Cee’s Fun Foto Entry

Cee has a number of active photography challenges, as well as offering tips and keeping track of all the challenges around the web. One of her challenges, as hinted to in the title, is her Fun Foto Challenge. The topic this week is “Bare Feet and Boots” and I couldn’t resist.

My winter boots and Maddie’s bare feet.

In other news, I’ll spare you the technical details (actually, I’ll save them for another day), but I consider the exercise with the tags some of you added to your Thursday Doors post to be a success. Several people added tags. While I still have some work to do, gathering the tags and creating the table for display on Sunday is almost fully automated. In addition, I can report that the top-five posts in the recap – in terms of clicks received – were all posts to which tags were added. Hardly scientific, but not bad.

I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Hahaha! Perfect photo for the prompt! What would you have done for bare feet without Maddie?🤗 Love the “can you spare a peanut?” shot. Too cute.

    Great sunrise shots, but as usual, Old Glory tops them all!

    You know your trapped leaf is going to be the star in a story from Pam. Lol!

    Hope today is getting your week started just fine.

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    • I wasn’t going to put my bare feet out there, Ginger. I was hoping for a ground-level shot, but little Miss Impatient wanted to start walking.

      I love it when we get to the park and find a spot where the sun is behind that flag.

      We try to feed everyone when it snows. The snow isn’t deep, but it’s frozen solid – even Maddie can walk on top of it. (I sink like a stone). There’s no foraging out there. And no escape for that poor leaf.

      Stay warm while winter reminds us of what the groundhog predicted/


  2. There’s no denying the beauty of snow. Hard to look at it and think what a pain it can be. My favorite photo above is the one of the river’s edge; I love the movement of the water in it. The mere thought of bare feet with that snow is freezing me.

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    • I’m glad you like that one, Maureen. Seeing ducks and geese fighting the current in that stream made me shiver. This poor little trig was getting splashed, brrrr.

      Thanking Maddie for providing the bare feet for this challenge.

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  3. “There’s always one homeowner…” this made me laugh, Dan. Isn’t it the truth?! We’ve still snow on the ground as well. As much as I wish it would melt, I love seeing the distant mountains covered in white. Have a good one!

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    • I’m glad you got a chuckle, Gwen. Sometimes, you have to laugh a little. I grunbled when I saw that walk, then I thought, “it will make a fun picture.” I was kind of hoping they saw me snap a photo.

      I hope you have a nice week.


  4. Boots or no boots, this has been a funny (or not so funny) winter. You have more snow than what’s on the ground here and I think states south of here have had more snow all winter. I don’t know about you and Maddie, but I’m ready for spring!

    Nice photo for the challenge. You reminded me that I have beenbremuss in visiting Cee…need to rectify that.

    Happy Monday, Dan!

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    • Thanks Jan. Maddie doesn’t seem to understand why I need boots. She paces while I’m lacing them. She does like her coat, though. It was 20 today when we left, with wind chill of 11. We did a short walk, but one of us wanted to keep going.


  5. Another trapped leaf! I love it. There is a poem there, I know there is, something about trapped by winter trying to escape… Just can’t quite get it. Love the picture of the squirrel and the pigeon… Oh another poem?

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