday. It’s the traditional last day of Christmas. Grew up with the idea that it was bad luck to take down Christmas decorations until after it.

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  7. I take it you are doing the prompt today, or am I mistaken? In any case, I linked my post back to you!
    It was 23 in NRH this morning and no snow, which is fine with me, I’d rather look at it on your blog than in my front yard, lol! Now I just have to talk myself into a walk because even though the sun is out, it only warmed up to 46 and that is not warm in my book! Of course, once I get moving, I will warm up.
    Great post and have a wonderful day.

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    • Thanks Kim. We wont see 46 for a while. We’re heading toward zero this week for lows.

      I’ll make sure we get your link into the recap. My increased blogging activity in January tends to bury the doors.

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  8. Dan, I cringe just thinking of that snow — and I know you often get a lot more than that. No doubt you didn’t stop at clearing your own paths,but went on to help neighbors as well.
    Wishing you and The Editor every blessings on this day that is so special to you. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. Since I had to go out during the storm, someone else took care of the neighbors today. That was nice. I almost forgot how easy it is to only have to clear my driveway and sidewalk.

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    • I have to shovel the steps, ramp and in front of garage. If its 3” or less, I push it around with a “human plow” type shovel. More than that, I have to pick up at the end, so I use the machine, It does make quick work. The sidewalk is slow going because the plowed push half the stree on them.


  9. I see the snow finally reached you up north. We had a rare occurrence here–snow. In the 12 years I’ve lived in Tennessee, this is only the third time we’ve had enough snow so it would stick for a couple of days. I sure do miss in north.

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