Beer, Soup & Cake – SoCS JusJoJan

We are in a bit of a deep-freeze here in Connecticut. The high temperature yesterday was 20°f (-7°c). The overnight low was 0°f (-18°c). I could frighten you with the windchill values, but except for taking our dog out to conduct necessary business, no one here is going into the wind. I’ll go from a warm house to a soon-to-be-warm car to a warm bar. Of course, once there, I’m sure we’ll sample a cold beverage. While there, the conversation should be inspired by Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot it January and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and my very first birthday-Stream-of-Consciousness-Saturday is: ‘icing on the cake.’ Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase ‘icing on the cake.’ Enjoy!”

I think it’s David’s turn to buy.

If we were having a beer, you would be wondering about my sanity.

“Hi David. You’re early, Dan isn’t here yet.”

“I’m not sure he’s going to be here, Cheryl.”

“Stand me up on a Saturday? Dan wouldn’t do that.”

“Well, I wouldn’t open a cold beer, he might be more in the mood for a hot chocolate.”

“Here, here’s your John Howell’s Bourbon, your seltzer and your glass of ice. Now what are you talking about?”

“I drove by his house last night; he’s got some construction project going on outside.”

“Well, here he comes. Five dollars says he wants an ice-cold Corona.”

“You’re on, Cheryl. He might not want cocoa, but I’m guessing he goes for wine or bourbon.”

“Hi Cheryl. Hi David. Am I interrupting? You two look like you’re busy.”

“Just discussing finances, Dan. What can I get you?”

“My usual – Corona, cold in the bottle with a hunk of lime.”

“Coming right up, Dan. Ahem, David.”

“Here you go, Cheryl.”

“David, surely you don’t think five dollars is going to pay for this beer and your bourbon.”

“Here’s your beer, Dan. And that five-dollar bill is just icing on the cake.”

“David, would you mind explaining?

“I bet Cheryl you wouldn’t want anything cold.”

“Why wouldn’t I? Just because it’s four degrees outside doesn’t mean I don’t want a cold beer.”

“I figured, since you’ve probably been working outside all day, you’d be tired of cold.”

“Working outside? Why do you think I’ve been working outside?”

“I saw the caution tape in front of your front door. I assumed you were fixing a leak or something. Knowing you, I figured you wouldn’t let the cold stop you.”

“Cheers, David. This cold beer is exactly what I want. That caution tape…it’s there to keep people from using the ramp.”


“Because the freezing rain we had the other day left if covered in ice. The house blocks the sun, so it isn’t going to melt for a few days.”

“So, you’re trying to avoid creating customers for your ramp.”


“You boys want some food?”

“I had a big breakfast…”


“Yes, David.”

“You’re cutting into my tip, Dan.”

“I could go for a bowl of chowder.”

“We also have broccoli cheese soup today.”

“Oooh, that sounds good. David, would you like to buy yourself a bowl?”

“It does sound good, Dan, but now you’re adding to Cheryl’s tip.”

“Yes, and don’t try counting the five dollars you lost as part of her tip.”

“Thanks for adding that, Dan. I didn’t want to mention it.”

“We don’t want him scraping the icing off that cake, Cheryl.”

“So, Dan, I guess it’s a good thing you bought the giant roll of caution tape. You do seem to keep coming up with ways to use it.”

“Ha! Yeah, I probably only four-thousand feet left.”

“Here you go guys. Hot soup, another cold beer, and a splash of bourbon. The bourbon is on the house, David. And here are the cherries I forgot earlier.”

“Ahhh, the icing on my cake.”


    • It’s funny you say that. It’s a point and shoot camera, but when it’s cold, it doesn’t make the “shutter” sound I often get three or four photos of the same thing, because I don’t think it’s working.


  1. Back in the early 80’s – December 81 / January 1982 – we had a freaky cold spell in the UK and that was the only time I experienced -18 Celsius. I think it got down to -27 or -28 in remote parts of Scotland. How’s the health food diet going?

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    • We seem to get a couple of cold snaps every winter. It feels good, without the wind. With the wind, it’s painful. My brother lives in Iowa. They have been close to the Scotland temps this week. -13f (-25c). I’m good at 0.

      I’m laughing at the health food remark. I don’t eat like this every day, but I stop for breakfast any time I’m in that part of Hartford.

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    • Oh my. I don’t think I’d share a trapped bird. This changed from old rain to ice in a matter of hours. The long puddle is at the end of our driveway. It almost always drains away before it can freeze.


  2. It will not surprise you that my favorite pictures are the ones of hot food! What perfect winter eating. Your icy ramp looks absolutely deadly. I vote for alien craft too — Klingon, I think.

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    • Yes! It does resemble a Klingon warship:-). I went out to try and put something on the ramp, and quickly realized that it was an accident waiting to happen. Warm food and good friends takes the chill off a winter day. I hope you’re having a good weekend.- stay warm.

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  3. The breakfast, always the breakfast gets to me. It looks delicious and a good reason to enter the frozen tundra. Come south – it’s a balmy 27 with a real feel of 11 with light ice. :-) Mother Nature likes to keep things interesting for her at least. :-) This weather is definitely not ‘the icing on my cake.’

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    • 27 must remind you of why you went south in the first place. I hope the ice doesn’t hand around. We have so many sections of our yard we have to avoid. I always feel bad about posting the breakfast photos, but when I don’t, people ask “where are the food photos?” Stay safe. I hope you have indoor things to do today.

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  4. Lol! Great conversation today, and you certainly aced the prompt!

    I see three photos in today’s gallery that will have Pam’s wheels turning. 🤗 Wow! A different camera caught not one, but two bunnies!

    Temperatures are brutal here as well… -3F right now! Not even Maddie’s coat would get me out in this. Plus there’s no place to walk where you won’t slide, and that includes the grass.

    Maybe you should keep a carafe of hot coffee next to the couch so you don’t have to get up for a refill and lose your seat! Just sayin….lol

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    • We are barely above 0 now, Ginger, but we have to avoid big chunks of the yard. Some places have ice you can see. Others are frozen below the grass. Plus, we’re attached to the romping redhead.

      More than one cup of coffee, and I’m up off the couch for other reasons 😏 She always manages to steal it at some point. Meanwhile, MuMu is sleeping in my desk chair. The Editor gave her a cushion (still shaking my head over that) so it wouldn’t be so cold.

      We walked yesterday when it was 18. I don’t think we will get a walk in today.

      Stay warm and stay safe!


    • Maddie keeps us visiting the cold, John. Sometimes I think she goes out so she can look at me and say, “it’s not that bad. I think we could go for a walk.” We did that yesterday when it was 18° – it wasn’t windy, but it was cold. Still, I was able to get those ice pictures. We went from rain and puddles to cold and ice in a matter of hours on Thursday. It was a little scary.

      Have a great weekend. Relax and enjoy!

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  5. LOL, I wonder if Maddie and Gibbs have been commiserating. My boy does the same thing on the couch – steals my spot as soon as I get up. Not sure if it’s the pillow or the human heat left behind that attracts him, but he has the nerve to give me “the look” when I return and ask for my spot back.

    It’s snowing a little this morning, but warmer than it has been the past few mornings. A whopping 18F! If only the winds weren’t 15-20 mph, I might have gone for a quick walk outside. Forecast for Lambeau Field tonight is a starting temp of 1F (-17C). I’m hoping it keeps the 49ers frozen in place for most of the game. :-p

    Have a wonderful Saturday, Dan. Stay warm and cozy!

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  6. I like the Smokey photo–very dramatic. Good man to tape up your walkway. Ice on an incline is just an invitation to fall.
    We have a heater in the garage for the outdoor cats, but they have started spending part of the day inside the house (baby steps…) so last night they stayed inside our house overnight. Our ‘Florida cold’ is nowhere near what your temps are, but still pretty cold for us!

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  7. That photograph of the leaf stuck in the ice is exquisite! If that could be put into glass or acrylic it would make a lovely artistic paperweight. Is anybody listening? That would be the icing on my cake sitting on my bookcase.

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  8. It is definitely soup weather. Thinking the pinecone on a stick might be an alien craft tells me your imagination rivals my own. It does look a little like a Klingon Bird of Prey. Good thing it’s a small one.

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  9. There’s always good company here at the bar. It’s the perfect time of year for nice hot soup. Since I’m allergic to eggs, most cake isn’t on the menu here, but I do love frosting! I’m still able to appreciate how tasty that big plate of breakfast looks too. I just got a little crock pot. Maybe I’ll make soup today… :) Hugs on the wing.

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    • The breakfast was good, Teagan, but a nice bowl of soup sounds good today. We are at 17 degrees, which they say will be our high today. More soup please. Most cake is just the vehicle for frosting, so eating frosting with a spoon works 😊

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    • Thanks Jan. The regular Saturday bartender does tend to yell “Dan!” When I walk in, kind of like the way they yelled “Norm.” John Howell introduced David to Willett Pot Still Bourbon. David’s inability to remember the brand led to that being a thing. We are staying inside and warm this weekend. It will rise into the 30s tomorrow :)

      I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  10. I was able to drive out of my driveway on Thursday. Our house also blocks the sun, so the ice took some time and a little warm rain to melt it away. We had a dusting this morning, but it has all melted away. 4° is a little chilly for my blood, Dan.

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  11. My apologies to the animals today but the breakfast and thought of chowder get all my attention right now…and it’s not even cold here. Well, I don’t consider 62 on the way to 66 cold, although some Arizonians may beg to differ. :-) For me, having cold mornings and cooler days is just icing on the weather cake. :-)

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  12. We must have been feeling your pain, Dan. Hubs requested hot chocolate yesterday am and I mad yummy chili for supper last night. Yeah, I had a beer with that. The soup looks so good. At least in those temps the pets are ready to come in again shortly.

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    • I’d prefer if your comments were relative to the blog post you’re commenting on. A comment like this is a better fit for a post on your own blog. The last time I checked, you had no posts on your blog.

      I am replying (after removing your comment) on the off chance that you are unfamiliar with they way people expect other bloggers to interact. I will delete your comment and this reply after you have a chance to review it.


  13. Haha, I know that look. Bestia has the same habit and the same pleading look. I also really love that alien pine. It looks to be winking. I cannot imagine strolling around in your conditions, I get so cold even if it’s above freezing.

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  14. I would much rather have the foot of snow that’s coming on Saturday that the ice we had last week! Thank goodness we have an ice chopper. Our house faces north, so it takes forever for the sun to do any melting.

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      • Same here. How much snow will you get tomorrow? Looks like 18″ for us. The Cape will be slammed.

        Have you heard of ‘the last mile’? When electricity was made available, there was a brief window of opportunity for towns that were far from the city to become their own power company. Groton took advantage of that opportunity. As such, we take care of things very well and never loose power. Fingers crossed for folks on Saturday.

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        • Our forecast is all over the place, Jennie. Now they’re saying 7-15” which is a big difference. The Cape is going to get clobbered.

          I am familiar with the last mile concept. I’ve never known a place that was still using their own power company. We’ve got line trucks at several hotels around us. It looks like we’re getting ready.

          Stay safe, Jennie!

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