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It’s the end of January. We’ve had a busy weekend, but Linda G. Hill is making my Monday post easy with the final Just Jot it January prompt. Before we get to that, let’s pause for a few seconds and give Linda a big round of applause. Bigger…Bigger…Come on, like you meant it.

Part of why my weekend was busy was because I was taking care of business at my weekly blog challenge. JusJoJan is a daily prompt, and this is the thirty-first one Linda has given us. I can’t imagine.

Anyway, today’s prompt is “Facetious” from Susan over at Don’t curse the nurse!

I grew up in an environment where inappropriate humor was always appropriate. Not mean or cruel humor, but perhaps coming a bit too soon. Of course, there’s too soon and there’s too soon. A quality facetious remark will break the barrier between “too soon” and “OK, we can all laugh about it now,” so everyone else can chime in with the humorous remarks they have been itching to add. The other kind of facetious remark I remember is the humorous remark offered when a bit of sympathy might be expected.

My favorite facetious remark was when I would get hurt and my Dad would look at me and say, “you’ll be a man before your mother.” I could be bleeding, limping, dazed and confused, and he would add that comment to bring me back to earth. I knew he was going to do whatever was necessary to help me, but I was going to be fine.


  1. If I was being stubborn, like insisting I didn’t need boots on to go out in weather like this, my dad would say, “ Fine. When you fall down and break your leg, don’t come running to me!’

    We really got lucky here, about 4” of snow for us. Brutally cold and windy though. I love the storm door shot. I think Jinx and his family are looking for spring! And the calm before the storm!

    Yep, your neighbor needs a few classes in “snow blowing”!

    Have a great week, and that would include keeping warm. No mountain for Maddie, but lots of paths for her to follow!

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  2. They had a way of getting their message across. 😊

    I’m happy with a less than predicted amount of snow, Ginger. Maddie seems happy, too. The mountain doesn’t call her any longer (the couch does).

    The Jinx family crows were making an awful lot of noise up there.

    Stay warm!

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  3. You sure got walloped! I bet all that Jinx noise you heard was the whole clan complaining about the weather (in which case you’d think they’d find a warmer place to complain). By grand coincidence, I was just quoting my father to my younger son: “Remind me to worry about that on Wednesday.” That was his usual paternal response to some wrong I had suffered (poor me). Dad lines are immortal.

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  4. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💐💐💐❤️❤️❤️Linda! Some really great prompts were presented and for my first time participating almost 100% I had fun. I love the frosted storm door.
    “Your photos make me long for snow and ice”, she says fectiously. 😉 I do have to sweep endless pine needles from the terrace though. We all have our crosses to bear. Again… you know this is one of my favorite words. 🤭

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  5. I’m hoping the predicted white stuff does not make an appearance on Thursday of this week. Looking at your photos make me shiver! I don’t envy you all that work! When you need a break, come visit, we are warm and welcoming here in Texas!

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  6. It seems that many other states are getting more snow this year than WI, although we have been dealing with frigid cold for a good part of the month. I’m ready for this to go away. Did your dad have a facetious remark for crappy weather?

    Happy Monday, Dan!

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    • He would sometimes point out that we were lucky to be above ground.

      We haven’t had a lot of snow, and we’ve had more single-digit-cold than I like. I’ll let winter have February. Then I’m going to be ready to move on.

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  7. No photos showed up in reader. That’s a new change I think. Who can keep up? I love your dad’s remark. My dad had a few good ones, too. We had to have thick skin in our family. The snow is one thing, but the wind quite another. I am glad it worked in your favor. Have a good week, Dan.

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  8. Wow, you have much more snow than we have! Your dad’s comment warmed my heart, Dan. I think most dads have an amazing way of making sure we’re okay while letting us figure out how we’re going to get out of the situation or mess. I always knew my dad would be there for me, just as you knew the same. What an incredible gift.

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  9. Love your Dad’s remark and I can identify with your family humor. Sorry I missed some of your jusjojan posts, but I enjoyed all the ones I could get to. My favorite shot today is that tree full of birds. When I see a number of birds like this perched on a streetlight or something similar, I always wonder why they all pick that particular perch and not a different one. Such are my deep musings. :-)

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  10. I know what you mean. My mother would ask, “Has your arm fallen off?” and many questions of the sort. Your neighbor with the bad angle on the chute says it all about the storm.


  11. Love your dad’s humor. My mother often used an Australian expression, “Too late as she cried as she waved her wooden leg.” Meaning she had crossed the train tracks and didn’t get the warning in time and got run over. That expression can be used for many occasions.
    Your snow scenes show a lot of exhausting work at hand. Hope you’ve recovered from it.

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    • I think they did us a service showing how helpful humor can be.

      I cleared the snow while it was still light and fluffy. It was easy. It seemed harder for people the following morning, after it settled.


  12. Hi Dan – sensible Dad I’d say … always better to make people laugh. Just glad I’m not in your corner of the States and Canada at the moment … glad the wind helped somewhat. Cheers and all the best as the snow wanes – Hilary


  13. Thank you, Dan. :D curtsies And thanks for joining in!

    In the absence of a dad in this house, I’m the one who tells my boys they’ll be okay. I don’t let them get away with much, but I’m vigilant at the same time. Love the photos!

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  14. Hi Dan, I have been known to make a bit of joke when one of my boys hurts themselves or does something else that they think they may die from either physically or emotionally. I have a rather dark sense of humour so they don’t always appreciate my comments.

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