Any Volunteers? – #1LinerWeds

I was running around Hartford last week when I had to stop for a fire truck. At first, I thought the fire truck was backing back into the fire house after returning from a call. Once I saw what they were doing, I tried to get into a parking space to watch – they were hanging the flag.

I can only imagine that the Station Chief asking for volunteers to ride up to hang the flag and a bunch of firemen saying,

“Pick me – Pick me!”

I don’t think it was hard to get a volunteer for this job.

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  1. Hi Dan – I wouldn’t mind a ride up someday (unlikely, I know); looks freezing, but glad you and Maddie were able to get out, and the bunnies have some grass and a place out of the wind … while it looks positively cold – that river! Cheers Hilary

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    • The river hasn’t frozen this much or this far up for a few years, Hilary, I love seeing the ice. Years ago they would push an ice-breaking barge up the channel to break up the ice and prevent it from piling up against the bridges. I haven’t seen that for over 10 years.

      I bet, if you asked nicely, they’d give you a lift.


  2. So sweet to see the bunnies, Dan, and heartwarming to see the walker lady. I have been a little neglectful in keeping up in reading postings, so I have not seen her in a while. Keep those flag photos coming–the one in the park is always good to see and the featured photo was great.


    • Fortunately, I saw her before Maddie did so I was able to stay back and not have the pup bark at her. I hope I can keep walking as I get older. The flag at the memorial is my favorite. It reminds me of a lot of people who are long gone.


  3. Great one-liner! Old Glory, whether she flies atop a firehouse or in a park, she always does so with dignity and grace. She really is a grand old flag!

    Love the pictures of the various stages of ice forming on the river. Weird how just looking at them makes me feel cold. What? Wait! Maybe that’s because we’re in the same boat here……no pun intended!

    You’re a good man Dan to clear dining areas for the bunnies.

    Good thing Maddie has a really warm coat. Boots don’t work for Murphy either.

    And Galloping Grandma is out and about. God bless her! Even Maddie would be proud of her. I wish she read your blog so she would know how many people care about her…..and look for her in your gallery. 🤗

    Warmer tomorrow Dan, but rain. We’ll all be slipping and sliding after sunset when the temperature drops, 😡

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    • I was going to say that you feel cold because it is cold, Ginger. But maybe warm enough to keep this next storm a rain event rather than ice.

      The flag in the park is pretty good at catching the wind. Maybe that wall of arbor vitae sends the wind into the flag. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel windy, but that flag is flapping.

      I don’t mind digging the bunnies out and clearing some space for them to eat. From the “decorations” they have left behind, they also seem to like the paths I clear for us to walk Maddie around. Maddie sniffs and points, as if to say, “the bunny was here.” We know, Maddie, we know.

      Grandma is running around. We stayed back so Maddie wouldn’t bark at her.

      Take care.


  4. Are you sure that guy volunteered, Dan? How cold was it up in that bucket…as cold as when you walked Maddie? At least he was doing a service that didn’t require putting out a fire. I hope they all had a quiet day.

    You’re a good bunny dad…to give them shelter and eats. I bet you’re the best human on the block, in their eyes.

    Is Linda late with her one-liner post? I hope all is well.

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  5. How wonderful to be picked for that job. Nice one, Dan. I give credit to walker lady. We have become such slugs lately. My husband wanted to start his car before we walked, and, of course, it wouldn’t start. We jumped it and he took it to the shop. I forged ahead with my walk–gosh, it felt great to be outside. But I would cross the street if it upset Maddie. it’s just me, Maddie!

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  6. You are a good neighbour to your menagerie. I’ve always maintained that the difference between men and boys is the height of their toys! I’m not the only one that says it. Your firemen just proved it. Love to see the snow that you have and hopefully we will not get it. We got a lot but most of it is now gone. Fortunately. But mother nature is not done with us, she has a fickle respect and we just need to get used to it.

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  7. Seems like that would be one of the most fun parts of being a firefighter. (Then again, I don’t get excited about running into burning buildings so maybe my perspective is skewed.) As always, love seeing your photos!

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  8. That’s probably one task the fireman are happy to do, Dan. No risk and patriotic, plus riding in the bucket! That blue sky over the flag is lovely but your other photos look cold! I hope winter gives you a break soon. :-)

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  9. I would volunteer to put up the flag in a heartbeat. You are so nice to let the bunnies have a home under your workshop. I’ll bet they like it under there. Great photos, Dan. Nice to see walker lady out and about. 😁

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  10. Oh come on, Dan. I can just see you over there, saying,”Hey, you guys need a volunteer fireman for the day? Or… for the ladder job? 😉
    Wow, Walker Lady has moxie. Or extra insulated clothes and heated shoes. 👍🏻

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