I Am the Alpha Dog – #1LinerWeds

The past many days have been awful for walking. It has either been too cold – at or below 10°f (-12°c) – or it has been raining, snowing, sleeting or freezing. Our dog Maddie has been missing her walks. I took her on a very short walk one day, in the afternoon, but we couldn’t go very far. At some point on Monday night or Tuesday morning, our “wintry mix” turned into a cold rain as the temperature rose above freezing. By mid-morning, it was 36°f (2°c) and the rain had stopped.

We walked as far as the end of out sidewalk before we had to turn around. What appeared to be an abundance of puddles turned out to be water, standing over ice. I dragged Maddie back in the house, but only so I could switch to my boots outfitted with Nano Spikes. As we were standing at the door for our second attempt. My wife asked if it wouldn’t be wiser to stay home. I explained that Maddie was already set. At that point, my wife asked which one of us is the alpha dog?

“I am! I made the decision to do what she wants.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • We have to ask that as well. Irish Setters don’t have an undercoat, so they don’t get a winter coat. She should hate the cold, but she loves it. She goes over to her harness and points at it and points at the door. She tried to drag me into the puddles and across the ice. I have to make sure I get her back before she gets too cold.

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  1. Rain, ice and cold has become our way of life this winter. It blows my mind that Maddie wants to be out in it! Love your one-liner Dan. You are a good DogDad.

    Great reflections, especially the last one. The bunny looks cold and STILL doesn’t see any clover yet.

    Old Glory never fails to be inspiring. No matter the weather, she always looks crisp and clean.

    Looks like more stormy weather heading our way this weekend. Sigh…..

    Pretty soon we’ll all be complaining of the heat and mosquitoes and possibly lack of rain! Lol! Can’t wait!!

    Happy Hump Day! Belly rubs and scritches to the 3 M’s from Murphy.

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    • Maddie goes to the door we go out for our walks and cries, Ginger. I took her today when it was 23 because she would not shut up.

      We did throw some cracked corn out for the bunny. It’s hard to know if he got any because everyone likes that stuff. We’’ throw more out this evening, since they eat at night.

      Most of the puddles have dried up. There were still a few icy spots on the sidewalks today, but I didn’t need the spikes. I did disappoint Maddie by not agreeing to cross the ice to get to her favorite gate. I guess we’re still in winter, but we’ll try to enjoy a few days in the 40s. We may see a 50-degree day this week!

      You’re right about the heat, it will be here before we know it. Thanks to Murphy for the scritches. I have to go sit at my desk – which means I have to relocate MuMu. I hope you have a great rest of the week.


  2. What a cute story, Dan. And again, your reflection photos are extraordinary. Be safe during this chilly season and cuddle up with your ladies. 😊

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    • Thanks Lois. Every now and then, she stops, turns, jumps up and gives me a kiss. It happens without warning and she’s very fast (she’s going to knock me over some day), but I always think she’s thanking me for taking her. No ice for you? OK.

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    • Yes. She has a wool coat and a “down” vest. We generally use those if it’s below freezing. We were able to negotiate the ice pretty well. With the spikes, I can walk across it without slipping but she can’t.


  3. Being the alpha dog does not always mean the choice is obvious and only your’s. Sometimes one has to take the overall situation in consideration and choose something that in other circumstances you would not choose. Besides Maddie knew that leaf would be out there.

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  4. Oh admit it already. You’re just a big pet pushover. Maddie’s just letting you think you made the decision. Smart girl. 😉The last image is my favorite. Yellow leaves just make me smile.🙂

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  5. Love today’s one-liner! It reminds me of when Charlie and I were first married. I told him, “I promise I’ll always do whatever you tell me to do, if you’ll promise never to tell me to do anything I don’t want to.”

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