Welcome Back Hon – #1LinerWeds

One of the things I miss about work – insert apologies to my favorite coworkers – is stopping at Maddie’s for breakfast. I discovered Maddie’s in 2013. It’s hard looking at 2013 on the page and realizing that it was a long time ago. I would stop at Maddie’s once a week for breakfast, and often another day for a sandwich to take to work for lunch. Breakfast is like mom made it, if your mom understood the concept of eggs over medium – liquid yolk, no slimy white parts.

I bought my car in the town where Maddie’s is located, and I take both my car and The Editor’s car there for service. I always schedule an early appointment and leave home early enough for breakfast. I took The Editor’s car in for service yesterday. I stopped for breakfast. The waitress filled my random coffee mug with coffee and took my order – two eggs over medium, bacon and tomato slices instead of potatoes (the tomato slices makes the entire meal healthy).

She looked at me and said,

“How ‘bout the whole ‘white, wheat or rye’ thing?”

How long has it been that I forgot the toast?

Sorry – I’m not eating this today, either. The cup says, “Life begins To Rock at 50!”

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  1. Signs of spring? We’re way ahead of you, Dan, but it’s nice to think of spring already. As for breakfast, I loved your suggestion that tomatoes counterbalance the unhealthy effects of the eggs and bacon. It’s like seeing someone order a diet soda with a double Whopper. :)

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  2. Hi Dan – gosh that long since breakfast??? Sounds a work-making tummy filler. Excellent to see Maddie out and about enjoying herself. Please tell me is that Mimi or Mumu – and how do you know? – let along me! I’d be a cat in your house!!! Cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. That’s MuMu. MiMi doesn’t use that shelf. If they’re together, MiMi has a long white sock on her right front paw. Otherwise, they can confuse even us.


  3. Old Glory….may she proudly wave forever!

    Great one-liner. How quickly we forget once we’re retired from the routine life!

    Sammy and Baby Smoke. If animals can do it, why can’t we humans get along despite our differences?

    Poor MuMu. She needs a bigger shelf dad! And Maddie found a substitute Maddie’s Mountain!

    That’s one chunky bunny still trying to figure out where the clover is. Poor baby.

    Still plenty of frozen snow here too, it’s really getting old now.

    Happy Hump Day.

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    • Thanks Ginger. The continuous flip-flop from snow to sleet to rain caused this stuff to be wet. Then the temps hit the floor, and we have frozen snow. It just doesn’t want to melt.

      Even the critters that fight over peanuts seem to get along (as long as there’s enough to go around). We even saw a crow sitting next to a squirrel in the tree.

      MuMu was stretched out to catch as much sun as there was. I’m not making her a bigger shelf.

      That bunny does seem to have survived the winter in pretty good shape. Then again, it might be a female, and she might be “with bunny” – hard to know.

      It’s always fun to stop back in my old breakfast spot. I’m glad they made it through the worst of the pandemic – at least I hope we’ve seen the worst.


  4. Winter is starting to recede in our area. The snow is melting and there are buds on the trees. 😊 It looks like it may linger a while in CT. Enjoy your breakfast, I need to prepare ours. All the best!

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  5. Your errant leaves are developing personalities! Be careful they do not unite. I have always loved a good breakfast. One of my favourite meals has always been brunch with an emphasis on breakfast.

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  6. Oh! That breakfast sounds really good, when we had a holiday, you say vacation in the states I became attached to the whole IHOP chain….good job they don’t exist over here! … healthy does not come into it!!
    Great photos 💜💜💜💜

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    • Absolutely, I forgot the photo earlier (it’s posted now) – all calorie free :-)

      It got warmer today, but we still have some single-digit lows coming. Then 61 on Sunday.


  7. Oh boy, Dan, even though I usually tell the waitress to skip the toast, this would be akin to me forgetting to ask for crispy bacon. It’s almost a sin.

    I miss a couple of my old lunch haunts when I was working – one was pretty healthy, the other not so much (loved their french fries). I hope you had a good and tasty breakfast, complete with toast and a waitress who knows you very well. Happy Wednesday!

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    • Thanks Mary. You have to remember these things. I do miss a few coworkers as well, but I find ways to stop here for breakfast. If I see that they have chicken salad on the lunch menu, I’d take a sandwich to go. I forgot to include the photo earlier, if you want to be hungry. .


      • I’ve been busy making my own creations today, but chicken salad is good. I have a great recipe for curried chicken salad.

        My boss texted me yesterday, wanting to know if I wanted to work as an LTE. Doing HR. Ha! No amount of nearby eateries would make me do that.

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  8. Still a beautiful sunrise. Keep urging those signs of life, Dan. A good breakfast is one of hubby’s favorite things. I think we brought some warmth with us! Gonna be 75 in this neck of the woods today. 😉😏

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    • It was, Teagan. I finally added the photo (I forgot earlier). I stop in this place every time the car needs service. Perhaps it’s why I volunteer to take The Editor’s car in for service.

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  9. Ok, Dan, I have a question (or more) about the whole hashtag thing tomorrow. Do I set up my post as before and then when I post the link on your site in my comment, add the hashtag information? If I highlight “Thursday Doors 3.3.22” at the bottom and add your link, do I have to do something there? Sorry for being so clueless. :-(

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  10. I give your reasoning a 100% approval rating: tomato slices make the whole thing healthy. My personal choice would be grits, however, which I easily imagine plopped over those tomato slices. I think it’s especially great that you can still go there for breakfast — long live such places! Thanks for the cat laugh this morning — much needed!

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