Preston’s Interpretation – #1LinerWeds

This past weekend, as many of you know, I was cat-sitting with our daughter’s cat, Preston. Preston eats multiple small servings of food. Apparently, he would eat everything in one go, but then return it to you in a different form. Small batches work.

I am an early bird, so I expected to be feeding Preston earlier than our daughter normally does. On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting to feed him at 4:00 am. Unfortunately, I had to go to the bathroom, and when I returned to bed, Preston was waiting at his plate. I started to explain that it wasn’t time to eat. As near as I can tell, Preston’s message was,

“When you get up, it’s because it’s time to feed me.”

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  1. Preston is so gorgeous. Of course you have to feed him if you get up! Look at that face! Impossible to refuse the little bugger! Great one-liner Preston!

    The squirrel colony is out in force I see. And bunny can’t quite figure out why things aren’t green yet! Good to see Maddie hanging out on her cot with no need for a coat. That robin is mighty chubby. I think (s)he is finding plenty of bugs in the lawn!

    Enjoy these warmer temperatures Dan.

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    • He is a handsome little fluff, Ginger. Very hard to say ‘no’ to. And, if I didn’t get up in time, he came over and “tapped” me on the face.

      Maddie declared that it was time to start sitting, and the yard’s critters all supported that notion. The robin does look like healthy for the last few days of winter.

      I hope you have a nice warm week.

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  2. I am so with that squirrel, flattened on the branch and verging on lifeless. I’d not be surprised if he rolled off, plopped to the ground and didn’t wake up at all. That would be me, yes. On the other hand, you have Muggsy, awake and peanut-deprived. Tough guy. Preston, like Maddie, knows how good looks will win the day.

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    • That poor squirrel looked like she just wanted the world to go away. I have an even flatter image that I might share on Saturday. I like Muggsy as a name. my wife calls the gray squirrel that stands like this, Arnold. He does look like you need to be quick with the peanut. Preston knows how to work that fluff.

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  3. Preston–you are one handsome boy. Dan, the squirrel portraits are beautiful. Are you using a different camera or different lens? The “Yo” photo is hilarious–he likes like a very small bear!

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    • You have a sharp eye, Lois. My backyard photos are normally taken with my phone. Sometimes, when I go out to sit with Maddie, I take my point & shoot camera with me. That’s as good as my gear gets these days. I love it when the squirrels stand like that. They look ready for battle.

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  4. LOL!! Cats rule the roost!

    That napping squirrel is so adorable!!!! In your image of buds starting to show up it looks like there’s an owl in the tree, but I’m sure since you didn’t say anything about it I was fooled yet again by the branch/stub bird.
    It happens too often I’m afraid! 🤣

    I wonder if the new bill about staying on DSL will pass and become law?

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    • The napping squirrel was so cute. She just seemed like she didn’t care what happened.

      I did thing the stub-branch was an animal of some sort. I was scanning that tree for the woodpecker I could hear. I knew he was in there, but he must have been on the north side.

      DST seems likely to pass, but I guess there’s a debate as to whether we choose DST or Standard Time as the locked-in format.

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      • I wonder if the bills stalls because they’ll want more studies on both time formats? Right now I’m thinking just pick one let’s try it! If it doesn’t work after 3- 5 yrs or so try the other then stick with the one that worked the best for most. Just stop changing twice a year!

        Hopefully, you’ll get a good opportunity to see and photograph the woodpecker this Spring.
        I’m not sure I’d care either if I had a nice warm, sunny branch to stretch out on after a long cold winter. 😀🤣

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  5. So the real reason you got up in the middle of the night was just to frustrate Preston ? Shocking. Then again he might call your squirrels and tell them to start knocking on the door at 4 AM for peanuts. Better to play it safe and stick with the schedule.

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  6. It’s so sweet to see the evidence of Spring – little four-legged creatures and birds as well. And the one-liner is terrific. I love it and I suspect Preston weighs a tad more after a stent with dad. 😊

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  7. Cats seem to always think it is time for something.. eating, rubbing, brushing, water, treats.. 😂 It is good to see something green in your photos, Dan. I know Nature’s children are ready to emerge. Better stockpile those peanuts..

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  8. And when you walk in the door, it’s time to eat. And when you go to the kitchen, it’s time to eat. And when you’re trying to watch TV, it’s time to eat.

    Preston is a sweetie, but he’s a cat, Dan. You were there to serve. 😉😼

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  9. Love that one-liner, Dan. I think babies might work that way sometimes too. :-) Thankfully I don’t have to often get up during the night (and we have neither cat nor baby.) I love Smokey’s pugilistic pose in that shot towards the bottom!

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  10. Hi Dan – great collection of photos – love them … you could come to Eastbourne to see an American Robin – one obviously went AWOL in the storms … twitchers delight. Preston is one lucky cat when you’re around … as are all the other critters – cheers Hilary

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  11. I’ve always told our pets they could not have any meals before dawn. But it would be hard to resist such a handsome face. Great photos! I especially like the one of the squirrel resting on the branch.

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  12. Dan, that shot of the squirrel asleep in the tree could make you money! That’s viral meme material, my friend.

    I love Preston but then I’m partial to a ginger mog, being the owner of one myself. Whom, I might add, also thinks I am up to feed him if I venture out in the night. Even if I don’t he just comes onto the bed and either kneads my back or slaps my face until I get up and get him something. 3am be damned.

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  13. This morning, my cat was patting at me at 4am wanting me to get up. I feed her and the other three cats at 4:30am. I wanted to stay in bed at least until 4:30am. But she wouldn’t quit patting at me so I got up.

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