Can My Species Play? – #1LinerWeds

Maddie and I weren’t able to walk this weekend or on Monday. Monday’s high temperature was 17°f (-8°c). Tuesday’s high was 24°f (-4°c), so I put Maddie’s coat on her and we negotiated a “short walk” – one of the terms Maddie understands.

Since we hadn’t walked in several days, and prior to that, much of the path was covered by ice, Maddie had a lot of, “catching up” to do on her social network.

I’m checking the one-liners my friends left for me.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Thursday and that means Thursday Doors. The URL for my post is listed in the sidebar under our beautiful badge. You can link up at any time. My post goes live at one minute after midnight in the eastern timezone. I hope to see your doors.


  1. I hope Maddie liked all the”one-liners” left for her. Poor Baby Smoke, almost spring and still no tail. On the other hand, Smokey is fat and fit, tail included!

    Old Glory looking beautiful flying in the breeze. Always an awesome sight.

    I love the way the sun has turned the side of the shed to gold!

    Supposed to be WARM tomorrow Dan. And then the weather turns lousy again. Sigh…..

    Hope you don’t have to look for your one-liners in the same places Maddie does! 🤗


    • I don’t have to sniff my one-liners, Ginger (thank goodness).

      We’re wondering if Baby Smoke isn’t a baby, but rather a weird breed of squirrel. It’s been long enough that his tail should have filled out by now.

      The flag ended up in the big bold position by happy accident. An error with WordPress (imagine) prevents me from organizing the images in the gallery. The engineers say they know about it and are working on it.

      Soon to be warm and wet. This has been a strange winter.

      Stay dry!


  2. My walks are mostly to the garage to refill the bird feeders. We can have anywhere from six to a dozen squirrels under the feeders. Often on of the woodpeckers will chirp at me to hurry so they can get back to the suet. Nice walk of the neighborhood Dan. Spring is gradually on its way. And while the ice is breaking up on the river some other ice is clogging up the WP reader. The alleged list of posts was very thin today. Fortunately I know my way here even when WP has you MIA. Happy Wednesday.

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  3. Maddie know how to communicate! Looking forward to Doors – can’t decided which one I should post. I didn’t realize how many doors I had in my photo archives!!! I am reliving the adventures thanks to Thursday Doors.

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  4. I tried to find a direct link to send you a note.. failed.. so here it is hi. I have a question for you. I read that there is a proverb .. that says the man who looks both ways before crossing a one way road is or has a pessimistic way of seeing life? do you agree with this? or does it raise a different thought? thanks Dan.

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    • I would say, “he probably grew up in Pittsburgh, or perhaps Boston.” I always look both ways. You might not get hit by a car, but bikes, scooters and guys pushing carts full of packages tend to go wherever. Also, the hotel I used to stay in in Boston had valet parking about 50 yards done a one-way street. They used to pull out of the garage and back my car back to the hotel. I’m an optimist, but…

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