Doors Recap & More– Jan 20, 2022

The Thursday Doors recap for the two and one half day period beginning on the above date is ready to be viewed. Click here if you’re interested.

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JusJoJan – Since I’m littering your inbox, I might as well join in the fun of Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan blog challenge and add a Jot. Today’s prompt is ‘Surviving’ and it was provided by Lauren – Thanks Wendy! Surviving has been a theme in nature around here this past week. We’ve had several days where the high temperature hasn’t risen beyond 19°f (-7°c) and where the nighttime lows have gone down to 0°f (-18°c). The animals in our yard have been foraging (and begging) for food, especially where ice has covered the ground. The gallery has some current and old favorite photos of the little beggars.


  1. I know squirrels can do a lot of damage, but how could you not feed these guys? Between the pleading expression and the “praying “ stance, the most hardcore person would be feeding them.

    That’s quite a shot you got of the two birds swooping in targeting the same peanut.

    These photos certainly satisfy the ‘surviving’ prompt!

    That poor bunny must be thinking, “I swear there was clover here to eat just the other day.”

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    • We get mad at them some, Ginger, but you’re right, we can’t bring ourselves to say no. We’ve only had damage once, and that was when I trapped one in my workshop.

      The two blue jays were right in front of us while I was sitting with Maddie. They fly in from so far away, they must have amazing eyesight.

      The bunnies just carry on. I clear the heavy snow away from the areas where they like to dine, but they have to work for their supper.

      I hope you have a nice day. A little warmer??


  2. The little grey squirrel is adorable! He has perfected the ‘could you spare a peanut?’ pose. The photo of the birds and squirrels–wow! Those Jays are something! Great photo, though!

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  3. Fun photos of Smokey. We used to think our visitor squirrel was cute until it started ripping flowers off our petunias and pansies. Then to top it off, the pesky squirrel ate our tomatoes. The nerve. After all of that, I was rooting for our neighborhood bobcat. So mean of me. Maybe I should try peanuts to divert Pesky’s attention way from our garden. A kinder approach.

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