Optimistic Yet Skeptical

Raise your hand if you already know this is going to be an update about the “Blog followers have to ‘re-subscribe’ after losing their follower status by no apparent reason” issue I’ve been trying to get fixed for 45-days short of one year.

Did you know that you have “follower status” with me?

I am here to report progress.

Shortly after my post asking for your help I emailed the Happiness Engineers a summary of the comments, the poll results and I reminded them of several previous conversations. To my surprise, I received an email from two engineers that said they had been assigned to “fix the problem.”

Since receiving that email, I have received two updates. One telling me that they were working on the problem and that they had an idea of what might be wrong. The second email said they think they might have found a solution. They wrote a fix and they installed it.

Hold the applause.

If you are one of the followers who has been dropped but who still show up on M-W-Th-Sa looking for a post – thank you very much – I would ask that you try following this blog again. Then, if at some point, you “lose your follower status,” please let me know in a comment.

That’s it for today.


  1. Thank you, Dan, for this lovely email! I’m so glad I’m still a follower (I guess?) Please tell me how to go about following this blog again. I LOVE your pics and everything else.

    Aloha e, Lizbeth Hartz

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  2. Sure hope the Happiness Engineers have actually found the problem and have fixed it once and for all!

    Beautiful shot of the sunrise. I love all the critter prints in the snow. Life goes on for these guys no matter what the weather is. Seeing Maddie on her deck, not needing her coat, and sunbathing, is a real indicator that spring can’t be far off!

    But the best photo today is the last one! Smokey is too cute for words with his nose covered in snow. That picture deserves to be framed and hung on your wall! It’s a Walt Disney moment! I hope you gave him extra peanuts.

    Enjoy the warmer temperatures this week. Right now it’s 10*F!

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    • I hope they got it, Ginger. If not, they do seem to be committed to finding a solution.

      Our yard looked like we had a hundred bunnies out there and our porch looked like fifty squirrels had a dance. Smokey was so cute, I did toss him a few peanuts, including a rare triple one.

      I hope you have a nice easy week.


  3. Who knew I had any kind of ‘status’? I’m here, and I haven’t had to ‘reup’ for a while now. :-) Maddie sure looks like she enjoyed that 55 degree day. I was asked a question that I have no answer for so since you are all leveled out, I’ll ask you. When one opens a post in email, most of them contain the entire post while a few will say ‘to read more of this post’ and you click there. I opened five yesterday checking, and one of the five was ‘read more.’ My volunteer blog has ‘read more’ and one of the MGs asked me this. I will send an email to the happy guys, but just thought I’d ask since you were on topic here this Monday morning. :-)

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  4. I found this post in my Reader page, but that silly little +Follow button on the bottom right says I don’t follow you. They like playing games with us, don’t they?!!
    Love the pictures, Dan!

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  5. So far, so good on the following. I get the little green checkmark Following in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. When I click Like I see the message “you’re following this blog”. I haven’t checked Reader though. I hope the Happiness Engineers have finally fixed the problem!

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  6. Hi Dan – I hold more faith in seeing your pictures … gosh it still looks cold … but the year is turning … take care and good luck! Cheers Hilary

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      • We exchange valentines in a big way. Children have to find the bag with their classmate’s name. This takes ‘forever’, yet is captivating for children. Funny that you ask, because I was ready to post a photo of my valentines from students, and thought again that it was too much, after yesterday’s post. We play games to find partners, we make fancy valentines for our families, and we read books about kindness and giving.

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  7. What drives me crazy is there’s no rhyme or reason to who gets dropped or why. I’ve never been dropped from your site but have had numerous people dropped from mine. The tangle of bunny prints brightens my day, as does the sheltered portrait.

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  8. I’m glad not one but two engineers are working on it now. I still get your posts in my feed, but I think I’ve been dropped from yours.

    Look at that bushy tail!!! I never in a million years thought I would miss seeing squirrels with bushy tails because frankly, I didn’t know there were squirrels without them until I moved. 😂 I’ll never take the bushy tail for granted again though.

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  9. I haven’t lost you in quite a while now. Progress? Just saying I’m going to re-follow you. The picture of the leaf coming through the ice looks like it’s coming through from another dimension. Great shot!

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    • I don’t know, Cheryl. I think this is all somehow related to the fact that these guys have to stop relying on cookies as much as they do, since all the browsers are defaulting to blocking the 3rd-party cookies they rely on.

      Smokey was too cute to ignore. I was like, “let e get a picture and then I’ll get you some peanuts.”


      • Yeah, just the idea that I get about half my notifications for blogs I follow and when I visit those there is the ‘follow’ option where it should say ‘following’. Blogger has become totally hit or miss on posting for me. IDK, maybe location issues…

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        • I don’t know what makes a difference. I have followers who are geographically close, but some are constant and one has been dropped over 30 times. So many things have been changing at WordPress that I’m sure they introduce problems all the time.


  10. So the bunnies had a party and then left by way of the ramp….guess the steps were too much for them. The ‘party’ photo is so cute! But you saved the best for last–Smokey looks adorable!!!!

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    • The partially submerged leaves have been fascinating, Teagan. I don’t recall seeing them in previous years. I guess each set of seasons has it’s own characteristics. Smokey sends tiny squirrel hugs :-)


  11. I’m a little late this, but it’s good timing because that photo of snowy-nosed squirrel is hilariously cute. It made me LOL after I sadly took down the Christmas/Valentine tree today. Yes, that was overdue, but still…

    I guess I never worry whether we are connected or not by the “follow” button, Dan. I know what days you blog, but it’s always a matter of the Mary time clock as to when I”ll show up. Like today. ;-)

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  12. I’m glad this unfollower thing hasn’t hit me yet in regard to your fine blog, Dan. I’d feel worse than a peanut-less squirrel in a snow-covered yard if that ever happened! 😁

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