Calm Down, David – SoCS

Welcome to the last Saturday in January. Yep, one month is almost gone. I’ll give you a minute to let that sit in. You OK, now? OK, then let’s go to the bar and see if we can use Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot it January and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts to pull David in off the ledge:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘let go.’ Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘let go.’ Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you would be flustered.

“Are you paying today, Dan?”

“Some people say ‘hello’ but yes, I’m paying.”

“Sorry, I’m mad. I feel like someone stole my lunch money.”

“I guess it’s good Dan’s buying. If you ask him nicely, David, he might buy you lunch, too.”

“For now, I’m just buying him a John’s Howell’s Special, Cheryl. Maybe a glass of bourbon will help him let go of whatever’s bothering him.”

“And a Corona for you, Dan?”

“Yes. Now, David, what has you all spun up?”


“Dan, before you continue, let me give him his bourbon, his snifter of seltzer and his glass of ice – and his three cherries.”

“Three cherries. I hope there’s no extra charge for garnish extravaganza.”

“Cheers, Dan. This is just what I need.”

“So, tell me about UConn, David. Did your precious women lose a basketball game?”

“A basketball game? A basketball game? How I wish all they had lost was a basketball game.”

“Then what on earth did they lose?”

“Not just the women, Dan. The men, the football team, the women’s rowing team, the baseball team, the hockey team…”

“David. Slow down. Half those teams aren’t even playing now. What are you talking about?”

“The athletic budget.”

“The deficit?”

“The deficit. You say that like you were two days late paying your cable bill, Dan.”

“I guess I can’t get excited about it.”

“Dan, when other top division colleges make millions of dollars, UConn is projected to lose forty-seven million dollars this year.”

“Forty-seven point one, million, to be precise.”

“This is no time for your pedantic precision, Dan. And the news got worse last week.”

“Kevin Ollie?”

“Yes, Kevin Ollie. Again, you mention his name like he’s an ill-mannered Uncle coming to visit.”

“What can I say, David. He was the Men’s basketball coach. UConn fired him for cause; cause they didn’t have. He wanted to negotiate, they didn’t.”

“Yes, yes, I know. Then they got all arrogant and forced him into binding arbitration and lost.”

“Correct. And they owe him…”

“Eleven million dollars and change – and please spare me you Commander Data of the Enterprise imitation – I know the amount was specific to the penny.”

“Thirty-nine pennies, I believe.”

“That’s going to cost you, Dan. Cheryl, can I have another splash of bourbon.”

“Sure. You’re hitting the John Howell’s a little hard, David.”

“It’s his fault. If you don’t believe me, I can back it up with fifty-eight million reasons.”

“David, it’s not my fault the University has the fiscal acumen of an eight-year-old. At least the eleven-million-dollar payment is a one-time thing.”

“But the forty-seven million might get worse. That’s real money, Dan. Real money coming out of your pocket and mine. I mean, it’s probably measurable.”

“It is. In fact…”

“Don’t say it. Do NOT say it, Dan!”

Sixteen dollars and sixty-eight cents to each of us.”

“Ugh! Cheryl, can we get a pepperoni pizza?”

“Of course, David. I’m sure Dan doesn’t mind.”

“Hey, he doesn’t mind paying seventeen dollars to bail out UConn, he can buy me a couple slices of pizza.”

“Ok, one pizza, coming up. Dan, how did you figure out how much it costs?”

“Oh, Cheryl, did you have to ask him that.”

“Easy, David. It really wasn’t that hard. I just added up the costs and multiplied it by the percentage of our budget that is paid by households.”

“Are you done?”

“Yes, that’s it. Sixteen dollars, one pizza. Like I said, let it go.”

“Here, Dan. Here’s another beer. Now, without tossing David into a lather. When you say households, you mean that you and your wife are paying the Sixteen dollars.”

“Yes, but she doesn’t like sports, and neither does David’s wife, so I figure it’s on us.”

“It doesn’t work like that, Dan.”

“Then divide the sixteen dollars and sixty-eight cents in half. At eight-thirty-four, you still get half a pizza. But you have to give those cherries back.”

“Oh no, Dan. There’s more we don’t know about. The football stadium is losing money and it needs multi-million-dollar repairs.”

“Isn’t that in the fifty-eight million?”

“No! The State owns the stadium. They lease it to UConn. You’ll never find out how much that monstrosity is costing us.”

“Yikes, you might have to switch to a cheaper bourbon.”

We’re supposed to get some significant snow today. I don’t know how much. Our weather forecast as of 6:00 pm Friday began with, “Our best guess…” Oh well, it’s winter.


  1. Quite a lively conversation at the bar today! I thought David was going to have a stroke! We all need to learn to “let it go” sometimes.

    Old Glory looks frozen….but still proud. It reminds me of when I was a kid and our laundry was hung outside on the clothesline. Yep! Frozen solid! What fun prying the clothespins off the clothesline. Good grief, what was my mother thinking? Lol.

    The pictures of the frozen river are awesome. And I love the shrunken shadows of you and Maddie. MuMu is looking as cute as ever, laying there all sweetness while she decides when it’s just the right moment to nail you to brush her. I don’t think Maddie will be sitting outside on her cot today!

    Looks like the worst of the storm is passing us by this time. Hooray! Hope the snowblower is waiting in the wings and that you pace yourself when it’s cleanup time. You know, sometimes you just have to “let it go.”

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    • David gets spun up over stuff like government spending his money. If anything needs to be let go…

      We’re on the line between a lot and a lot more snow. Whatever falls, I’ll remember to let the machine do the work while clearing it. I’m in no rush, but I like to know I can get out and whatever might have to come in get get in.

      I took Maddie for a short walk yesterday. Maybe we’ll walk on Monday. The cats will ride this out like cats…no big deal.

      Stay safe and warm, Ginger. I hope you can deal with whatever you get. Give Murphy a scritch from us.

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    • At least you get to charge the NFL rent for the Super Bowl. Is that how that works, or do you pay them for the privilege of having it in your town? Hint, I just looked it up, you pay out a lot, but you get it back from all the tourist and commercial visitors. Good luck with that, Dan.

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      • As I understand it , I pay the city and county and they pay the owners of the leagues , who pay the contractors , consultants , players , etc. , and the big and small businesses hopefully cash in too , and I get to pay bigly to attend the events . I see it as helping out those owners . Everyone’s got to make a living , Dan , and those guys have bills to pay , mortgages , dock fees , etc.

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  2. You note that sort of dazed what-was-that? look on MuMu’s face? That’s me after reading this dialogue about taxes and sports and mathematics. Adult beverages at the ready, for sure. We had a prediction for “a few flurries” yesterday, and that turned out to be a little off. But beautiful. I shoveled in a real wonderland. I hope Maddie will understand that some days are not made for walkin’. I hope you can stay warm.

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    • Wow! I saw that this storm was heading to the coast, but that’s pretty far down. I think we’re far enough inland to miss most of the action. We’re all set for whatever comes. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. Great dialogue today, Dan. I can see why David is upset. Looks like UConn has a gang of bumblers in the finance group. I hope you get enough snow to make clearing it fun. Not too much just enough. I enjoyed the photos and thank you for the mention. 😁

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    • Thanks John. I’m glad you like the bourbon-fueled ramblings.

      It’s like a clown car parade out in Storrs. The interim president just quit to become a full professor at $330,000 a year. The Athletic Director recently talked about all of his “accomplishments.” They’ve lost over $100,000,000 in the pat three years. Covid actually helped, because they cancelled the football season. The football team is 4-32 over the past four years, and is in danger of being banned from postseason play (not to worry) by the NCAA for below minimum attendance. You know I’m not a fan of UConn, since Pitt and WVU used to be in the Big East / AAC but I am a taxpayer. I wish them enough success on the field to at least break even.

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  4. Haha, Dan, you post today read just like a pantomine [you know how they love to put in lots of jokes about the current political, social, economic and SPORTING environment that people from South Africa just don’t get]. But I did follow more or less and it sounds like another mess for the long-suffering tax payer.

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    • Thanks Robbie. I knew this post wouldn’t travel well, but it’s such a disaster, and we have been suffering for many years. At most Division 1 (top tier sports) schools, football (US football) makes more money than all the other sports combined. My best friend and I have chatted about this for the past two weeks. I had to run with it.

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  5. I was glad to read, ““Yes, but she doesn’t like sports, and neither does David’s wife,” so now I don’t feel so weird. It’s not that I don’t like sports. I just don’t understand all the hubbub and huge amounts of money that could feed a lot of starving cats, uh, I mean people. I really like your first photo of the sunset. It was snowing here on the Carolina Coast when I woke up this morning! We’ll probably get a quarter of an inch, and everything will close.

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    • “…We’ll probably get a quarter of an inch, and everything will close.” I’m laughing, now. Thanks.

      I knew this wouldn’t appeal universally, JoAnna, but it’s sooooo frustrating. College football typically makes enough money to carry everything else. The university’s goal is “to trim the deficit in 2022.”

      I’m glad you like the pictures. Have a great weekend.

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  6. Winter can be so beautiful… In pictures! The temperature this morning was -28 Celsius with the windchill or -18 Fahrenheit. That’s cold!! Why is it people lose their brains when talk of money uses with the word million? OK mine does too.

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  7. Oh my–I’ve never heard David so riled up before! And then you guys got all mathy–and on a Saturday?! This was a fun post, Dan. I do hope David calmed down after the pizza, though. Yikes! The river iced over?! We were told to stay inside today as the wind was brutal. Temp was 33 this morning but felt like 22. Outdoor cats have been (happily) staying indoors, so all is well in my world. Have a good weekend. Stay inside!

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  8. Gotta love commerce in the US. Always something to bunch someone’s undies over. As for me, I have always been appalled at the money going into sports. Millions of people paying exorbitant ticket prices with their hard earned money so that the promoters, owners, coaches and players can become millionaires. Don’t go thinking I’m against sports or televised sports. It’s just too ‘big business’ for me now. It hit me early on, when I was a huge fan of Pete Rose. When all that gambling stuff went down it took a lot of years for me to be able to enjoy a baseball game again and that’s my favorite sporting event! Then as a young adult I could never afford tickets to an LSU game. You should see what they charge these days to reserve tailgating space in the huge dedicated lots around the stadium. That leaves regular fans to park in the muddy grass open fields for a mere $20 a pop. Ok, can I get you another Corona, Dan? How about some hot chowder? David…more cherries to give you something else to do with your mouth? 😉❤️

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    • I think you meant “billionaires” but otherwise, you’re correct. My best friend had season tickets to UConn football. They were never a good team, but the tickets were expensive. If you wanted better seats, you had to give more money to the Booster Club. If you wanted better parking, even if you were willing to pay, you had to give more money first. Then they started losing more games but still tried collecting big fees. Last year, they averages under 10,000 people in the stadium for football as they went 1-11. If they can’t bring their 2-year rolling average attendance up over 15,000 per game, they will be banned from post season bowl games for three years (not that it seems they will qualify). Everything up and down the line is driven by money.


  9. I have to admit I was lost for most of the conversation, but got the idea of it. I’m not familiar with UConn, so it felt like an inside joke. :) Great dialogue! Great interaction and great use of the prompt! Love the photos. Stay warm for the next winter assault!

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  10. Poor David. I’d be in a lather, too. ‘Commander Data of the Enterprise imitation’ is, well, true. The flag photo and title is glorious, and so is the sunset photo. Thank you for that. We will crank up the snowblower when the temps are out of single digits tomorrow. Looks like close to 18″.

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  11. Saturday was my mother’s birthday!! We were supposed to have snow over the weekend, but we didn’t. I was glad we didn’t. My cousin who lives near the NC coast said they got a little bit of snow. Chris (my boyfriend) came down for a visit for the weekend. He lives in NJ and he had said he had a dusting of snow before he left to come down. He went back up yesterday.

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