Hang On Pup – #1LinerWeds #JusJoJan

Maddie goes outside for the reasons most dogs go outside, but she won’t go with out one of us. We tried just opening the door and letting her out, but she just sits on the steps until we come out and walk around with her. So, we hook up and head out, regardless of the weather.

The other day, one of the bunnies that lives in the yard was sitting at the base of the steps. Maddie was standing at the porch door, wondering why I wasn’t opening it.

“We have to wait for the bunny!”

We had to wait

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  1. It’s 0 degrees and Maddie wants to stop and smell the leaves! Ye gods! The upside of these frigid mornings is that you do get some great photos. This one of the flag is really good, I think, with the contrast between the evergreens and the bare trees above and behind; the evergreens appear to be saluting. The river photo makes me cold just looking at it, but I think it’s a great image.

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    • I do get to see some pretty skies, Maureen, but there are days I think we could wait for a few more degrees to arrive. I do like that flag photo. When I look at it, I realize that there are service men and women standing guard in conditions like this somewhere. It’s funny, I think the river looks colder when it’s flowing than when it’s frozen over. Have a great day – stay warm.

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    • Be like MuMu – that’s the ticket 🙂. There are time Maddie would play in the yard without us on a leash, but she won’t do her business without us.

      It won’t stay this cold for very long.

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  2. Five degrees here Dan. It’s colder than anything a witch has!

    Old Glory looks proud and smart despite the weather. The sunrise shots are beautiful. The shot looking across the Connecticut River is so bleak but at the same time beautiful. You’ve managed to catch in a photo how cold it is! I love the frozen leaf.

    MuMu has the right idea this time of year. Curl up in the sun and sleep winter away!

    Maddie doesn’t go outside just for ‘business’. She needs to check for bombs and uninvited critters. Who knows, she might find a leaf stuck in the fence! It’s the equivalent of you and a newspaper when you’re on a ‘business’ trip. Lol!

    I thank everything that’s holy, and that includes Swiss cheese and my underwear, that we have a new furnace and it’s up and running! 🤗🤗

    Hope you all manage to keep warm and safe.

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    • You crack=kid me up today, Ginger. Between the witch’s parts and your underwear, I’m almost snorting coffee through my nose.

      I love seeing the the river in winter, but some days I feel like I should fight MuMu for that shelf.

      Maddie always checks the perimeter first for any signs of intruders. :Sniff, sniff, sniff, point, “the bunny was here.” To which I reply, “good to know, Maddie. Now can you pee.”

      I’m glad the new furnace is working well, you sure needed it last night. Stay warm. Tell Murphy Maddie says hi.


  3. PS: Did you not have any thoughts on my editor being so slow? Or maybe you missed that post a couple of days ago. Anyway, could all of my old posts be causing my editor to be slow as molasses?

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    • I must have missed that post (I missed a bunch lately). I don’t think any volume of previous posts would affect the editor. The speed of your Internet connection would. You might try clearing your browser’s cache. The other thing that can cause problems is if your theme is not compatible with the features of the block editor. I had to change themes last year, and I had been using a “lock Editor Compliant” theme, but it was not being updated.

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  4. I was a loving dog owner for over 30 years but must admit they were showed the open door and encouraged to do their thing all by themselves. If it was really cold or wet, I’d stand by the door to let them right back in. Maddie has no idea what a good deal she has. Your animals, inside and outside, are lucky creatures – you take good care of them all. Happy Wednesday to both you and Maddie. Stay warm.

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    • Thanks Judy. Maddie is our fourth dog, but the only one who wants to take us with her. We had a male setter we had to drag out in the rain *he hated getting wet), but nothing like this one.

      We are staying close to home today, but it’s heading back up into the 30s. I know you know exactly how warm 30 can feel after a few days in single-digits and teens.

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      • Dan, Maddie and Murphy must be related. Murphy will NOT venture into the backyard unless one of us is with her every step of the way…..Mommy’s right here….Daddy’s right here! Doesn’t matter if it’s torrential rain, a blizzard, a tornado or scalding sun, or perfect weather, she requires an escort.

        And no matter how much we plead, “Hurry up. You’re killing me here”, her expression is, “ I can’t find the right blade of grass to pee on”! Sheeesh!

        Good thing we love her to the moon and back! Lol!

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  5. You should have a street crossing sign in your yard: One saying “Squirrel Street” and the other “Bunny Avenue.”
    Makes perfect sense, unless “Maddie Crossing” is preferable.

    Happy Wednesday, Dan!

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    • The squirrels come right up to us, but the bunny is scared. At night, we search (with a flashlight) for the bunny and go the opposite way to avoid it. Once they find a place where they can eat, they like to stay put. Signs might help, and maybe a traffic cop/

      Happy Wednesday, Mary. Up and over the hump.

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  6. You have such a menagerie in your backyard–I so enjoy seeing photos of all your ‘kids!’ With the winters you have, I am very happy to have cats instead of dogs. One dog we had would stand out in the pouring rain looking up at. We’d be at the door saying, “Come on, Daisy! Do your stuff and get back inside!”
    The black and white photo of the Connecticut River is very pretty. Stay warm, Dan!

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    • Haha – Thanks Teagan. We have sunshine today, but the breeze feels like 11° even though we’re up to 33°. I did take Maddie for a walk. We both need the exercise, her to calm down, me to work off those beers 😏

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  7. Nice frosting on the leaves Dan. Every so often I get to dog sit. They are interesting creatures. I tend to assign all the sniffing to reading the neighborhood message board both dogs and other creatures.

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  8. Dan, it sure looks cold there. We had an uncommon 80 degrees in CA yesterday. Lately, temps have been running from 50 -70. Love the sun/trees photos, and Maddie, MuMU and Bunny. Seeing CT warms my heart.

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  9. Maddie is such a good girl. My Marley would be out the door and after the rabbit in a flash if he saw it. We’re working on that. Thanks for the pictures. Your favorite tree looks great.

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